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Craig went on a group run

Mon 10th Jun at 6:15pm

Goodgym get Bashed with St Nicks

York Report written by Ed Woollard (He/Him)

This week was our 3rd and final session getting rid of Balsam at Fulford Ings, but before celebrating the finale of our Balsam bashing trilogy we had some serious celebrating of our own to do with plenty of epic achievements since our last outing. Firstly we had the tired legs crew who had conquered the Swaledale Marathon at the weekend - well done Barbara, Lucy and Amy (as well as several others who couldn't make it tonight) ⛰️. Then it was cheers to Mitch, who had been on the sauce on Saturday, winning the Beer Mile 🍺. Plus all our summer series runners who had put some serious effort in at the Knavesmire last Tuesday with a few PBs thrown in for good measure. Well done everyone 👏

After a quick warm up in honour of National Ballpoint Pen day, we headed off with Abigail and Pete brining up the rear and Amy leading our walking crew. We even had time for a few tricep dips in the sun as we went over Millenium Bridge. What a glorious evening this was going to be.... or so we thought 🤔

Things started well with the our intrepid GGers picking up where they'd left off last time and making good progress, uprooting Balsam left, right and centre. But before too long a figure emerged out from the bushes and took exception to our efforts. Obviously we can't please everyone with our Goodness, and Nicola from St Nicks handled the situation admirably, but the grey clouds had started to gather on tonight's task both figuratively and literally!

To placate the disgruntled resident, we focused our efforts further down the Ings and were soon back into our rhythm with Craig looking particularly pleased with the size of the Balsam he had pulled, whilst Leanne was starting to make a rather impressive pile!

But with time running out and the wind picking up, it was time to set off for a quick fitness sesh on Millenium Fields. We managed approximately 2mins worth of fitness before getting absolutely pelted by some seriously chunky hailstones and deciding to pack it in and hide under a tree. We understandably lost a few runners who beat a hasty retreat to the safety of their homes, before finally arriving back at CVS.

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Paul Kelly
Craig signed up to a group run.

Mon 10th Jun at 6:15pm

Craig went on a group run

Mon 27th May at 6:15pm

To Node or Not to Node

York Report written by Pete

The answer of course is to node but more of that in a minute…..The rain had come and gone and so with a flurry of last minute sign ups we were up to 18 - not bad considering it was also a Bank Holiday.

Recognising the Griffs recent completion of the SW Coast path and in particular a fabulous 300th good deed for Lucy there shortly followed a gentle warm up. With a nod to the cheese rolling competition held on the same day we numbered off to the favourite choice of accompaniment to cheese - some expected answers but also some weird choices… names.

It was one of our longer runs to the task so we had 2 groups who arrived at the same time and were soon put to work by the good people of St Nicks to attack GG’s long term adversary - namely Balsam. There is certainly enough of it in York and we could do a task every day and still find more. However, our efforts are never in vain as the work we and other groups do keeps it in check. Split into groups we had some pulling and some scything although all of us may have been suffering from the odd nettle sting. Those that pulled were careful to node … in other words make sure the root type bits are separated from the stalks to ensure no re growth occurs. There was some discussion about the voracity of Balsam for shampoo and we may find out if it works if indeed Rich works it into his scalp.

While Jenna was vigorously attacking with the scyth and Craig (good to have you back) was unearthing signposts signs amongst the undergrowth, Helen and Catherine were getting stuck in to their first group run by decimating the dreaded plant. However, when Helen got waterproof trousers and full jacket out of her bag it suggested that she had done this before and while it looked warm she may have been the only one protected from the nettles.

After the group photo the 2 groups started out together with one group making use of a local fitness frame by showing core strength and dodgy made up exercises before catching up with the other group in time for stretches, pub and brownies (thanks Babs - delicious as always). Thanks for all that came - a lovely evening as it turned out - lets hope for more during round 2 next week

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Laura BarrettJohn Bourton
Craig signed up to a group run.

Mon 27th May at 6:15pm

Laura Barrett
Craig signed up to a party.

Fri 7th Jun at 6:00pm

Poppleton Beer Festival

Improve your knowledge of beer, lager, cider wine and gin!

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Craig went on a group run

Mon 20th May at 6:15pm

Last man sanding

York Report written by Vicky Hearson (she/her)

Tonight we named and numbered off saying what we do to relax and look after our mental health, following mental health awareness week last week. Goodgym featured along with drinking stout, wild swimming and doing magic tricks!

We then got into two groups. Mitch led a gang out to Bootham stray and had this to say...

We arrived at the allotments and were given a GG classic. There was an area of overgrown vegetation that needed clearing to make space for a new allotment. We were given an absolute glut of tools (yay!). We had 40 minutes. We then got stuck in.

After lots of digging, lopping, hoeing, wheelbarrowing and jaffa we managed to get the vast majority done!

Vicky's group headed to Park Grove where newbie Sam met us - welcome Sam! We made a good job of finishing the last third of the fence and touched up where the rain hit the last session. We finished off with a play on the climbing wall, then headed back to base.

Thanks everyone!

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John BourtonVicky Hearson