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Your task is pane and simple... " You need to dress the shop windows with a Spring theme."

23 runners ran 4.0km to help the Tenovus Cancer Care Charity in Cardiff.

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Tuesday, 19th of February 2019
Led by Benjamin Annear

It's goodgym day!

Yes that's right. Tuesday is here at last! And I (Ben) am also glad to be here to lead the group run with you all. After arriving back to Cardiff from Seville one hour before the start of GoodGym I'm glad my flight was on time and I made it back safely!

We are now settling back into Big Moose (One of the best cafe's in Cardiff, if not the best!). We started with a warm up... playing a fencing style warm up game whereby we had to get into pairs and then try and be the first to tag our partners leg three times. The winner had to do 10x star jumps and the loser 10x squat jumps. Next we played a game of 'rock, paper, scissors', however our actions for each had to be extremely expressive and involve considerable physical movement to ensure the game gave everyone a sufficient warm up - the game also involved running so it was definitely a good warm up!

We then quickly regrouped for a headcount and declared/announced our favourite holiday destination - people shared some very fancy holiday destinations!! ooooooo. We also took a few moments to introduce ourselves in the headcount and give a HUGE warm GoodGym welcome to LLION! Welcome to GoodGym Llion; we are this crazy and fun all of the time and we hope you find comfort in coming along and being part of GoodGym Cardiff - You are more than welcome :)

Feeling warm, ready and raring to go, it was now time to get into our groups! Mikey was leading the speedy group, Ben was leading the sexy runners and Aimee was leading the sexiest walkers! Before setting off each group was allocated a back marker that made sure nobody got left behind!

Let's go!!

Aimee and Lucy were part of the sexy walking group tonight.. the whole of Cardiff were turning their heads and doing double takes as they demonstrated the sexiest walking ever seen at GoodGym! Some people had to pick their jaws up from the floor because they were that darn good at sexy walking!

The sexy group displayed the sexiest running forms EVER and Cardiff was definitely most impressed! (Apparently people didn't blink just to be able to look at the runners for longer undisrupted).

The speedy group... well they were too quick to be noticed... they were like the secret agents of the running world!


Carl, the manager of the Tenvous store on Clifton Street, was so pleased to see us! He greeted us with a huge smile on his face and welcomed us in. He said "I know you like to run and do good and I have some tasks which I'd be really greatful for your support with". Carl told us that he needed each of the windows decorated in a Spring theme, he needed some clothes steaming and also he needed clothes sorting so that stock that wasn't selling could be moved to a different store.

Let's get to it! Immediately we began doing what we do best... working as a team to get the tasks we had been set done as good as we could in the alloted time. There were 2 groups dressing the shop windows, Lucy and Darren were steaming the clothes and another team were sorting through the clothes to bag items that would be sent to another store.

Halfway through the task Carl brought out an expensive Burberry designer jacket. How much do you think this jack retails for? Everyone's brains began ticking... I won't tell you the RRP of the item, but I can tell you that you can pick it up at the Tenovus charity store at a very good price and much cheaper than if you brought it brand new!

After 30 minutes the windows looked amazing, many clothes were steamed and stock that hadn't been sold was bagged up!

Thank you so much everyone!

Carl couldn't believe how much we had got done in the short space of time. Carl, supported by Aimee, then went out to judge the window dressing contest. There was a winner for the best family window display and another for the best spring themed window! A huge well done to both teams.

Now time to run back!

It was then time to run back. Mikey led the run back with Ben back marking. The run back was fast and there was still time to spare before the end of the run. Not wanting to waste the opportunity for more GAINS, Ben had everyone doing shuttle run sprints for the final 5 minutes. To end the run we gathered in together for a warm down. We took the opportunity to do stretches whilst reflecting on the evening's run.

WELL DONE EVERYONE! Get signed up to next week's run now by clicking here!

Report written by Benjamin Annear

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Martin Graff
Martin Graff
Wednesday February 20th, 2019 10:06

I was the photographer for the night??

Thursday February 21st, 2019 22:11

Loving the photos and the expressions. Great report Ben

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Led by

Benjamin Annear

Benjamin Annear
Hello, i'm Ben! I'm the trainer of GoodGym Cardiff! Please get in touch with any questions and click support to follow updates.

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  • Back marker

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    • Aimee Giles

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