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Rupesh went on a group run

Tue 25th Oct at 6:45pm

Spooktacular evening of gardening and feasting!

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

This was an unusual group gathering to celebrate Halloween by scaring and helping the community at the same time! We had cyclists and runners converging on Friary Park to help them prepare the ground for bulb planting. (rather than the usual run from the Phoenix Cinema.) We had four spooky cyclists heading from East Finchley and three terrifying runners looping the park. We met with Richard who outlined the task, provided tools and weapons... so that malevolent mummy, spider woman, pumpkin face, mad clown , grim reaper and the two stooges could set to work. The local inhabitants must’ve been taken aback by this sickening site! Once we had 'exercised' our demons we cleared up the mess and headed to the clouds ( The mad clown) for a slap up Halloween feast. thanks for coming running, cycling, scaring and helping! it was spook tacular fun!

thanks to Cloud for hosting and those that brought some food.

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Olivia WallerRupeshElizabethPaul Salman
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Tue 25th Oct at 6:45pm

Halloween event Help the Friends of Friary Park

Dressing up time and have fun helping to keep the Park in good condition for the enjoyment of all.

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Paul Salman
Rupesh went on a community mission

Sat 17th Sep at 11:00am

Is life sustainable in East Finchley

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

I agreed to represent Goodgym Barnet, Tiny Forest and my favourite charitable activity for the moment.. the running out of time relay .. where a message will be sealed in a baton and journey through the United Kingdom and 17 other countries to reach Egypt for cop 27. It’s highlighting The climate emergency and local communities that are developing sustainable strategies.

It was great to see many people coming together to inform the general public about sustainable activities and habits. From buying local honey, pressing local apples, cycling, High Street architecture and community power generation. It was great fun and hopefully we contributed to informing the good people of East Finchley.

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Olivia WallerRichardPaul SalmanElizabeth
Rupesh went on a community mission

Wed 10th Aug at 6:45pm

Go go Power Rain-ers

Hackney Report written by Elizabeth

Today, three GoodGymmers met up to help Energy Garden by watering some planters in Hackney Downs Overground station.

Having never done this task before, both Anne and I were glad to have seasoned watering professional Rupesh on our side: He rocked up to the task with a casually slung, but totally colour-coordinated, watering can. He then gave a password ("We're here to water the planters") and a secret handshake (👋🏾) to the station staff to gain us access into the station, before guiding us to the taps and official station watering cans in the office between platforms 2 and 3.

We worked quickly, despite occasionally leaving a Hansel-and-Gretel-esque trail of water behind us as we moved between platforms. I suspect this spillage was in large part due to the lack of nozzles on the watering cans, which resulted in a... "powerful" pour. Luckily, we could use this trail to tell us which train platforms our team members were currently working on. This allowed us to chat together in an attempt to solve one of the great questions of our age: whether Rupesh was a guest star on the "Anne and Liz show", or whether Rupesh was the main character and Anne and I were merely joining him for the day.

The group watering experience also allowed us to simultaneously experience the intense excitement of discovering the tap-that-wasn't-really-a-tap, and to wave excitedly at Rupesh's girlfriend, who was located on a nearby balcony (another guest feature to our show!). I guess lots of waving makes sense for a watering task.

Shortly after waving at Rupesh's girlfriend, we finished the task and celebrated with some Turkish delight (in no way to be confused with afternoon delight), which means that today's episode of the Anne and Liz show (ft Rupesh) most definitely resulted in a happy ending 😇

It was fun seeing you guys, and hopefully catch you soon! 🥳

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JacquiPaul Salman
anne malcolmElizabeth

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anne malcolm

Wed 10th Aug at 11:34pm

The excitement was intense! Always good working with you both. Thanks for another good write-up Liz!

Rupesh signed up to a community mission.

Wed 10th Aug at 6:45pm