Finding our rhyme and reason again at Byron Road

5 Goodgymers helped their local community in Worthing
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Monday 15th January

Report written by JULIA GLEESON

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Back to the normal RV

For the first Monday meeting of January ( last week was cancelled due to snow) we met at our regular meeting point at Splashpoint LC. It was so nice to see Stephen back at GG together with Paul, Anne and Rosalind On such a cold January evening it was a real treat for me to see them turn out to do good. Special mention to Ros who had been outside working all day too.

We all set off running through the town at a steady pace until we arrived at Byron Road.

*Brushing it away *

We were enthusiastically met at the venue by Jason , one of the residents who was so pleased we were there and who is keen for us to return to sort the back garden out too as his room overlooks it. I enjoyed a chat with Jason, hearing about his story reminds me that we are only a few instances of bad luck away from being in his position. I wasn't so keen on his 'King Rat' account of finding a giant rat around the hostel!

Today, Anne was the queen of pruning and did some great cutting back of some of the lanky shrubs. Steve, Ros and Paul got stuck into clearing the borders. Luckily for us there was a big skip that we threw all the debris into which made life very easy for us. As it was so cold, and because we all wanted to do some fitness, we downed tools. The group photo outside the front door looks a little strange as they were all blowing cold air when I took it!

Fitness is back

We headed to the seafront and we loved doing squats, lunges , jumps and sprints all the way home ( via the pier) This will resume as a regular feature of Mondays for those who would like it - for those that don't, thats fine too as we can accomodate every ones needs.

January Challenge

Please do try to get to as many tasks as you can - we need 76 more this month to meet our target ( 24 so far) Plus remember every KM counts to so ensure your strava is linked to GG and get recording every time you walk, run or cycle anywhere ! If you do a good deed like Barbara does every week, then please ensure you self log it too.

See you next time !

Stay warm all of you :)


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