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Area Activator at GoodGym Greenwich. I love community and getting to know all the great initiatives and people that make it what it is!


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Tidying up at Ballast Quay Garden
đź—“Sunday 9th April 3:00pm

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Rachel Henry
Rachel Henry went on a group run

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:30pm

The dusting of the shrew

Greenwich Report written by Rachel Henry

This shrew needs no taming, but it does need a good clean after a day of dancing, yoga, board games and other such revelry. Shrewsbury House is clearly well used and well loved and worth a very hilly run to give it a little TLC. Thank goodness we had our fearless marathon trainer, Olivia to chivvy us up those hills. And thank goodness it's downhill alllll the way home.

We got to task, dusting up high, dusting down low, in, out, in, out and shook it all about and I for one, enjoyed the hoovering a bit too much. I felt a bit like a housewife from the 50s, minus the dress and being showered. Not that that's necessarily something one should aspire to in this day and age (the housewife from the 50s, not being showered.) But you know, each to their own!

See you next week an hour later than usual...right? Yes and we're inching closer to having group runs in the light, hooray :) Remember our social next week after the group run to the Bridge!

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Rachel Henry
Rachel Henry signed up to a community mission.

Sun 9th Apr at 3:00pm

Rachel Henry
Rachel Henry went on a community mission

Sat 11th Mar at 11:00am

Mulch ado about nothing

Greenwich Report written by Rachel Henry

On a surprisingly warmish Saturday, three GoodGymers arrived at the Maryon Park Community Garden to be greeted with the sweet scent of pine and that fresh woody smell. It cast a deceptively kindly auora over the humungous pile of wood chip waiting for us not-so-innocently outside the garden. It looked intimidating but Sarah and Johnny were up to the task as always. They shovelled and barrowed and shovelled and barrowed, and shovelled and barrowed, had a cheeky coffee and treats break, and then shovelled and barrowed some more until the entire pile had been spread across the forest school floor. It now smells so sweet and fresh and for some reason made me feel like I was in Narnia, I'm not sure why. I guess the garden has a magical quality for me and I think many others, probably down to the wonderful Tim and Edna who run it with such grace and hospitality.

Thank you team Wren for your company and muscle!

Until next time.

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Rachel Henry
Rachel Henry signed up to a community mission.

Sat 11th Mar at 11:00am

Helping at the Maryon Park Community Garden!

Maintaining this lovely garden for local residents to enjoy

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Rachel Henry
Rachel Henry signed up to a group run.

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:30pm

GROUP RUN - helping at Shrewsbury House

Help maintain this lovely community centre for everyone to enjoy!

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Rachel Henry
Rachel Henry went on a group run

Wed 22nd Feb at 6:45pm

Sweeps, weeds and leaves…

Greenwich Report written by Tom Bigglestone

Yes, any excuse to reference my favourite early-noughties book on punctuation and grammar. On Wednesday night, 10 green-fingered Goodgymers made their debut appearance at the Village Church, Greenwich. We began by sharing who inspires us the most with answers ranging from wise family members to Super Mario, followed by a quick warmup game. The name of which escapes me so I’ll call it The Ball Grab. A mix of head shoulders knees and toes and that thing rugby players do on the edge of rocks, great fun. Very competitive. Fiercely competitive for some.

A short run from the old Naval College up through Greenwich passed “Britain's best fish and chips” (future social? – Ed), which made us all incredibly hungry, until that is, I started sharing my recipe for stinger nettle lasagna. Honestly, the most horrendous thing I’ve ever eaten but apparently stinging nettles are much more nutritious than spinach. If only Popeye had made it popular. Side note – anyone know why Popeye’s companion was called Olive Oyl? Genuinely baffling. Wikipedia entry for Olive Oyl – incredibly detailed – says they are daughter of Castor and Crude oil. Again, why?

Picking nettles was only one of the things on the menu lots of general gardening.

We were welcomed by Rodrigo who split us into three locations round the back there was a root and branch enquiry into the state of the garden which led to lots of dedicated labour to make it a far tidier proposition. Round the side, Goodgymers discovered the toothbrush-style driveway weeder which was put to incredibly good effect by Jen & co. No one was leading them up the garden path.

Special mention to Andy, who spent most of his hands and knees weeding the front of the building. He certainly wasn’t beating around the bush. Hopefully we get a chance to return and help them plant some things in the space we have created or at least see what has been planted.

When someone twigged we need a bin-bags, it could’ve easily left us in the weeds, but bin-bags arrived and excellent bin bags they were too. I think someone should invent a simple and non-electric way of getting leaves into bin bags. Ideas on a postcard.

Bright lights at the front of the building meant lots of interesting shadow puppets as the photos will show.. we had dogs, dinosaurs and the legendary Esquilax. What’s an Esquilax I hear you say? https://youtu.be/r-t7UvIw7YM

Back at base, rumours swirled (like leaves on a windy day) of a new Woolwich Parkrun going up the human made hill near the river. Lovely idea, but deserters from Charlton will be court-martialled, you have been warned.

Stretching on the steps of the old Naval College we talked about branching out to possible new locations. It’s been decided the Thai Tiger in Greenwich in a few weeks’ time, lots of things to mark – hopefully see you there!

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