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Assist school party at Barnet Tiny Forest
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Sun 26th Mar at 3:00pm

Daniel Mermelstein
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Sat 18th Mar at 10:00am

They never tyre of picking litter!

Barnet Report written by Daniel Mermelstein

I joined the Dollis Brookers, a committed group of local volunteers in Finchley trying to keep the Dollis Brook and its walkways free of litter. We collected more than 10 bags of litter, including an old scooter, golf balls and an old tyre. It was a fantastic effort by all involved. Thank you to them for organising this event!

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Harvey Gallagher
Daniel Mermelstein
Daniel Mermelstein went on a community mission

Sun 26th Feb at 11:00am

Treemendous birthday party for Tiny Forest Barnet!

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

Goodgym Barnet came to support the community of people that had helped develop the Tiny Forest in Barnet. We had planted the forest just over a year ago, and cared for it through drought, torrential rain and littering. It is developing well with only a few casualties from last year. We are also updating the National portal with data on the trees in terms of growth, biodiversity and carbon capture. amongst others. This will be analysed by Earthwatch along with hundreds of other Tiny Forest all over the UK. We are hoping it continues to be a source of focus in the community about understanding our local environment and the need for sustainability. We encourage everyone to come and see the forest and upload data about health and positive effects of the trees.

Thank you to all those people involved in looking after the forest over the last year, and who came today to celebrate.

thanks to Dan for the cake!

Tiny Forest , Barnet a Poem on its first anniversary.

In the heart of Barnet lies a little space, The Tiny Forest, a peaceful embrace, A plantation of trees that grow tall and strong, With leaves that rustle as the winds come along.

These trees are our guardians, so wise and so true, They take care of our planet, for me and for you, With roots that reach deep into the soil, They help keep the air we breathe pure and royal.

The leaves release oxygen with every breath, And cleanse the air of pollutants that lead to death, The soil they enrich, creating a home, For creatures great and small, like a kingdom grown.

In the Tiny Forest, the sun dances through, A symphony of light, a vision so true, And as we stand beneath its branches so green, We feel a peace, a calmness that can only be seen.

This precious little space is a symbol of hope, For our community, a way to cope, With the challenges we face each day, It's a reminder to take care, in every way.

So let us cherish the Tiny Forest Barnet, And tend to its trees, our planet's garnet, For it's more than just a simple wood, It's a gift to us all, our home for good.

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Paul Salman

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Daniel Mermelstein

Sun 26th Feb at 10:29pm

It was a great celebration! Thank you to all who came!

Jack Da Silva

Mon 27th Feb at 11:01am

Looks great, well done all!

Paul Salman

Sat 4th Mar at 9:01am

Happy first birthday to Barnet's Tiny Forest Last weekend, Barnet's Tiny Forest turned one year old! The team celebrated by getting together last Sunday for a litter pick and some cake. Here's what the Tiny Forest group leader had to say: "It was exactly a year ago today that we planted the tiny forest. It turned out to be a small ray of hope for the future in a truly terrible day. Thanks for all the work you've put in since then!"