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Kareem signed up to a group run.

Mon 19th Feb at 6:45pm

GROUP RUN- Thornhill Square Gardens

Joining the lovely resident gardeners at Thornhill Square Gardens for an evening of composting, watering and maintenance

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Kareem signed up to a group run.

Wed 29th Nov 2023 at 6:30pm

Group Run: Disinfecting children toys @ Salvation Army Camberwell Corps

Provide safety for babies, children and adults who use this facility

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Sam Lefevre
Kareem cheered by other people 25 times. 😎

Monday 27th November 2023



Kareem cheered by other people 25 times.

Kareem is part of a crowd that's making a huge noise. Kareem has been cheered by 25 people - that's a round of applause just on their own. We hope they keep it up.

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Kareem been Mission Verified. 🤩

Friday 24th November 2023



Kareem been Mission Verified.

Congratulations to Kareem who is now Mission Verified. They're now ready to start running GoodGym missions to help older people and running alone to community mission. Give Kareem a cheer to kickstart their mission running career.

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Kareem went on a group run

Thu 23rd Nov 2023 at 6:00pm

ON-wards to The ARC Centre

Islington Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

On Thursday evening, our Goodgym crew from all across the boroughs met with Area Activator Simon for a bonus additional group run across Shoreditch and De Bouvier estates. This time, we had the opportunity to start our run at the wonderful ON Running Spitalfields store (newly opened 3 weeks ago- East London's newest running hub). Expect more runs from this smashing location in the very near future.

On Store London Spitalfields https://g.co/kgs/MHkouJ

Dan, Harvey and John joined Simon for 2 mile run towards North London, via Pitfield Street and Shoreditch Park, before crossing the river to the Packington Estate. Mariana, the local gardening expert for The ARC Centre community hub was thrilled to see us all. Anne, Kareem and Lucy met us at the entrance to the centre, and we git cracking with the evening's task.

Our objective was to move several bags of mushroom mulch and compost from the Waterside Park near Regent's Canal, over to the prime rose bush patch just off St Paul's Street. This would require a mix of wheelbarrowing and heavy lifting to make our way over- some top team work. Upon our arrival, we then had to mix up the mulch and compost together (a ratio of 1 : 2) before spreading the mixture across the beds. This should create an excellent "blanket" for the flower beds over the winter, to save the plants for springtime.

Harvey took on an additional unexpected good deed during our wheelbarrowing journeys. A lady by the canal towpath had been stranded by her Uber, and had a lot of belongings in her possession. She asked if anyone would be willing to help her to drop these item off at her canal boat just by the next bridge. Harvey loaded up his wheelbarrow, and ferried the suitcases in no time!

Smashing job everyone- we celebrated an excellent task completed with refreshments and snacks at The Hanbury pub just off the estate. Well done all.


We will be meeting back the the Arsenal Community Hub on Monday 27th November for a trip to Caledonian Park for a top wood chip lifting and shifting task!

Sign up here for more information:


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Kareem signed up to a group run.

Thu 23rd Nov 2023 at 6:00pm

BONUS GROUP RUN- Arc Centre Mulch Moving via the ON Running Spitalfields store

Mulch moving for The ARC Centre gardening team and Riverside Gardens

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John Shirley
Kareem went on a community mission

Wed 22nd Nov 2023 at 7:00pm

Layer up!

Westminster Report written by Joel Wiles

4 Awesome GoodGymers helped Get Rid of And Donate to give a van full of vital clothing and bedding supply's to 100 of Westminster's homeless community.

A productive night in Charing Cross as we got to work linking up donations to the people who really need them.

We had a bumper set if donations for the last visit of the year so we worked hard both handing clothing and bags out of the van and also hanging up the clothes, bedding and coats along the railings in a pop up shop style.

We had a continuous stream of visitors over 75 minutes who were able to pick up plenty of layers, bedding, sleeping bags, shoes and coats to keep them going through the harsh next 2 months.

massive thank you to everyone who came along to help!! hope to see you at a session again very soon!!

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Kareem signed up to a community mission.

