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Lydia went on a group run

Tue 4th Apr at 6:15pm

April School

Cardiff Report written by Michael

What a beautiful day we had today, just perfect for a nice jog and some friendly volunteering. Once again we had our two pickup locations, Sport Wales and Big Moose, as we all eagerly met ready to get back to School.

We were met by the Head Teacher,

Good Evening Mrs. Thomas

How strange to be in school during the Easter holidays, but no time to waste, lets get to work. This evening we had a lovely task to help make a start on clearing out flower beds that the pupils can turn into sensory gardens, a vegetable patch and a rainbow garden. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see the results.

We got stuck in, pulling Ivy, cutting Buddleja, digging out weeds and finding some long forgotten toys.

Hello McHooty the OWL

Several bags full, and it was a great start to the project. Much clearer and you could see the potential of the space now, hopefully we will return again to help / see progress. We thanked Mrs Thomas and her family before hitting the streets and heading back to Sport Wales for a stretch and rest.

Join us next week as we help out Riverside Medical Centre to create some wildflower areas.

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MichaelNathan Swain
Lydia went on a group run

Tue 28th Mar at 6:15pm

Tilly Jean

Cardiff Report written by Michael

After a heavy downpour throughout the night and morning, it was decided that our task would be postponed for a week. The planters that we were to empty had started to look more like ponds ready for the birds.

Unfortunately, there had also been an accident on one of the major roads which had led to it being closed off, and on the night that WALES are playing football to boot!

With a couple of drop outs - totally understandable, we met in two groups again. From Sport Wales in the Park, a lovely run through the lovely green grounds and over to our next group outside Big Moose cafe. We then made our way to our final destination - Adamsdown Primary School.

Instead of our advertised task, we were going to make the school's perimeter that little bit cleaner for the kids and teachers. Litter pickers in hand, and what was our last few bags we got to work and it was a delight. Along the way we found milk - at least it was once upon a time, there was a till, a pair of jeans (good night had there) and even managed to get a few bits through the fence of the school. We finished over in the playground, just a quick tidy up there to make it clean and that little bit safer for the little ones.

5 bags dropped off and it was time to head back and have our monthly social and food.

Join us next week, when we return to the School once more and tackle our actual task.

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Lydia went on a group run

Tue 13th Dec 2022 at 6:15pm

It's a WRAP

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Our last goodgym group task of the year, and one of our favourites too. Illness did get to some of the group, so they had to stay home, but the rest still arrived eager and ready to go.

The task to wrap as many presents as possible, the gifts had been donated for the children staying at Nightingale House, who provide emergency, temporary accommodation for homeless families.

So this task was very special indeed. We had a festive run (Santa hats an all) to the back of the building, where we were let into the back gate. We quickly scurried into the out buildings where all of the presents were hidden. No time to waste, we split into teams and got to work.

As this was super special, we decided to stay a little longer to wrap as many presents as possible. The rest would have to be completed by the night workers later on that evening.

A quick goodbye, as thanks from the staff at the house. And now to get ready for Christmas.

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Lydia went on a group run

Tue 18th Oct 2022 at 6:15pm

dig leaf

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Well, Autumn is most certainly here and you could tell as we arrived to Samye for tonight's task. Our tasks were ready on our goodgym board, as usual;

  • Sweep the leaves from the front of the building
  • Move two of the larger plants from the pergola
  • Cut down the veg patch and mint
  • Dig the new uncovered part at the back
  • Remove compost from the bin and dig into the back
  • Remove the tomato plants and put into the compost

Straight to work, as Stuart and Llion put themselves on sweeping duty. Can you dig it? Marie can.

Lydia, Su and Adam removed the plants from the pergola and moved them to the back.

Nathan and Andrew started on the compost, it was a little tough to remove, but with a few bumps and smacks it soon started to fall.

The compost was being moved over to our digger and put into the soil being dug. Soon enough, Andrew joined Marie to help with the digging. The compost was empty and ready to have the tomato plants put in.

The tomato plants were removed from the greenhouse which now housed the plants from the pergola to keep them safe over winter.

The final jobs, as the leaves were bagged up, were added to the compost bin also. A quick bit of pruning and cutting in the veg patch and we were done. Compost bin once again full as nature did it's wonderful job of creating the next growing material.

We all head in for some snacks and water, refueling before our journey back.

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EllenStuart BarrowNathan Swain
Lydia went on a group run

Tue 11th Oct 2022 at 6:15pm

The prune..ies

Cardiff Report written by Michael

A special task tonight, and we were going to make use of the pleasant weather with an outside task. We were heading to the Church of Saint Edward, home to the Forget me not club that we help.

A lovely 14 of us were jumping to help out, the job to clear, clean and prune ready for a special service later in the week. Some ran, some jog walked, some cycled too. And straight to work we got, all bushes and trees overhanging the fences were put back in check, and the biggest trial of the night was the buddleia.

