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7 Goodgymers helped their local community in Worthing
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Monday 20th November 2023

Report written by JULIA GLEESON

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Hunkering down

It was good to be back at our regular meeting point tonight and it was especially nice that it wasn't raining! With a clear evening promised it was no surprise that Sarah, who doesnt step foot out of the door if there is a chance of rain, came along. There was a worrying few minutes on the run to the task when it started drizzling but luckily it was short lived.

Joining Sarah we welcomed her partner Ryan and top fan, John together with Daisy, Anne and Rosalind.

Tonights task was at Anchor Gardens situated on the seafront close to our meeting point. As it was such a lovely evening we took a detour to walk/ run around our stunning pier. Daisy, Sarah and Ros set off on a run whilst the other 4 of us took a chatty walk option instead. The run seemed to take on a social aspect too with Anne and I wondering if they had taken an additional detour to a cafe!

We all linked up and arrived at the task and with the help of our wonderful GG lights plus head torches we assessed what needed doing. The garden could do with a lot of TLC and although we made good progress with the weeding, pruning and tidying, there is still much more that needs doing so we will not be short of tasks this winter!

The Worthing calendar is now up to date until January including socials so get yourself signed up to as many as possible and lets have some fun!

Keep going with the press up challenge - not long now !!

See you next week

Julia xx

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Friends of Anchor Gardens
Helping volunteers keep the gardens looking pretty

Seafront community gardens featuring a huge anchor and landscaped gardens

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John Robinson
Anne Blokhus
Rosalind Reason
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Volunteering at our local animal shelter

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