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GoodGym York’s First Yorkshire Walk
🗓Sunday 12th February 10:30am

📍Main St BD23 5DX

Come for a ramble round Wharfedale (pint and cake available)

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Amy Cawson
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Mon 6th Feb at 6:15pm

🥣 Goldilocks and the tree-carers 🐻

York Report written by Nicky Woodall

🥶 20 wonderful GoodGymmers braved a chilly full-moon night for our group run this evening 🌝

🦸‍♀️ We celebrated three heroic good deed milestones, with Claire doing her 50th good deeds recently, Jenna her 200th and Laura her 300th! Jenna and Laura had to share the cloak and hopefully everyone appreciated the extra warmth ❄️

🏆 We also celebrated our past month’s work on the January Challenge, which was absolutely brilliant, thank you very much everyone 😁

🍳We named and numbered off by discussing our favourite breakfast foods, in honour of “Oatmeal Monday” (apparently a traditional Scottish festival). Nettle porridge was probably the most unusual whilst other people chose some classics, including Coco Pops and even “boring cereal” for Barbara, whatever that is 🥣

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Ed led our running group to Millennium Fields where we were meeting Jonathan from St Nick’s for various tasks there this evening. The speedier crew bagsied the woodchip-spreading task, shovelling the woodchip into bags to be transported to and distributed along the woodland paths. Paul Kelly was apparently quite the Goldilocks about it, with fairly specific requirements about the bag-filling! They quickly did the main path then continued on smaller offshoot paths until all the bark was distributed. Good work everyone 🐻

🌺 Meanwhile, the rest of the group were in the allotment area. We had a crew lopping back brambles and removing top soil to plant wildflower seeds (which were then patted down by Barbara and Carl’s GoodGym shuffle!) Dom found some impressively large worms, much to Barbara’s displeasure 🪱

🥕 The final group were working on the YUMI allotment, which is set to be transformed. Getting there required walking down a slightly creepy dark path, to the backdrop of cats/werewolves fighting with the full moon ahead. This team were pulling up the plastic sheeting and removing the woodchip and soil on top of it. There was much hard graft, and Claire seemed to develop a good technique involving rolling the liner 👍

📸 It was soon time to gather for a group photo around our cloaked heroes and head over the bridge for a relay-based fitness session. Everyone had a go at skipping, speed-walking and sprinting a good distance, very impressively and hopefully with lots of fun too 🙌

🍰 Then it was time to head back to base for various cake to celebrate this week’s heroes and also everyone who was involved in the January Challenge. And then it was onto the pub 🍻

🗓️ We’ve got a few things coming up this week, including a task and bonfire social tomorrow (Tuesday) night, morning and afternoon tasks at the Planet Food cafe and an extra book-sorting session at Tang Hall Library on Thursday evening. Don’t forget that there’s a social pub walk planned for Sunday 👌

👏 Thanks everyone, see you again soon 👋

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Theresa Joseph
Theresa Joseph (she/her)

Tue 7th Feb at 11:49am

Lovely report - Congrats to Claire, Jenna and Laura too and I hope you all enjoyed the celebrations

Amy Cawson
Amy Cawson signed up to a group run.

Mon 6th Feb at 6:15pm

Helping St. Nick's at Millennium Fields

Adding extra loveliness to this area

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Barbara GriffinVicky
Amy Cawson
Amy Cawson signed up to a party.

Sun 12th Feb at 10:30am

GoodGym York’s First Yorkshire Walk

Come for a ramble round Wharfedale (pint and cake available)

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Leanne Allsopp