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Elizabeth went on a community mission
Community mission

Ants in Pants, Thorny Issues and Getting to the Root of things

Sat 31 Jul
Report written by Linda

Following this mornings Park Run at Valentines Park four of us set off for the SHP allotments to meet up with Liz for a bit of weeding and cutting back.

James was set the task of clearing thick brambles to create a path to the water butt. Some of the branches were very long and thick, had huge thorns and were not giving up their territory without a fight. James bravely fought his way on despite many battle scars, stings and bites. It was a tough one for his 100th task but you've got to work for these Tshirts. Congratulations James 🥳🎊🎉

Liz was in the middle of an exhausting Street Tag surge (on line game which GGR have a team) so had the gentler task of clearing the bottom of the fruit trees of weeds and grass. Seeing how overgrown the place had got recently gave Julia the incentive to interrupt her own Tagging surge and sign up to the task by assisting Dharmesh with weeding the planted beds. Julia was immediately rewarded by an attack of the biting ants which were missing Jem who usually provides them with a tasty meal... I probably should have warned Julia about that.

We got a fair bit done between us, The bases of trees and plant beds definitely looked better and we can now get to the water tank again

Well done every one.

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Elizabeth signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping Single Homeless Charity with their allotment project in Ilford

Sat 31 Jul 10:30 am
Redbridge Allotments, 141 Staines Road, Ilford, IG1 2UU
Provide a suitable place for people in need to learn new skills and improve wellbeing

There are lots of jobs from weeding to planting and general maintenance of the site. ! More information about the charity and project can be found here: Single Homeless Project and here: Greenhouse Project.

This is a London-wide charity working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives. Their GreenHouse sessions help people reduce isolation and build confidence from being part of something.

TASKS: There are multiple projects on site that we can help with, we have been asked to keep fruit trees free from weeds and well watered, to weed and water the flower beds, which the clients then maintain with sowing and growing variety of wildflowers,l and help keep paths clear from grass and weeds. If you have hand-forks, trowels or even a large gardening fork, do bring it in:)

TOOLS: Bring gardening gloves, warm and waterproof clothing depending on the weather.


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Elizabeth signed up to a party

It's our birthday picnic!

Sat 5 Jun 14:00 pm
The Hive, Hampstead Heath, London, NW3 2TY
Camden Good Gym is 8!

Back in April the Camden Good Gym turned 8, we've not been able to mark the occasion for while, so if you can join us please do!

Please bring your own drinks, food and utensils, if your happy to cook or bring a little more to share in a Covid secure way, please feel free too.

There will be be CAKE!

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Elizabeth signed up to a training session
Training session
Waltham Forest

May Going the Distance Challenge

Mon 31 May 14:30 pm
7-11 Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, London, E17 7HA
Get fit and healthy

To tie in with the return of some kind of normality, we are combining a virtual and small group fitness challenge.

The aim is to run or walk as many miles as you can in the month of May.

We will put you into a team of 4. Then collectively, either out together (or even with other team members), your aim is to do knock out the most miles. You can also do these miles solo or part of your family/bubble.

You can also log any miles you do whilst volunteering ie, litter picking, vaccine centre duties.

If you can sign up by April 30th midday that would be great! I'll then do a draw of teams.

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Elizabeth signed up to a training session
Training session

Team NOEL THATCHER - Super Sunday Redbridge - Rainbow challenge

Sun 31 Jan 07:00 am
Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green, London, E11 2NT
Have more fun on your daily exercise

Please follow all COVID guidelines - stay local, stay away from other people and keep safe!

To provide a little bit of variety to our daily exercise and to finish January 2021 challenge with a bang we will create a Rainbow from our walks. How it will work: Everyone will be assigned a colour to find and they will need to take a photo of an item of that colour, one selfie would be great as well:)

Sign Up and get moving!

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Elizabeth signed up to a training session
Training session

DAILY 10,000 STEPS CHALLENGE (Mon 18th to Sun 24th January)

Sun 24 Jan 21:00 pm
Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green, London, E11 2NT
Prevent health issues by being active every day

*Please follow all Covid guidelines if you're outside for your daily exercise *

Even before lockdown, physical inactivity has been a very serious issue with high costs to NHS not to mention the impact on mental health from lack of exercise. So this January develop a new habit of being active every day by walking/running 10,000 steps daily - you can do it in your own garden, at home or on your regular permitted daily walk/running route.

