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GoodGym Area Activator for Birmingham. Love all things running, including road, track and even cross country when it isn't to muddy!


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šŸ“Hill Hook Nature Reserve B74 4DT

The nature reserve is a great place for conservation activities and for people to enjoy the surroundings

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Jonny Carter
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Thu 16th Feb at 6:30pm

Tasks for Oasis Foundry School

The children use the wildlife area at the school to enhance their well-being and learning

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Jonny Carter
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Tue 7th Feb at 6:30pm

Leafleting for Lenny!

Birmingham Report written by Jonny Carter

Tonight, Laura organised our task, which was leafleting for Sustrans, or Lenny (more on that in a bit)

We had Jo join us from GG Exeter, swopping the Devon delights for the Brum fun!

Rob led the way to the Ostler play area, were we met our walker Miriam. Laura had a route planned, so we split into two groups to deliver the leaflets. Rob took a selfie and picture of me doing something then we headed back.

The Lenny bit, is the fact Lenny Henry was at the launch of the bench in the park last week, which prior to that we had done a litter pick to make it look all spic and span :) Please see the picture with Lenny, Miriam and Laura from the unveiling last week.

Once back at 1000 Trades we had a quick stretch and joined Miriam in the pub.

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Exeter runner

Tue 7th Feb at 11:17pm

Great to meet you all, I had a great evening. Fabulous dinner recommendation too. Hopefully I'll be in Brum again soon


Wed 8th Feb at 1:39pm

Was so lovely to meet you Jo!!!

Jonny Carter

Wed 8th Feb at 5:39pm

Great to meet you Jo, Iā€™m glad you enjoyed Brum šŸ˜Š