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Monday 17th July 2023

Report written by Mitch

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For yesterdays task we split into 2 groups, one led by Ed to help St Nicks at Hull Road Park, the other led by myself (mainly Leanne) to help St Nicks (deja vu??) at Fulford.

Hull Road

We arrived at St Nicks to be greeted by Maria, who gave away some clues about our mystery task by equipping us with wheelbarros, spades and rakes. From here is was then on to Hull Road Park where all became clear as Nikki, Rich, Stef and Debs were stood around (and on) a big mound of earth.

The task was to create a bit of a bank along the side of the beck so people clould get closer to it and enjoy the soon to be abundant wildlife, such as the watervoles that Maria has promised!

Amy promptly joined the already established team of earth diggers whilst Martin and Vicky were the obvious bankers. The rest of the team were running the barrows back and forth.

Wobbly wheels, flat tyres and the muggy heat didn't deter the team from a great banking session!

Fulford Ings

We arrived at Fulford Ings to be greeted by an incredibly tall talking plant, which revealed itself to be Jonathon in the midst of bashing some balsalm. We immediately got started on a GG classic, see some balsalm, remove that balsalm. The idea was to clear an area to the large wetland could be mown without the worry of distributing the balsalm seed.

So for the next 40 minutes we got stuck in. There may have been some nettle stings and stubborn plants, but that didn't deter the GoodGymers getting stuck in!

We managed to clear a large section and open the wetland for mowing. There was a large section left to do, but we are slowly reducing the numbers year on year...they may have won the battle, but we will win the war!!!

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