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Setting up a Tiny Forest for York
🗓Sunday 31st December 12:00pm

📍Somewhere in York YO?

Let's work together to launch a Tiny Forest in our area

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Lyndsey Hay
Lyndsey Hay (She/her) went on a community mission

Fri 17th Nov at 11:00am

Follow the yellow skip road (part 2)

York Report written by Barbara Griffin

It was a beautifully bright and sunny morning as 7 GG Yorkies met Kristina at West Bank Park. We carried on from last night's group, shovelling lovely compost out of the huge skip into awaiting wheelbarrows. Alastair took first shift in the skip, then Tom and Stef had a go as well. Said wheelbarrows had to be trundled a fair distance across the park and along the yellow brick road (aka the beige/muddy brown cardboard path).

We delivered our first loads of compost to a large flower bed where another group of volunteers were planting bulbs. We then moved on to the next flowerbed and dumped the compost ready for more bulbs and wildflower seeds to be planted.

After an hour or so we left Kristina and the other volunteers to carry on and hopefully reduce the compost further before we are needed again!

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Paul Kelly
Lyndsey Hay
Lyndsey Hay (She/her) signed up to a party.

Sat 2nd Dec at 1:00pm

Lyndsey Hay
Lyndsey Hay (She/her) signed up to a community mission.

Fri 17th Nov at 11:00am