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Jen Stoneham completed a training run • Evening Run
Wed 3 Aug
Jen Stoneham went on a group run
Group run

Smash and grab

Wed 3 Aug
Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

Plan B was put into action tonight as unfortunately we weren't able switch around next week's task when the staff at Shearwater became unavailable for our visit. That will now take place in September.

Never people to let a set back get to us, we reconvened at Kingston Rec, did a 1k lap of that park and then got picking.

I got sweeping on the broken glass which I've been cycling through for a few days. A local resident, Tash (who also happens to be Canadian) brought out a large broom and helped to sweep the glass into collectable piles. We hope to sign her up to GoodGym soon. Having Angela along did help as they could swap Canadian stories and memories of strange foods!!

There was plenty of rubbish and recycling to keep us busy, in fact we could have spent another hour there clearing up but enthusiasm was starting to wane!!

Big thanks to Aoife and Wilson for taking home a full black bag of rubbish each and to Vicki for taking 2 bags of recycling back for the green bin.

Kudos too to India for finding money to go into the GG pot and to Harry for sharing a new technique for removing bottle lids!

Excellent work all round, as always.

Please enjoy the pics from Wilson too!

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Jen Stoneham completed a ride • Lunch Ride
Sat 30 Jul
Jen Stoneham completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 30 Jul
Jen Stoneham completed a training run • GoodGym Lakeside Lap
Wed 27 Jul
Jen Stoneham went on a group run
Group run

Summer Running

Wed 27 Jul
Report written by Jo Kitching

The last Wednesday of the month brought us back to Lakeside to help out with the marshaling of their 5k race. This was the 4/5 of the series. Jen, Katie and Jo met early and headed out for a 1.4 mile run around the lake. Once finished and suitably warm we met up with Judy, Val and Vicki.

Like clockwork, we donned our Goodgym High Viz, collected the race numbers and headed to our alloted positions ready for the runners arriving.

Judy, Jen, Katie and Val handed out the numbers to those who had not yet competed in the race series. Instructions were also given to those who had misplaced their numbers to head inside to the 'table of shame' and retrieve a replacement. Vicki and Jo greeted runners who were arriving and directing them to number collection or race entry. Once the race was underway, Judy and Val managed the finishing funnel to ensure runners kept in order when they crossed the line. Katie was primary number checker and Jo & Vicki were backup nuber checkers.

Another great race this evening albeit fewer runners than the last one. We're back there on 24th Aug for the final race of the series. Fancy joining us? Sign up here

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Jen Stoneham signed up to a group run
Group run

Kingston Rec Litter Pick

Wed 3 Aug 18:00 pm
Kingston Rec, St Mary's Road, Portsmouth, PO1 5BQ
Clear the Crud!

Recreate the epic Golden Trainer with two loops of the rec before picking the abundance of crap scattered on its green pastures.

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Jen Stoneham completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 23 Jul
Jen Stoneham signed up to a training session
Training session

30km Relay for Home-Start Portsmouth

Sun 23 Oct 10:00 am
Speakers Corner, Southsea Esplanade, Southsea, PO5 3PG
Raising awareness for an awesome local charity.

Home-Start Portsmouth are a family support charity and are celebrating 30 years of working with families in need in our city. As part of their birthday fundraising campaign, they are organising 30 events in October and November.

We need six runners to complete a 30km relay - running the Southsea ParkRun 5km route so we can set up shop in The Briny for the duration.

If you have a preference for earlier or later in the day please let me know in the comments below.

If we get lots of sign-ups we could even make it competitive and have two teams running!

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Jen Stoneham went on a group run
Group run

Dirty work (& words)

Wed 20 Jul
Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

More nettle battles tonight at MX.

We met another member of staff from school today and her team is going to be out in the garden once a week from September which will definitely help.

We filled the big garden waste sack up twice, a bin bag with rubbish and gathered up far too many plastic bottles (I saw the caretaker as we left and he's going to collect them for recycling)

While working hard we learnt some new vocabulary from Lucy, shared the croissant stealing seagull story with more people and used a variety of pain relieving words when we were taken by surprise by a rogue nettle!

I can confirm that the gloves were nettle proof but I clearly need an entire outfit made of this material as I have still managed to get stung 🙄

Thanks to Val for most of the pics (a great groupie "shoot, shoot") and to Harry for the pic of Lucy wrestling a long root.

Great work by everyone tonight, thanks your help!

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