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Raking in the miles to Martin primary School.

Tuesday 23rd April

Written by Paul Salman

Greetings, GoodGym enthusiasts! Last night's escapade was nothing short of a woodland wonderland adventure at Martin Primary School's enchanted forest paths. Our mission? To spruce up those trails so the kiddos can frolic freely amidst nature's embrace.

We rendezvoused at the bustling Phoenix Cinema, amidst the buzz of a new NHS film echoing through the halls. But fear not, for our hearts were set on a different kind of rescue mission: to save Martin Primary's forest paths from the clutches of neglect.

As the cool evening ended, we kicked off with a vigorous warm-up routine - lifting knees, back kicks, and even a spot of skipping (a skill I've yet to master, I must confess). Alas, a pesky injury confined me to two wheels, but fear not, I pedaled alongside, cheering on our gallant runners.

Under the adept leadership of Beattie ,and with Rachel as our trusty rear guard, our spirited squad embarked on our woodland odyssey. And lo and behold, we welcomed Asia our newest recruit, who bravely tackled the trails with aplomb, proving that running prowess knows no bounds.

Upon meeting John, our woodland wizard, we delved into the task at hand - excavating woodchip, ferrying it in wheelbarrows and wheelie bins, and sprinkling it like forest fairy dust over the paths. With every scoop and rake, we carved out paths fit for the wildest of adventures.

But our work was not done yet! With the cool evening air invigorating our spirits, we indulged in a brief but exhilarating HIIT session - press-ups, squats, and Kubilay sprints, oh my! Great effort from Tom and Two sets later, our muscles tingling with satisfaction, we bid adieu to our woodland haven and made a beeline for the Phoenix.

With weary limbs and contented hearts, we gathered in the foyer for a final stretch, the echoes of cinema-goers' laughter fading into the night. And as we toasted to another successful mission, I couldn't help but marvel at the magic we conjured amidst the trees, and the camaraderie that binds us together in our noble quest.

Until next time, dear comrades, keep on running, keep on giving, and keep on spreading the GoodGym love!

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Paul Salman
Kubilay KaraAntonio

Goodgym Barnet does ‘The school run’

Tuesday 12th March

Written by Antonio (he/him)

Goodgym Barnet helped out at the local primary school, preparing their forest paths. Four brave runners that are always ready for a challenge came together to complete the mission. Kubilay, Niki, Cloud and Antonio arrived and met our host John, always kind and ready to share a story from his beloved Ireland. We promptly grabbed our spades and started transferring wood chipping onto a lovely play kitchen area, so the Gordon Ramsays and Nigella Lawsons of the future, can imagine their amazing dishes, harnessing the natural properties of soil. In spite of a wheelbarrow with a flat tire and a water-logged path, the job was done swiftly. well done everyone!

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Paul SalmanCherian LiKubilay KaraKirsten ShorakaCloud

GoodGym Barnet Transforming Trails

Tuesday 30th January

Written by Paul Salman

In the heart of East Finchley, a group of spirited individuals gathered at the historic Phoenix cinema, ready to embark on a mission of community transformation. GoodGym Barnet's latest endeavor promised an evening of camaraderie, purpose, and positive impact.

As twilight descended, the team set off towards Martin Primary School, fueled by a shared commitment to enhancing the local environment. With wheelie bins, wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes in tow, our runners converged on the forest paths, determined to breathe new life into the landscape.

Against the backdrop of a starlit sky, laughter and banter filled the air, creating a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie. As woodchip was spread along the trails, bonds were strengthened, and friendships forged, making every moment a testament to the power of community spirit.

As the evening drew to a close, GoodGym Barnet returned to the Phoenix cinema, their mission accomplished to do a warmdown stretch.

Thanks for coming running and doing some good!

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Chillin and Fillin with litter pickers on East Finchley High Street

Tuesday 16th January

Written by Paul Salman

On a bitterly cold night at the Phoenix Cinema, our GoodGym team gathered with unwavering commitment. The plan to spread woodchip at Martin Primary School's faced a hiccup—the supplies were nowhere in sight. Undeterred, we embraced Plan B with the same enthusiasm.

Wearing layers upon layers to fend off the biting cold, our resilient crew took to the High Street for a plogging raid. Armed with bags and pickers, we transformed into a team on a mission. Chatting echoed through the chilly air as we scoured the streets, filling five big bags with the remnants of urban life.

In the midst of our litter-picking quest, we stumbled upon a noteworthy find—a wheel hub lying in a Cycle Lane. A small victory, yet a symbol of the impact we were making in creating a cleaner and safer environment for everyone.

As our successful mission concluded, we retreated to the warmth of the Phoenix Cinema. Inside, we carried out our traditional warm-down and stretches, fostering not only a cleaner community but also strengthening the social bonds that define our GoodGym adventures.

Big shout out to John who had to walk.

Katy on her first visit to Goodgym Barnet. We hope to see you soon!

Kubilay on his very first GoodGym run with Barnet.

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A Rake's Progress

Tuesday 21st November 2023

Written by Moya Malekin (she/her)

After a short warm up (yes it's getting chilly now) four Good Gymers Beattie, Rachel, Yesika and Moya made our way down the mean streets of East Finchley to Martin Primary School to get well stuck into a very large pile of fresh woodchips that needed spreading at their forest school. The caretaker John explained that we needed to get the pathway covered so we loaded up the wheelbarrow and wheelie bin and began work by the torchlight and soon got into the swing of things. We hear that a very special guest in a red suit and white beard might be visiting the forest school soon, so it had to look its finest. This was Yesika's first visit to the school, and she proved a dab hand with the rake, making swift and neat work on the long and winding path through the orchard. In the end we shifted the whole pile, and even had a bit left to go under the hammock. Shame we couldn't lie in it - it was time for a short run back to the Phoenix for our wind down. Thanks ladies!

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Where there's a wheel there's a way...

Tuesday 17th October 2023

Written by Moya Malekin (she/her)

Four goodgymers Beattie, Cloud, Antonioand Moya set off to our local Forest School at Martin Primary School today, a short run down the high street, to meet John the caretaker. We disappointed a teacher who thought we might be delivering their long awaited pizza, and headed to where our tools and a large pile of wood chip was waiting for us. This is a regular Good Gym task so we quickly set to work shoveling the chips into wheelbarrows ready to transport for unloading and spreading across the pathways, and under the parachute where the children gather for their campfire. We were swerved from our task however by a couple of wonky wheels! One had mysteriously lost it's inner tube and was coming off completely. Undeterred we loaded up the wheelie bin, which despite some lugging was very efficient at carrying large quantities, and the job was done in no time. With the weather turning, this should keep the kids on firmer ground. We ended with a nice run back to the toasty Phoenix Cinema for a gentle warm down.

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