Midges put GoodGymers in Grave danger

21 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 8th April

Report written by Ed Woollard (He/Him)

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This week we started by presenting our GoodGymer of the month award marvelous Max, who has been active behind the scenes on the whatsapp community as well as being a more active and engaged taskforcer. Well done Max 🍾

We also awarded the Cape of Good Deeds to our fab co-area Activator Vicky, who was completing her 400th(!) Good Deed. Amazing effort. Give Max and Vicky a big cheer.

We then set off to York Cemetery with a nice run along the river, with some obligatory wall squats along the wall. Upon arrival we were greeted by superstar Clive who was well prepared for us as always. We soon got to work with loppers, rakes, spades and shears clearing an area that was previously part of a sensory garden but was in need a bit of TLC.

It took a little while for some of the GG crew to get to grips with the difference between a rose and a bramble, but we soon found our rhythm and started making some excellent progress in what seemed like a pretty straightforward task.

However things quickly took a turn for the worse when the midges decided they didn't like being disturbed and soon started feasting on any exposed GoodGym flesh that they could get their teeth (do they have teeth?) into.

With morale dipping and the midges biting, Ed put an early end to the task and started the fitness sesh - our GG York version of Paper, Rock, Scissors featuring Squats, Pencil jumps and Star Jumps. Fortunately everyone knows that Squats blunt star jumps, pencil jumps wraps squats, and star jumps cut pencil jumps, of course!

Session Leader
Area activator
Run leader
This task supported
Friends of York Cemetery
Gardening at York Cemetery

weeding, planting and general maintenance.

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Laura Barrett
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Vicky Hearson
Debs Sharpe
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Ed Woollard
Nick Griffin
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Tidying up hall after Planet Food cafe and food distribution
🗓Today 2:00pm

Planet Food is a zero food waste community helping to break social isolation by bringing people together for food & drink..

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