But we are always prepared us goodgymer prune-ies

After a little longer than 30 minutes we were done and it was time to head back to the city.

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Nathan Swain
Lydia went on a group run

Tue 27th Sep 2022 at 6:15pm

Looking Shifty

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Our last week evening trip to Stargarallot as the nights draw in and the darkness halts our community growing work - At least for the evenings ------ Watch this space for weekend delightful days!

Some simpler tasks to tackle tonight, as our Area Activator is still with a broken collarbone and on photo duty ONLY.

We had planters to move around to help clear some space in the growing areas and to block off the compost bins for a while, these were two people jobs and already full of plants. Plenty of shifting of pots in and out as some wonderful weight work, before the carrying could even begin.

Once in position it was time to move some tools, they were going out of the current store and down the plot to a different store for some other people to use - sharing is caring!

Finally our eager goodgymers had to tackle the tree that had been dumped on land and in the way, so with mighty strength (and a trolley) it was moved over to the some trees where it would rot down and give some shelter to any animals in need this Winter.

A great evening, and as the darkness came in there was still time for some tea and cake.

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EllenNathan SwainMichael
Lydia went on a group run

Tue 20th Sep 2022 at 6:15pm

Leaf us alone

Cardiff Report written by Michael

Seven got together for another new task at a new location, our first run to St. Paul's Church and Community Centre.

Michael was leading a walking group tonight and was joined by Ellen for a lovely catch up for just under 2.5 km. The rest of the group were already there when we arrived and had got everything ready so that we could do as much as possible. Seven goodgymer's ready to clean up around the community hall, leaves and weeds were abundant but so too is our determination.

Sweeping, cutting, secateurs doing their thing and some jumping in bins to make extra room. It wasn't long until we were done and the space looked so much better after our visit. A quick photo, and time to make our way back.

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Stuart Barrow

Sat 24th Sep 2022 at 7:08pm

Excellent task and made a difference very quickly


Tue 27th Sep 2022 at 6:31pm

Really enjoyed this!

Lydia went on a group run

Tue 13th Sep 2022 at 6:15pm

Get your rocks off

Cardiff Report written by Michael

A rainy day, but that just means that the ground is softer and easier to dig! Seven goodgymers got together at Stargarallot to help tidy up the community growing space, Four runners and everyone else cycling to the task.

We were welcomed by Camilla and shown the shed of snacks, before a quick briefing on the task tonight. There was a bed that had become overgrown and needed clearing, and three rockery type spaces that would require all of the roks to be removed, dug up and then placed back until it was time to plant in there again.

We split into three groups, one on the main bed and the other two taking a rockery each. We had a good catch up whilst getting the task done, saw the smallest tiny snail, filled a hot bin ready to make some more compost, saved a sage plant and took some wonderful before and after pictures. A bite or two on our legs from the needle nosed busy buzzies, and it was time to make our way back to the city centre.

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Stuart Barrow
Lydia went on a group run

Tue 30th Aug 2022 at 6:15pm

Goodgym having a BALL (pit)

Cardiff Report written by Michael

A final visit to Cwtch Together before they stop for a while, as the children are back in school in two weeks time. So a final tidy up of the outside space and some help to tidy up the hall after the play.

It certainly had been used today and needed a few extra hand to help out, luckily that's where we come in (quite literally with some members and the ball pit)

Aidan had got to work with the mower and strimmer, making the space all lovely and fresh. Whilst Lydia, Darren and Andrew made light work of the stinging weeds.

Michelle, Adam, Llion and Estelle took to the play area like the BIG children that they are - all fun of fun and frolics.

The time flew by as we all had (maybe) too much fun, but it looked spick and span and energised us ready for our run back. A lovely Tuesday to have one last session outside with our lovely Cwtch group, I'm sure we will find a reason to come back and help again before the year is out.

Join us next week as we make a visit for the second time to St. Dyfrig and St Samson Church in Grangetown

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Nathan Swain
Lydia went on a group run

Tue 16th Aug 2022 at 6:15pm

Let’s gloss over this task

Cardiff Report written by Michael

14 goodgymers got together for another Tuesday Volunteer task.

A short run in the rain tonight, as we made our way back to Samye. A mixture of tasks outside and in, but at least the outside was under cover still. Upon arrival we made our way straight in for some water and to warm up, as usual the wonderful Lorraine had made us a list to make our way through as best we could.

  • Sweep up the leaves.
  • Clean the tables.
  • A little bit of weeding.
  • Painting the skirting boards and door frames up in the flat.
  • Sweeping the library and corridor and then vacuuming.

It was great to catch up with everyone, even in the rain and the work we completed was worth every damp moment. Plus we had some food and a lovely chance to chat after the task, and before our travel back.

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