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24 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 12th June 2023

Report written by Nicky Woodall (she/her)

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☀ 23 excellent GoodGymmers met on a beautifully sunny (if a tad warm) Monday evening. Our warm up question was going to be the best way to cool down on a hot day, so some of us discussed this en route (anything involving cold water was popular, or sorbet if you’re Mitchell, though we never did discover exactly what is done with said sorbet…)

✌ We had two tasks this evening, with half the group led by Vicky and Nick to Hull Road Park for an “emergency” soil-shifting session with Kristina from the council. Here’s what Nick had to say about what they did:

💪 Ten of us ran together at party pace to Hull Road Park to meet lovely Kristina who was waiting with a wheelbarrow for each of us. Leanne, Paul and Steve were fresh from yesterday’s Coniston Marathon so we’re looking forward to a nice light task. Instead we were digging top soil form a big pile and barrowing it over the footbridge and up the slope to fill two newly cleared heart shaped flower beds.

🏃‍♀ Vicky and Kathryn helped raking out the soil too and despite the heat there was some barrow running too.

🧩 We only stopped when the topsoil pile was exhausted and the beds full before a game of wheelbarrow tetris to fit all the equipment back in Kristina’s van.

🚸 Ed and Amy led the other part of the group, to St Aelred’s School where we were continuing to help them with their forest school area.

🌱 The first job was watering the thirsty young trees we’ve been looking after there, and checking they still had their protective guards. The watering job was somewhat extended (with great enthusiasm), to watering the raised beds (regardless of the state of them) and Mitchell 🚿

✂ Meanwhile, another group were cracking on with cutting things back in the fenced area, mostly brambles and nettles so not a job for the faint-hearted. Not to be disheartened by the amount of growth since we were last here, this team did an incredible job and made a huge difference.

🌳 The plan had been to spread woodchip on the freshly cut back paths, however events overtook and changed this plan. One of the teachers (Shelley) noticed that some of the wooden path edging was being kicked out by small (children’s) feet. As some of the wood had nails sticking out of it, this was a clear risk requiring mitigation.) Martin and Lyndsey relished the opportunity for a bit of destruction and quickly got to work removing the wood from the path and old raised beds.

🔨 Team Water then became Team Plank, setting up an efficient system. Plans with nails in were identified and separated, for the nails to be “bashed in” with a spade. Longer planks were broken up in a manner that resembled the caber toss of Highland Game fame (albeit whilst keeping hold of one end). This method was identified as superior over the alternative tightrope walking approach, which sadly didn’t work on the sturdier planks. Freya then asked for “saveable” planks to be separated for reuse, whilst David did a sterling job of transporting those not required to “the big pile”.

📸 It was soon time to down tools (which took some persuasion for some), gather everything and head to the playground for a group photo.

👏 Thank you everyone, it’s lovely to be able to help this project and we’ll be back soon, don’t worry!

👟 And then a run back to base and/or onto the pub.

🦸‍♂ Back at base, we had lots to celebrate. Ed (slightly belatedly, sorry) got to wear the cape of good deeds for his 300th good deeds recently. Understandably, he turned down the opportunity to run in it in the heat but did pose for it in the car park.

🥳 We also celebrated Jenna's birthday yesterday, with some delicious (and homemade) lemon and almond biscuits. So tasty 😋

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