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I am already a member of GoodGym Portsmouth but have moved out of the city and would like to see the development of GoodGym in Chichester. There is so much potential for missions and tasks in the wider Chichester area. I love combining running, helping my local community, protecting the environment and having fun with others doing the same.



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Group run

Litter picking and sock finding is good for our sole

Wed 17 Aug
Report written by Jo Kitching

We were due to head to Wymering Manor but due to covid this was postponed, so once again we had to implement a backup plan and bring our litter pickers. We all met at Hilsea Lido and had a walk around the foreshore and moat to stretch our legs. We headed over the small bridge and started clearing the rubbish from the grass and borders near the cycle track. Wilson and Katie got off to a great start and found a cap, pair of shorts and 2 socks. Val closely followed by picking up another pair of socks and we were soon wondering whether we will collect enough clothing to dress a person. Judy headed onto the empty cycle track and picked up discarded cans and bottles from there. We tried to retrieve some rubbish from the water but as the tide was in it wasn’t that easy and we also needed to be careful that we didn’t slip on the grass and end up in the water. We looped back round and filled our bags with what we could reach through some railings and gathered an impressive 50p in lost coins for our efforts.

We’re booked in at Wymering Manor on 7th Sept so hopefully we’ll be back then.

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Judy Knapp went on a community mission
Community mission

Peeling poorly

Tue 9 Aug
Report written by Katie London

Why did the apple go to the doctor? Because they weren't peeling well..... luckily for the apple tree in the Squirrel's garden it has fabulous GoodGym Gardeners to problem solve and find a way to make it feel better!

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Judy Knapp completed a walk • Catch-up walk with Val
Sun 7 Aug
Judy Knapp completed a walk • Evening walk
Sat 6 Aug
Judy Knapp signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping out at Eastney Junior Parkrun

Sun 11 Sep 08:45 am
Eastney Community Centre, Bransbury Park, Eastney, Portsmouth, PO4 9SU
Help make running fun for kids!

Welcome the return of Parkrun by volunteering with Eastney Junior Parkrun!

Eastney Junior Parkrun is a 2k run every Sunday at 9am in Bransbury Park for 4 to 10 year olds.

While they always need volunteers, we've offered to bring the Goodgym good vibes once a month. Should be really fun cheering the kids on. All the details of the event here: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/eastney-juniors/

We'll need to be there ready for 8.30am by the café. If you want do (or avoid) any particular volunteering role, leave a comment below or message me. They are keen for extra marshals and tailwalker(s) in particular.

This is a special double volunteering points opportunity!! Goodgym and Parkrun if you are registered - dust off that barcode!

Make sure you sign up and I'll let them how many of us can make it the week before.

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Judy Knapp signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Watering 10th Portsmouth Squirrels' community garden - anytime

Tue 9 Aug 18:30 pm
The Gibson Centre , Sackville Street, Portsmouth , PO5 4BU
Keeping the plants alive to help young people to learn about nature as well as attracting nature to the area

This mission is for ANYTIME you can make it.

The squirrels have planted potatoes, pumpkins and lettuces in their new community garden. They only meet on Mondays and in this hotter weather the plants will need watering between these intervals. Just pop in, fill the mkae shift watering can up from the water butt and water the planters. When you sign up I can send you photos to show exactly where to go. The garden gate is never locked so you could do this on an early morning run, afternoon cycle or post work amble - whenever suits. Take a selfie and send it to me please!

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Sat 6 Aug
Fri 5 Aug
Judy Knapp completed a walk • Lunchtime Teddy walk
Fri 5 Aug
Thu 4 Aug
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