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38 runners ran 4.0km to help the St Nicks in York.

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Monday, 21st of October 2019
Led by York runner

A 38-strong GoodGym crew headed to Millennium Fields for an emergency raking session

It wasn't originally going to be raking and there has been a lot of raking recently, but we did have to rake because lots of grass had been cut which wasn't supposed to be and there's a short period of time to turn it into a lovely wildflower meadow.. so sorry team but I promise there'll be no more raking now!

Everyone was in good spirits anyway after an absolutely brilliant weekend of volunteering and racing with the Yorkshire Marathon and 10 mile, the official GoodGym water station and various fell races.

After a run along the river with some bonus wall sit action, we arrived at Millennium Fields to a whole trailer full of rakes which Maria had expertly cycled over.

There were three areas which needed all the grass raking up, and two of those also needed to be scarified so that wildflower seeds could be sown.

There really were a lot of rakes, but there were also a lot of us so whoever wasn't quick enough to grab a rake was in bag duty. Aidan had come to GoodGym fresh from giving blood.

I'm two pints of blood down so I'm happy to just hold the corner of a bag

Mel totally owned bag duty, spotting whoever needed one and ensuring they got it.

I am the bag lady

With many sore and tired running legs, fitness was optional and involved regular sprints over Millennium Bridge and up the steps. Uptake was not extremely high, back to mandatory fitness next week!

We finished up with everyone sprinkling some wildflower seeds and stomping them in, a group piccie on Millennium Bridge and a run back along the river.

If that's not enough good for you, there's a community mission you can get stuck into tomorrow, without a single bit of raking. Promise.

*Pun credit: Mel - excellent spice girls reference

Report written by Egg Cameron

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Aidan Kettle
Aidan Kettle
Monday October 21st, 2019 23:44

I feel compelled to point out that 2 pints was an exaggeration, actual donation volume is only about 0.8 pints, sorry!

Becky Moylett
Becky Moylett
Thursday October 24th, 2019 08:59

The "not extremely high turnout" for fitness still included a some of the marathon runners though! All manner of kudos to them.

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Led by

Egg Cameron

Egg Cameron
Ex-Trainer for GoodGym York. Loves to LUNGE! Obsessed with parkrun, hills and puppies.

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