Wed 22nd Nov 2023 at 7:00pm

Kareem went on a group run

Mon 20th Nov 2023 at 6:45pm

A ruff guide to leafletting!

Islington Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

After a highly successful group run to the Andover Estate two weeks ago, our Goodgym crew returned to the Foodcycle Finsbury Park hub for another round of flyering. Area Activator Simon and Kareem met at the Arsenal Community Hub before the session, and ran the 1.2 km up Sobell Road together, arriving at the Estate office in ample time.

Upon arrival, they were met with Dharmesh, Kim and a ten year old Border Terrier called Rufous (who was super keen to help out tonight!). Our objective for the evening was to distribute as many flyers as possible to neighbours within the vicinity of the Foodcycle hub. Foodcycle offers free hot food to anyone who needs it on a twice weekly basis (no questions asked), and an opportunity to socialise outside of the household for many residents. Between us, we wanted to get the word out as effectively as possible.

Within 45 minutes, our little team of 5 had posted flyers to every house around 3 major streets in Finsbury Park before calling it a night. Well done everyone!

Goodgym Islington News


Achilles International VI Guide Running Sessions- Emirates Stadium

Thursday 23rd November, 6pm, Arsenal Underground station

Every Thursday, the all abilities sports charity Achilles International holds a group run session at a London location. This week, we will be meeting up at Arsenal tube station, ready to run around the Emirates Stadium concourse. Open to runners and guides of all abilities! Follow the link to find out more:



BONUS GROUP RUN- Arc Centre Mulch Moving via the ON Running Spitalfields store

Thursday 23rd November, 6pm, ON Running Spitalfields, Brushfield Street

An additional one-off group run from The brand new ON Running store in Spitalfields. A 1.6 mile run to The ARC Centre and Riverside Gardens (by Regent’s Canal) to assist the volunteer team with shifting bags of mulch for winter bulb planting.



GG Race Team- Met League Hill Training Session! - November

Friday 24th November, 7.15pm, Pembroke Castle, Camden

A monthly hill training group run session led by Goodgymmer and CIRF Simon. All abilities Kenyan Hills running over at Primrose Hill, in preparation for our next cross country fitness at Uxbridge!


Simon's 200th parkrun (& 100th volunteer shift!) @ Mile End parkrun

Saturday 25th November, 8.45am, Mile End stadium

Join Area Activator Simon for his 200th parkrun at Mile End, and his 100th volunteer shift! We will head to the lovely Yurt Café in Limehouse afterwards for breakfast, hot drinks and good times!



Penn Road Gardens Volunteer Open Day- November 2023

Sunday 26th November, 10-midday, Penn Road Gardens

Every last Sunday of the month, the residents of Penn Road invite keen volunteers to help with maintaining this lovely community spot just off Holloway Road.



Met League Cross Country - Uxbridge

Saturday 2nd December, 12 midday, Hillingdon Athletics Stadium

Run with GoodGym for some cross country racing- the 3rd fixture of the amazing Met League season. Approximately 7-8 km of muddy fun, open to all!



Freightliner's Farm Sunday Special- December

Sunday 3rd December, 11.30-1pm, Sheringham Road, Islington

We are so happy to be invited back to the wonderful Freightliner's Farm just off Paradise Park for our first regular weekend volunteering day!

The team will be on hand to offer some animal friendly tasks around the site.

Sign up here:



Crouch End Open Space (CREOS) Volunteering Day (December 2023)- Christmas Special!

Sunday 3rd December, 11am - 1pm, Hanley Tennis Club Car Park, Greenways

Our final trip to CREOS this year for a woodland regeneration- loads of digging and wheelbarrowing to be expected! Followed by a local festive picnic with the regular volunteer crew.



Friends of Canonbury Square- Volunteer Morning (December Xmas Special!)

Saturday 16th December, 10am, Canonbury Square Gardens

Lending a hand with this beautiful neighbourhood maintained garden in Islington, a perfect post-parkrun task! This will be the December Xmas special too, so come and enjoy some festivities!


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