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Greenwich and Bexley Hospice Colour Run
🗓Sunday 24th September 8:00am

📍Danson Park DA6 8HL

Helping our local hospice

Tim DicksonCaroline DicksonJulian OsmanPeter Collins
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Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Wed 20th Sep at 6:45pm

Sam Lefevre

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Alex Murtough
Alex Murtough (he/him)

Wed 20th Sep at 11:25am

Hey folks - looking forward to seeing many of you later - please drop me a line on 07946261792 if you can't find us in the Naval Colleges - and please do remember your waterproof... it's looking like it'll be a wet one!!

Julian Osman
Julian Osman signed up to a group run.

Wed 27th Sep at 6:45pm

Julian Osman
Julian Osman signed up to a group run.

Mon 25th Sep at 6:45pm

Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Mon 18th Sep at 6:45pm

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bagging

Lewisham Report written by Kim Parker

It was wonderful to see so many new faces gathering at Glass Mill yesterday evening - hope you all enjoying your first good deeding! You also smashed the longer run, it's our longest group run so everything can only be shorter now (until we return to The PNK Garden).

Tonight was meant to make us into German TV stars but it wasn't meant to be, there was no film crew waiting for our arrival at the PNK Garden. Maybe next time or maybe another GG area will be TV stars.

Anyway, onto the task! There was lots and lots of weeding to be done at the garden tonight. A good old fashioned GG task of pulling up as many weeds as possible, we managed to fill 2x tonne bags!! Amazing work!

Rewarded for our efforts with various vegetables from the garden including 2 little pumpkins, the first group began to make their way back to Glass Mill whilst the remaining group carried the bags around to dispose of in the bins. No BadGym here!

We bid farewell to Lara (thank you for the vegetables) and made our way back to Glass Mill where the 2 groups reunited.

Next week we're heading to The Albany and celebrating the achievements of those that are running Vitality 10000 on Sunday.

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Julian OsmanSam Lefevre

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Tue 19th Sep at 12:39pm

Brilliant report title

Julian Osman
Julian Osman signed up to a group run.

Wed 20th Sep at 6:45pm

Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Mon 11th Sep at 6:45pm

Tiny Forest, BIG Milestones

Lewisham Report written by Kim Parker

What a wonderful couple of weeks for achievements in the Blue Borough, we've had:

  1. Steve's 500th good deed, in fact it was his 502nd last night!!

  2. Linda's 100th good deed, actually her 101st last night

  3. Iitmari's 100th good deed, which came as a surprise but I've seen it nearing the past couple of group runs!

Congrats - you've all done an amazing amount of good in our borough and I can't wait to celebrate your next 100 good deeds with you.

Onto the task for this week, we were heading to the Tiny Forest in Ladywell Fields to help build their extension as they're planting another 200 saplings at the site. It was a good strength workout as the ground was pretty hard from all the hot weather we've had recently!

The group split into smaller groups with a group digging the next trench, we had to dig 50cm down and put that soil on the first trench and then loosen the soil below.

There was another group raking the dried grass which will be the organic matter in the soil sandwich above.

Another group tackling the pile of woodchip which had become overrun with pesky bindweed and brambles. That will be used around the extension once the saplings are planted.

Next up was a group tackling the weeding in the Tiny Forest. This was a delicate task of taking bindweed off the tiny saplings to make sure they grow big and strong.

The main task of the evening was making sure the Tiny Forest dog was kept entertained and that was a group effort!

Well done for getting stuck in with the various tasks, we'll be back mid-October, with lights to continue the hard work.

*it's most definitely head torch time towards the end of tasks so dig those head torches out!

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Rachel HenryLinda GatleyOlivia WallerKim Parker

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Linda Gatley

Sun 17th Sep at 6:06pm

Lovely report and photos!

Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a community mission

Sun 10th Sep at 9:00pm

Rachel HenryLinda GatleyOlivia WallerKim Parker
Julian Osman
Julian Osman signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Sep at 6:45pm

Kim Parker
Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a community mission

Sun 10th Sep at 11:00am

Grateful dead-heading

Lewisham Report written by Julian Osman

The Grateful Dead were a band beloved of hippies and Good Gym, like hippies, has a great love of nature. And so it was that one Good Gymer (kind of) ran over to Crofton Park Railway Garden to help out with their regular gardening party. On arrival they were met with pair of secateurs and shown to a patch of lavender, which sadly like so much at this tine of year was past it's best and in need of dead heading. After about an hour and a quarter the lavender had received a well deserved haircut and with the smell of it's perfume in his nose the Good Gymer wandered off into the last of the summer.

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Olivia Waller
Kim ParkerSam Lefevre