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Summer Social - Dodgeball & Picnic
🗓Today 6:00pm

📍Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre LS6 3HN

A session to celebrate our work over the last few months

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Katie Lees
Katie Lees went on a group run

Wed 17th Jul at 6:00pm


Leeds Report written by Laura

Tonight 11 GoodGymers ran up to Bedford Fields where we did a variety of tasks involving a pond, a couch and sticky weed!

One group created a larger mound for the edge of the new pond, some of the boys took great satisfaction in breaking up an old couch and some of us pruned and pulled up lots and lots of sticky weeds.

There were many nettle stings and a few crawling insects but Jubz did his obligatory pose with not only a spade but with sledge hammer too, so all is well with the world!

We welcomed Nazia to GoodGym tonight, we hope to see you again soon!!

We made a big impact in an hour so well done all!!

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Katie Lees
Katie Lees signed up to a group run.

Wed 17th Jul at 6:00pm

Gardening at Bedford Fields

By ensuring the community can enjoy the garden

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Katie Lees
Katie Lees went on a community mission

Wed 10th Jul at 6:00pm

It's Coming Home...?!

Leeds Report written by Laura

Tonight we ran from Heart down to St Stephen's Church Hall to once again weed and tidy up the garden for Kirkstall Valley Development Trust.

We cleared the garden a few weeks ago so we just did a general tidy up to keep the area tidy.

Kirkstall Valley Development Trust is an inclusive Community Benefit Society whose aims are to support the local community of Kirkstall. Working from two locations – a community hub, where the food pantry is located, and also from the farm – they are run by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who run activities, events, campaigns and services to benefit the community and bring people together.

It was nice to meet & welcome newcomers Kate & Chris this evening; welcome to GoodGym Leeds :)

We even got home in time to support England in the football for those who wanted to.

Good work team!

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Katie Lees
Katie Lees signed up to a community mission.

Wed 10th Jul at 6:00pm

Weeding at St Stephen's Church Hall

It will improve the space for the service users

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