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Michael Leadbetter
Michael Leadbetter went on a group run

Mon 19th Feb at 6:15pm

When the chips are down

York Report written by Vicky

Five minutes before we were due to set off on our group run we got a call saying the council van had been broken in to and they needed to cancel.

A quick phone call and we swiftly rearranged to go to Park Grove and do next week's task a week earlier.

We warmed up and numbered off saying what we'd like a day to be named after as we were unimpressed by it being National Arabian Horse Day. Goodgym and running featured and the other end if the spectrum with do nothing day and stay in bed day!

We also celebrated some outstanding running at Snake Lane 10 with PBs galore. Well done!

We then headed off to task with Leanne as run leader, Pete middle marking and Amy bringing up the rear.

Once we arrived, Gary had lots of tools ready for us to divide into team hedge weeding and team woodchip Spreading (woodchip proving more popular!)

We managed to clear the whole pile of chips with plenty of time for some circuits including a bit of playground hopscotch.

Our route home took in a pit stop at the amazing light display on the art gallery.

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VickyPaul Kelly
Michael Leadbetter
Michael Leadbetter signed up to a group run.

Mon 19th Feb at 6:15pm

Park Grove last minute rescue task

Help to tidy up the space around Ashton Park

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