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18 Goodgymers helped their local community in Cardiff
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Tuesday 26th September 2023

Report written by Michael

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A great turn out tonight, as 17 goodgymers took to the streets to get active a do some good.

Our last visit to this Church, at least for this year, so it was lovely to see so many of us there. A somewhat awkward start as our organiser was stuck in traffic but that just gave us time to get social and have a chat.

Lets not forget some welcomes......


Chloe on their first goodgym visit, great meeting you and see you back again soon. Jake back for their second task.

There was plenty to chat about as we have the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday, expect some goodgym cheers out on the course.

Michael received a call from the organiser, and just like that we could get started - after being told where to get the tools from. It wasn't much longer until they arrived, and we were early to the task anyway!

  • Task 1 - Cut down the hebe some more, trip back the plants growing over the curb and a general weeding of the front.
  • Task 2 - Clean inside one of the community spaces and help to put up dado rail type thing.
  • Task 3 - Clean out the back of the Church.

Everyone got to work to get as much done as possible, the front of the building looked beautiful and tidy, the rail was up in the hall and a good chunk of the back was weed free.

Thanks to all for coming tonight.

Get signed up for next week when you can.

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Area activator
Holly Foskett
Jake Maddocks
Dylan Stocker
Chloe Crowther
Llion Wigley
Sophie Hastings
Adam Hammond
Imy Hopkins
Andrew Skelton
Jonathan Blackwell
Nathan Swain
Su Fernandez
Fiona Guy
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