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Helping the Friends of Friary Park
🗓Tuesday 5th December 6:45pm

📍Phoenix Cinema N2 9PJ

Helping to keep the Park in good condition for the enjoyment of all.

Paul SalmanMoya MalekinValeria Rodriguez
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Moya Malekin
Moya Malekin (she/her) went on a group run

Tue 28th Nov at 6:45pm

Running advice on the doorstep from goodgym Barnet and CAB!

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

Twelve Runners looked to support the citizens advice barnet (CAB) by delivering leaflets to nearby streets in Hampstead Garden suburb and East Finchley. We warmed up and played truth or lie before hitting the streets. Do we really have a professional American football player, somebody born in Iran, somebody whose favourite colour is purple, a Portuguese terrorist and a fugitive from the Mexican authorities?

looks like some of us might be needing cab ourselves!

The Citizens Advice Barnet is a charity that provides free, independent, and impartial advice to millions of people every year in communities across England and Wales. Let’s hope some of our leafleting finds some generous supporters. Certainly, the security cars in the local Streets were interested in what we were doing- one even asked for a leaflet! We managed to deliver most of the leaflets before having to return back to the Phoenix Cinema for a little stretch.

thanks to the two runners from the citizens advice barnet Louise and Jack come again soon! Well done for your work in the community!

Great to see Ben, Francesco, Penny and Abby again! Give them a cheer!

To end some of us had hot chocolate at the Phoenix Cinema. Yummy!

Thanks to all for coming running and doing some good!

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Cherian LiCloud

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Cloud (She/Her)

Wed 29th Nov at 8:59am

Great turn out yesterday!

Paul Salman

Wed 29th Nov at 4:17pm

Louise from Citizens Advice, Barnet has said, . Thank you so much, again, for last night - I think we gave out 325 leaflets!

Theodore Smith

Thu 30th Nov at 11:28am

[This comment has been deleted]

Theodore Smith

Thu 30th Nov at 11:28am

What a wild mix of lies and half-truths

Moya Malekin
Moya Malekin (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Tue 5th Dec at 6:45pm

Helping the Friends of Friary Park

Helping to keep the Park in good condition for the enjoyment of all.

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Moya Malekin
Moya Malekin (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Tue 28th Nov at 6:45pm

Moya Malekin
Moya Malekin (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Tue 12th Dec at 6:45pm

Moya Malekin
Moya Malekin (she/her) went on a group run

Tue 21st Nov at 6:45pm

A Rake's Progress

Barnet Report written by Moya Malekin (she/her)

After a short warm up (yes it's getting chilly now) four Good Gymers Beattie, Rachel, Yesika and Moya made our way down the mean streets of East Finchley to Martin Primary School to get well stuck into a very large pile of fresh woodchips that needed spreading at their forest school. The caretaker John explained that we needed to get the pathway covered so we loaded up the wheelbarrow and wheelie bin and began work by the torchlight and soon got into the swing of things. We hear that a very special guest in a red suit and white beard might be visiting the forest school soon, so it had to look its finest. This was Yesika's first visit to the school, and she proved a dab hand with the rake, making swift and neat work on the long and winding path through the orchard. In the end we shifted the whole pile, and even had a bit left to go under the hammock. Shame we couldn't lie in it - it was time for a short run back to the Phoenix for our wind down. Thanks ladies!

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Paul SalmanAntonioMoya Malekin

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Paul Salman

Wed 22nd Nov at 8:33am

This message was received from the school You did a great job again yesterday Thanks so much

Antonio (he/him)

Wed 22nd Nov at 8:41am

Fantastic, I will be keeping an eye out for the arrival of that sleigh!

Cloud (She/Her)

Wed 22nd Nov at 9:09am

Well done GGrs!

Yesika Garcia Quintana

Wed 22nd Nov at 1:01pm

Thank you Moya! ☺️