You will need to log your daily steps - I will send an email comms to all who sign up by 18th Jan.

Happy moving!

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Elizabeth went on a training session
Training session

Last Fitmass you gave me your abs...

Thu 24 Dec
Report written by Julia Shmotkina

What a fantastic effort by everyone - through photos and videos the motivation to everyone was great! Hope you treated yourself to a very much deserved Christmas pudding;)

All stories and photos are up on @goodgym.redbridge instagram

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Elizabeth signed up to a training session
Training session

FITMAS Advent Calendar - ready, steady, go!!!!

Thu 24 Dec 22:00 pm
Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green, London, E11 2NT
a six pack

Folks, we are one month away from a better, shinier, fitter year - I can feel it!!!

Let's not let those mince pies get to our waistlines (oops, too late for me.... :)) and arrive to the Christmas Table knowing we did something active every day!!! drum roll Introducing Redbridge Fitmas Advent Calendar - for all to join!!!

*How it works: Each day represents a number of minutes for you to do that day's activity - you can do it first thing in the morning, last at night or whenever you can fit it in. You will receive a week's 'gifts' on Sundays and the day before in the last couple of days!!!

non-entry fee Submit a weekly (or daily!) video (slow or fast mo) or a selfie or anything else to show your progress. Or nothing at all, your choice :)

If you're joining after 1st December, no sweat - just do previous exercises first to catch-up! OK, actually that's a lot of sweat:)

Daily email reminders and updates on Facebook


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Elizabeth went on a training session
Training session

Parkini Push provides Phenomenal Performances

Sun 29 Nov
Report written by Redbridge runner

The orignal ask was to push yourselves to give a bit of focus back on the fitness part of Parkrun. A challenge of your own making so long as it pushes you to give a little extra effort (remaining injury free!)

Since it was people's own targets and objectives, let's give a mention to some of the special efforts

Liz was first off the block and made a cracking start! Her challenge was to get up early and go for a run before 8am (a challenge since she is such a night person). Her special alarm clock was Maru, meowing in her ear, and was a reminder of her early morning Parkini Push.

Kathryn ran a whopping 11 miles! Our Redbridge marathon champ showing us that the colder temperatures were no problem for a long run!

Julia had intended to push herself running, but after a tough (but rewarding) physical Community Mission at the food bank, she did some yoga. Great way to focus and react to how her body felt. The challenge will always be there in the future, but she made her time count!

Injuries are always something that come up in our training and everyday life, but we persevere. Just as Sarah Jane did too - going for a walk in Victoria Park making a new cute friend. Liz posited that our injury-prone GG Redbridge extraordinnaire Peter missing his rugby matches meant we were all picking up the slack!

Even during my run, where I tried to go as fast as I could over a 1 kilometre distance, I had some niggles and aches from the food bank community mission (as well as falling off my bike! oops)

Linda's run involved, by chance, meeting an old school who was out with their granddaughter. Of course she was challenged to a few sprints by the little oneand gave a “harder than usual effort” for a 2nd fastest time one of her earlier segments.

Kristian's challenge was a run around Connaught Water. Getting out of bed, going for a quick run and getting the Sunday breakfast shopping done was the order of the day. Important to fit in fitness with the weekend duties!

Jenny's Parkini was a 7km run. She pushed herself up and down hilly terrain in North London. Not her strong point, but gave herself a push. What a great way to vary her running and give herself a tough challenge.

Vicki was not going easy this week either. She decided up on a Fartlek speed session. With a warm up 1km, intervals for 2km (using the end of the football pitch for each distance) and a final 1km sprint back home. She pushed herself to run the fastest she'd done for a long time!

Jay, a late entrant, but of course a welcome one, cycled home from work. She managed to cycle for the 20th consecutive day! Tremendous effort!

Sharon also pushed herself on a run from pole to pole

Well done to everyone that took part. You should all be delighted you gave it a bit extra this weekend.

There's also a bonus picture of some GoodGym cats, pushing in their own way (?).

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