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Running for health not results, and trying to do good! I work a 24/7 shift pattern but come to GG Hounslow/Richmond (+others!) when I can


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GoodGym Hounslow Christmas Social!
🗓Wednesday 13th December 8:00pm

📍The old market place W4 2DR

Join us for festive fun post task

Leticia Bessel
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Wed 13th Dec at 8:00pm

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Wed 6th Dec at 6:30pm

Spreading the word about the That's A Wrap project

Help raise awareness for this amazing charity

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Wed 22nd Nov at 6:30pm

We were given three rein

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

The increasingly chilly evenings are proving no match for the might of GoodGym Hounslow! It might mean cold fingers and toes (except for shorts and tshirt loyalist Stef!) but there's always a job to be done...

The task in question last night was at Cavendish School, a task which in fact turned out to be no less than three separate jobs. But first it was a question of a quick warm up, a swift run down to the site and then finally to crack the code of the missing tools.

We managed to gain access, which given past history was no means a given! We then made our way to a new storage area, used the complicated set of numbers and letters to make our way in only to find the cavernous space....empty of tools! (although there were some exciting scooters that everybody was itching to get their hands on).

Next stop, the tools cupboard. That too was devoid of resources. Just as we were searching through an old cardboard box and starting to wonder how we were going to get anything done, business manager Jacolyn came round the corner and to the rescue! She brandished a shiny key which unlocked the gleaming portal to The Cellar of Many Tools.

From then on it was action stations! Team One grabbed brooms, trolleys and bags and got cracking clearing the carpet of leaves that covered the carpark and grass, a job which seemed never ending but which they managed to make an enormous difference. Meanwhile Team Two were tackling the overgrown mass of nettles and thistles, and at the same time figuring out just the who the heck was gen X, millenial and alpha. There are some very satisfying before and after shots to check out which show how much they pulled up.

Over on the pavement Team Three were lopping, trimming, cutting and clearing their way through an enormous hedge. They were simultaneously deciding who in the group, if our teacher was Mr Scott Francis, would be the naughty one, the good one, the one in detention and the one in the top set! No names named here...

Finally all three jobs were completed, so we warmed up with a run back to base. There is loads coming up, including this community mission to help plant spring bulbs at Harvard Hill which is a little short on sign ups so far! If you can make it I know the local group will be really appreciative of the help.

Don't forget that our festive social is on 13th December following our last group run of the year - I hope you can make it!

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Anastasia Hancock

Thu 23rd Nov at 11:56am

And a big Bon Voyage to Divya who we look forward to having back very soon!

StephDucat (He/him)

Thu 23rd Nov at 11:08pm

Nothing can stop the goodgymers 🙌🙌

Leticia Bessel
Leticia Bessel signed up to a group run.

Wed 22nd Nov at 6:30pm

Emily Oldfield
Leticia Bessel
Leticia Bessel went on a group run

Wed 15th Nov at 6:30pm

Pile high club

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

I don't know about you, but I'm finding all these fallen leaves are getting to be a bit of a pain. Wet, slippy, getting our sparkling trainers all mucky. If only something could be done about it.

Enter GoodGym! Last night we ran down to Berrymede School to help Romina of Cultivate clear up masses of leaves in their huge playground. And when we say masses, there were piles of leaves as far as the eye could see.

Romina had already cleared a lot of them into helpful mounds, but there were still great drifts of them behind trees, in corners and generally making a nuisance of themselves across the whole area.

Not only are they dangerous for all the kids running about as they get wet and slippery, but they could actually be useful. Cultivate London uses the leaves that are collected and turns them into mulch, which in turn is used at their nurseries where young people are trained in horticulture. Everyone's a winner.

Before we got started we each took a guess on how many bags we would end of collecting, and with estimates ranging from 20 to 52, it was clear there was plenty of work to be done.

Each group got busy raking, collecting, shoveling and bagging and it was interesting to walk around and eavesdrop on all the different conversations that were happening at the same time. Like who was extolling the virtue of long socks whilst running cross country, who had visited every country in Europe, and who amongst us could have been in a Carry On film...

Job done, we counted up the bags and with Emily as runner up, there was one clear champ - well done Michelle with a very close guess of 52 bags! The final tally was 50 full sacks , which is pretty amazing going.

Watch out for our cameo on Sky, as on our run back we stopped by the set where something was being filmed, and even got a glimpse of some very exciting fight scenes. Last night Berrymede, tomorrow Hollywood!

We're soon going to be starting regular Thursday lunchtime drop ins at the amazing Hounslow Community Foodbox - if you can spare an hour to help make a real difference, please sign up here.

Next week we're back at Cavendish School to help with various jobs there, and we also have a community mission at Harvard Hill coming up. There's loads of GGing to be done, so get signing up!

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Anastasia Hancock

Thu 16th Nov at 6:18pm

I forgot to give kudos to Michelle for the brilliant punspiration!