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Sarah Hornsey
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Sat 17th Feb at 10:30am

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Sat 17th Feb at 10:30am

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Wed 14th Feb at 6:45pm

Unearthing recent histories at the museum

Greenwich Report written by Rachel Henry

Some Wednesday nights are just made for GoodGym. This one was cool, but not too cold and dry but...not too dry?

We started straight out from Charlton House to get to the Prince Philip Maritime Museum a little early to try and get all the jobs done with our small and merry bunch. Ladders ahoy as we again took down some ceiling panels to be guilded. Some of us are more expert at this than others after all the practice they've had taking the panels down and up and back down again (Julian). Thanks to some speedy work we were then able to get out to the lovely garden to stir the compost and what a glamorous job for Marta and Sarah and a good upper body work out. They unearthed some unwelcome plastic from the pile telling the story of one naughty composter breaking the rules of effective composting.

After they'd cast some spells and thrown some frogs into the mixture we called it a night and made our way back to Charlton. I have an excellent bruise to show for the run home, having run into a lopped off tree. In typical GoodGym style, Julian and Sarah moved said tree out of the way to avoid any other unsuspecting runners impaling themselves on it. A reminder you never know what's going to happen in Kidbrooke.

Well done team and until next time!

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Rachel Henry
Sarah Hornsey
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Wed 14th Feb at 6:45pm

Matthew StuartStephDucatKim Parker