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Running for health not results, and trying to do good! I work a 24/7 shift pattern but come to GG Hounslow/Richmond (+others!) when I can


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Hammersmith and Fulham

GG Cheer at the London Marathon
🗓Sunday 21st April 11:00am

📍Somerset House WC2R 1LA

Cheer on all the runners undertaking one of the world's most famous marathons!

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Leticia Bessel
Leticia Bessel went on a group run

Wed 10th Apr at 6:30pm

Logging another good deed

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Last night we had an epic task full of fun, progress and hard work, but before we go into that, we must say an huge, massive, colossal WELL DONE to everybody who went to Paris for the marathon this weekend. There were PBs galore, and some great running in what sounds like tough conditions. Congratulations to all the runners - Matt, Eloise, Alan, Lucy and Jonny - and also to the supporters who did an amazing job cheering and keeping tired spirits high.

With a weekend of those proportions, it was no surprise that a small group headed off from the Town Hall to meet a larger group directly at the task location. We have been to Cavendish school many times over the years, but a treat was awaiting us when we met Andrew, who has taken over the project. After hours of battling the weeds and clearing leaves, we found that a mini digger had been deployed to create an ampitheatre, the overgrown area had been cleared, and a couple of ducks had even taken up residence on the pond.

Our job for the evening was to transport lots of logs to make a seating area for the children, to spread mulch over the newly cleared spaces, and to move cuttings into the skip. We jumped into action. While the mulch shovelers got a great work out, there was some excellent artistic direction going on with the log layout, and Gus and Louise tested their balancing skills on the wheelbarrow ramp in very impressive fashion!

An earlier poll had decided that weary legs trumped fitness, so we extended the task a little. With the job done (apologies for forgetting the 'before' shot!), we took the opportunity to take some fun log-based group shots, and then split up into three groups - running, walking and cycling - to head back to base for stretches, pub, cake and in some cases, more running.

Don't forget that tonight is the Goodgym monthy social in Brixton. It's a great chance to meet GGers from different areas and catch up on all the good stuff that's been happening.

We also have a mission to help clear up a green space in Gunnersbury which needs a few more pairs of helping hands, not to mention a GG highlight, supporting the WLQP put on its 10km walk in June.

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Alan ArmstrongSam LefevreEmily Oldfield
Leticia Bessel
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Sun 21st Apr at 11:00am

GG Cheer at the London Marathon

Cheer on all the runners undertaking one of the world's most famous marathons!

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Leticia Bessel
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Wed 10th Apr at 6:30pm

Cavendish Nature Project

Creating a nature area for school children

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Leticia Bessel
Leticia Bessel signed up to a group run.

Wed 15th May at 6:30pm

StephDucatEmily Oldfield
Leticia Bessel
Leticia Bessel went on a group run

Wed 3rd Apr at 6:30pm

A cherrific Wednesday evening task

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

We were in high spirits last night at our group run as it was the first time in months we met in bright evening sunlight. Couple that with the fact that we had some great racing last week (well done Florian and Steph!), the promise of a new task at Duke's meadow, and with lots of the group off to Paris for a weekend of marathons and croissants, everybody was in fine form!

We set off through the beautiful grounds of Chiswick House, and soon arrived to find Jo from Wild Chiswick waiting for us with all the tools we needed for the job. Duke's Meadow is run as a trust and over the years it has created fabulous play areas, planted hedgerows, wildflower meadows and an orchard to increase the bio diversity of the park. The trust is a social enterprise focused on sustainability and volunteers maintain the area.

Our job for the evening was to cut down the cherry tree suckers that have sprung up around the more mature cherry trees. This new growth saps energy away from more essential components, particularly fruit-bearing branches or foliage, and spread outwards rather than upwards thereby taking up space for other plants. Without wasting any time we snipped away and cleared the branches for collection, happily working away under a falling blanket of blossom and sky bursting with sunset colours.

In just a short amount of time the difference was clear, so we packed up our tools and made our way back across the field. Great work everybody. By the way, if you notice a notable improvement in the quality of some of the photos this week, you can thank Michelle and Lucy for an upgrade on my efforts with some lovely snaps! Next week we're at Cavendish school to do some more work on the nature area. Looking forward to seeing you then.

Happy running Paris racers!

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Alan Armstrong