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18 Goodgymers helped their local community in Hounslow
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Wednesday 27th March

Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

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It was a night of hellos, farewells and celebrations last night at GoodGym Hounslow!

First off we welcomed Gus to his first session - so great to have you join us. Sadly we also learned that it was to be Maddy's last session with us (for now) as she's returning to sunnier lands. We'll miss you Maddy, send us an invite when you get GoodGym Brisbane off the ground!

We were also bidding a sad goodbye to Pippa, who is off to join GoodGym Brighton, but not before she made a perfectly timed exit with her 100th good deed. Great to see you'll be taking your wings tshirt with you, and come back and visit soon!

With so much going on we had a big group for the evening, which was just as well as we had a big task to match! After a warm up we set off for Gunnersbury park, where we were helping the wardens there clear some areas where brambles had been cut down to make way for grass and trees.

We soon claimed our fleet of wheelbarrow, donned the thick gloves provided to deal with the spiky brambles, and headed off into the dark to find our job for the evening.

The machines the park had used to clear the areas had left loads of cut brambles which they had asked us to tidy up, so we set to it. Talking about the races of the past weekend (well done Harvey, Alan and Steph!) we filled ton bags full of debris, only pausing to gently move a giant bumble bee who had made a home in it.

After a good stint we moved all the bags over to the path and made our way back to base. I've already had an email from the park warden Lizzy thanking the team for your hard work, so well done for all the efforts.

Next week we have a new task helping to tidy up a community centre's outside space. Hope to see you there!

Session Leader
Augustin Lagarde
Ijo T
Alan Armstrong
Leticia Bessel
Pippa A
Matt Nash
Jon Scott-Francis
Emily Oldfield
Harvey Gallagher
Jonny Carter
Anastasia Hancock
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Lunchtime shift at Hounslow Community Foodbox!
🗓Tomorrow 1:00pm

Support this amazing soup kitchen in Brentford

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Thu 28th Mar at 1:30pm

Great job guys..


Thu 28th Mar at 9:06pm

Welcome to GoodGym Gus!