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Tackle the painting at Young Lewisham Project
🗓Tomorrow 6:45pm

📍Glass Mill Leisure Centre SE13 7FT

Improve the space for the young people that use the space

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Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Wed 28th Feb at 6:45pm

We knew we wood set the crowbar high with that one

Greenwich Report written by Rachel Henry

Anyone a fan of Catchphrase? It's been a favourite in our house, especially watching back all the celebrity ones so we stand a chance of beating the contestants. Stay with me, this is relevant to the task, I promise. This week's episode we watched back included a catchphrase called "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" Now personally I think that's a bad catchphrase, maybe partly I didn't get it. Also, who actually knows what a woodchuck is? It looks suspiciously like a Beaver....

(interlude while I google: is a woodchuck a beaver?) Turns out, as we should all know, woodchucks are members of the Sciuridae family while beavers are members of the Castoridae family. Soooo let's call them distant cousins and move on.

Anyway, the relevance of the Woodchuck debacle is that whole of our task yesterday I had the tongue twister going round in my head as I hopelessly hammered at those damn nails to get them out of the pallets. Thankfully, Julian and Marta were far more efficient with lots of hammering and crowbarring, breaking down the entirety of two big pallets and managing to save all the wood so that the church can repurpose them into some planters for the garden. Meanwhile Sarah used one of those incredibly satisfying Hari Hari knives to dig up tonnes of (potentially) wild garlic for replanting. Excellent job everyone.

It was lovely to be somewhere new and hopefully we'll be back later this spring!

To save you some time, here's the end of the tongue twister: "He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood."

I bet a beaver would chuck wood better than a woodchuck would ;)

Oh, and this task was my hundredth, a milestone which marks the honour I feel to have spent so many hours in the company of wonderful people!

Great work team, until next time.

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Kim ParkerRachel Henry

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Greenwich runner

Thu 29th Feb at 8:37pm

My tongue is thoroughly twisted now...

Rachel Henry

Thu 29th Feb at 8:41pm


Julian Osman
Julian Osman signed up to a group run.

Mon 18th Mar at 6:45pm

Kim Parker
Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Mon 26th Feb at 6:45pm

What did one sponge say to the other? “You’re soaking up all the attention!”

Lewisham Report written by Kim Parker

We're halfway through our leg of long runs which cover the further points of the borough that we can potentially reach on a group run. And on Monday evening everyone was looking strong on those hills.

It was a surprise what we'd be doing at Seniors, we were hoping for some sorting in the basement to see what gems we could find but there has been a delay with the storage boxes so that'll be a job for next time we visit Senior's.

There was one trip down to the basement and Steve made easy work of the wood offcuts that needed to go into the recycling.

The rest of the team split into 2 groups. One group was tackling the radiators in the sun room whilst also removing some tricky raffle tickets from down the back of the radiator. Fire risk averted - thanks Vic!

The second team tackled the cleaning in the cafe, the tables and chairs and even walls needed a good scrub.

It wasn't long before it was time to depart back to Glass Mill for some of us and to the pub for the rest of us.

It was great to see a new face at the group run - hopefully we'll see you at a group run again soon, Peter!

Next week we are heading to Young Lewisham Project to tackle the painting.

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Rachel Henry
Sarah HornseySam Lefevre

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Vic (She/her)

Sat 2nd Mar at 12:36pm

Haha I was obsessed with getting those raffle tickera

Vic (She/her)

Sat 2nd Mar at 12:37pm

*tickets out!

Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Sun 25th Feb at 10:15am

A bloomin' great morning!

Greenwich Report written by Rachel Henry

Spring is in the air and the blossom trees are out in bloom and another Woolwich Common litter pick was on the cards today for this lovely bunch of GoodGymers. What a nice run in the sunshine through Charlton and Maryon Wilson parks, with some less nice hills along the way. We split into boys and girls teams to conquer the common but forgot to compare who picked up the most litter so us girls will take the win :)

Big up to Johnny and Sarah for all their marathon training and top notch fundraising efforts, having already reached their fundraising target!

Great work team, until next time.

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Kim ParkerSam LefevreRachel Henry
Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a community mission

Sat 24th Feb at 8:30am

Rachel HenrySam LefevreKim Parker
Julian Osman
Julian Osman signed up to a group run.

Mon 11th Mar at 6:45pm

Kim Parker
Julian Osman
Julian Osman signed up to a group run.

Mon 1st Apr at 6:45pm

Kim Parker
Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Wed 21st Feb at 6:45pm

Kim ParkerSam LefevreBea ErdelyszkyRachel Henry
Julian Osman
Julian Osman went on a group run

Mon 19th Feb at 6:45pm

Every Monday I’m shovellin’

Lewisham Report written by Kim Parker

We had lots of tasks to tackle at the PNK Garden this week, it was our first visit of 2024! It's a long run to PNK Garden but the team handled it in their stride.

The tasks for this evening were: - Weeding - there's always lots of peaky weeds to tackle at the garden. - Litter picking - same as above, lots of litter blows in from the main road. - Moving soil - I have to admit I have no idea what was going on here except the soil was going from one end of the garden to the other in wheelbarrows.

And when we left there was a HUGE rock being removed from one of the containers.

Thanks team for walking the last 1km with me when I wasn't feeling well! Also the reason behind the delay of the run report but all should be back to normal for Seniors on Monday.

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Bea ErdelyszkyRachel HenryKim ParkerSarah Hornsey

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Bromley runner

Thu 22nd Feb at 4:46pm

Thanks Kim! Hope you have a speedy recovery!