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Helping the Happy Ham Landers
🗓Saturday 10:00am

📍Corner of Croft Way and Riverside Drive TW10 7NB

Improving the natural habitat of the Ham Lands nature reserve

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Sam signed up to a community mission.

Sun 21st Apr at 10:00am

Platform Planters Installation at St Margarets

New planters will bring a fresh new feel to St Margarets Station. We love our community and want our station to reflect our vibrant feel.

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Sam signed up to a race.

Sun 1st Sep at 8:00am

The Big Half 2024

The Big Half is a wonderful celebration of London’s diversity featuring communities and groups of all ages and abilities from the four host boroughs of Greenwich, Lewisham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets

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Sam went on a community mission

Sat 2nd Mar at 10:00am

Leaflet? More like leaf-wet!

Richmond Report written by Lucy Hill

March has arrived, the daffodils are poking out their little yellow faces, spring is in the air… and by spring, I mean a lot of cold, wet Saturday morning rain.

Five of us braved the wonderful British weather to spread the word about the Library of Things that had recently opened in Twickenham. The Library of Things is a brilliant concept that allows locals to borrow tools and items, which ultimately means less waste and less space, less money spent on unnecessary items and a bigger sense of community and helping others.

We found ourselves at the Patch hub, and after a bit of a soggy wait, we checked out the library ourselves - you can borrow all sorts, from waffle makers to wallpaper strippers, drills to dehumidifiers and plenty in between. We had a bit of an issue working out where to pick up our leaflets from, but the man from Django coffee in the hub helped us out, and we were soon presented with a box labelled ‘GoodGym’. Armed with a wad of flyers each and some tasty coffees (with extra loyalty stamps for Sam) we braved ourselves to head out into the rain once more and walk our way to the streets we had been asked to deliver to.

The rain didn’t stop, but it didn’t stop us persevering in delivering some (possibly slightly soggy) leaflets to locals. Despite some complaints about the weather (mostly from me), and an important discussion about the best and worst sort of letterboxes (definitely not on the floor, wide enough and no stiff bristles preventing post from being posted) we did a great job and hopefully that word is spread. Talking of spreading the word, did you know you can hire a speaker and PA system, complete with mic and amp from the Twickenham Library of Things? Maybe we’ll know for next time, and might save some damp toes!

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Harvey GallagherSevanSam
Sam went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 6:45pm

A very secret lemonade drinker!

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

A speedy run, keeping to the well-lit roads of Richmond, took the group to Petersham Common to meet task owner Ken.

Ken had plans for us to dig a new drainpipe into the footpath, as have done in previous years. But while preparing that day, he decided that it was the perfect spot to create a new microhabitat by allowing the water to drain into a new pond. That meant the pond needed digging first, and that meant very carefully taking out the protected native bluebells in the pond area so that they could be planted safely elsewhere in the common. (Ken is licensed to dig native bluebells, this can't be done without a license).

They are young plants in this area and their bulbs are only small. Each one required careful digging out with a trowel to prevent cutting it off, and the more we looked, the more there were! The group worked not only on delicate removal but simultaneously on their deep squats and ankle mobility to stay so close to the ground!

Further workouts included digging the perimeter of the pond and moving the shifted soil in the wheelbarrow. This is why we call it keeping fit by doing good! As an extra added bonus, Rosie made a lucky find by digging up an original ceramic R Whites bottle!

At the end of a good session of digging, Ken handed out Lindor chocolates which were just the boost needed for the run back to town!

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Harvey Gallagher
Sam signed up to a group run.

Mon 26th Feb at 6:45pm

Drainage Digging at Petersham Common

Keeping the green spaces of Richmond Borough in good health

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Sam signed up to a training session.

Fri 26th Jul at 9:30am