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Supporting the seniors of North West Leeds

We help seniors living in Burley, Hyde Park, Little Woodhouse, Headingley and Kirkstall to stay healthy and independent Whether it’s a weekly phone call from a new friend, an essential food shop delivered to your door or help using the latest technology to stay connected – OWLS is here

11 GoodGymers have supported OWLS Headingley with 3 tasks.

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Leafletting whilst Running for OWLS

Wednesday 5th June 2024 6:00pm - 7:45pm

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Focus on the French Fancy!

Wednesday 3rd April

Written by Laura

Tonight, 7 GoodGymers braved the April showers to deliver leaflets for Older Wiser Local Seniors in Headingley. Somehow, it miraculously stayed dry.

We split up into two groups, one faster and one slightly slower but both groups managed a 7K run around Kirkstall and Headingley. Helen is my hero and is going to finish off the addresses we didn't get to later this week, thanks Helen!

Welcome to Bryony who joined us for her first session, welcome back to El & congratulations to Ben who did his 10th & Helen who did her 5th mission.

Katie had already done a 6K run before we started, so we can safely assume she burnt off the French Fancy she had waiting for her afterwards.

Well done everyone, another great session!

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LauraHelen NoyesKatie PresleyUzair AhmedHelen SteelKatriona Goldmann

Wise Guys!

Wednesday 31st January

Written by Laura

Tonight 6 GoodGymers split into 2 groups to run the streets of Kirkstall/Headingley to deliver leaflets for OWLS (Older, Wiser Local Seniors). The leaflets are for their service users so we had a list of addresses and good old Google maps to help guide us. We managed to find our way to most addresses but will finish off next week when we have a split task.

It was great to meet newcomer Helen and Uzair did so well to say he's not really a runner! Helen, Katie & Kat's team got around every address on their list, so well done ladies!! I really enjoyed tonight and to be back running again but enjoyed it so much that I forgot to take pictures of our group! Luckily the other group remembered!

For those asking about next week, I've amended the session so you should now be able to book on for the task/social.

Thanks & well done guys 👏

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LauraKatie PresleyMarcoJoanna HallFreddie SaynorKatie LeesMary Orobosa-Ogbeide

What a Hoot!

Wednesday 29th November 2023

Written by Laura

Tonight 4 GoodGymers helped out OWLS in Headingley. OWLS stands for Older Wiser Local Seniors & this fantastic group envision a world where older people have the best quality of life and have involvement in their communities.

The GoodGym Leeds gang headed out to run to various addresses around Headingley & Kirkstall to ensure that the OWLS service users had their quarterly newsletter to inform them of what's coming up over the next 3 months.

It was a cold , dark night but the gang did an excellent job & kept up morale!

Good work everyone!

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