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Moya Malekin
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Sun 11th Jun at 12:45pm

Moya Malekin
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Tue 13th Jun at 6:45pm

Helping out at Highgate Green week event

Improve the environment in the woods of enjoyment of all.

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Moya Malekin
Moya Malekin (she/her) went on a group run

Tue 6th Jun at 6:45pm

Building fitness at goodgym Barnet

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

Eight goodGym members came together to help the Phoenix cinema by distributing leaflets for the latest feature films. As usual, we gathered at the cinema itself to chat and get ready. As part of the fun Niki suggested we stated our favourite building. They ranged from the Eiffel Tower to Bazalgette sewer system! We warmed up in a nearby green space and split up into teams of walkers and runners. The runners led bye,Cloud made a race of it and finished quickly. ( John suggested it was his favourite leafleting run ever, with over 800 good deeds, that’s saying something!) Both teams met up again to do some 'fart' like training around a residential square.  The position on the start line was determined by your height as your suggested building. Antonio as the London Shard started with Bazalgette sewerage system at the back. ( I know it’s complicated! ) we did a few laps and then warmed down before walking back to the cinema. Most of us stayed at the cinema for some discounted refreshments.

Thanks for coming running and doing some good!

Next week is green week, highlighting how we can be more sustainable in our community. Goodgym Barnet will be promoting itself and Tiny Forest at events and helping out in Highgate Woods on a Tuesday group run. Check out the events and please look to support and share.

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Moya Malekin
Moya Malekin (she/her) went on a group run

Sun 4th Jun at 9:30am

Been there, RuN that, got the BananA!

Barnet Report written by Cloud (She/Her)

157 286 319 397 398

It looks like it, but it’s not a secret code neither these are the lottery numbers for this weeks draw (or are these? 🤔)

These are the bid numbers of the 5 GGers who gave it all at this morning’s 10km Race the Neighbours in North London: Sarah, Euclides, Moya, Antonio, Cloud.

One colour (can you guess?) and one team (have you guessed it yet?) unite us, however the competition was on as we supported different postcodes! We like friendly competition and we have done very well hiding our race rivalry in our pictures: see the proof, scroll down!

Euclides and Sarah running for N22 spreading good Haringey vibes. Antonio and Moya supporting N2 flying the flag for East Finchley and Hillbilly Cloud running for N10 paying tribute to her old neighbourhood. It all got a bit bananas by the end (see pictures).

RACE HIGHLIGHTS (in no particular order);

  • Sun was beaming: can’t ever take it for granted, so we made hay while the RuN shone!
  • There are 10 kilometres in a 10km race (hold your thought before you say anything…): that’s 10 chances to run your best 1km and finish strong… and oh boy/girl we did just that!!
  • 4 GGers set their PBs on this precise race course today! Yuhuuu!! It’s unclear what happened to 5th Cloud, so let’s focus on the silver lining here! 😂
  • We’ve met new GGers; like on your first day at school, we’ve come back home all so happy bragging about the new GG friends we have made! So good for your soul.

Fantastic performance from everyone in and off the race course!! We all gave it a hundred RaN ten percent!

  • Euclides, area activator of Haringey is on a 35 months streak!! Their weekly meet up is on Wed, so go check out the good they spread in their GG borough.
  • Sarah, founder member of GG Haringey, is on 363 good deeds and counting up! Easier said RaN done!
  • Moya just passed her UK Athletics Run Leader training and is officially one of the pack now! Watch out for her as she will be leading her first session very soon!
  • Antonio has just broken the 20 good deeds mark with today being his 21st! Since joining March 22, he’s rapidly become Task Force and qualified as a Run Leader… future of GG barnet is looking bright with all the additional support we are getting! Plus he NEVER misses an opportunity to lead a cool down session: thank you, it was so needed!

As far as the eye RaN see, we started the race with the end in mind: we visualised the post race coffee and pastry and we nailed it! That’s probably why so many course PB’s were set!

After the race was RuN and dusted, we headed to Muswell Hill for an old good race debrief and coffee catch up. We have learned that Sarah is a keen marathon runner and runs trail marathons for FUN because road ones are overrated 🙄 We couldn’t even get our head around doing a flat road one and yet she is running the “fun” ones week in week out! kudos to you, Sarah! Your personal story was very inspirational!!

At the time of this report we still didn’t know which Neighbourhood took the Cherry Tree Cup home, but we all want to assume that it was ours because we all felt like winners!

By running out there today, we have spread the GG values, our colours around north London and contributed to making an impact on our physical, mental and social health! Boom!

We hope to you see this Tuesday the 6th at the Phoenix Cinema for our next mission. You can sign up here:

Keep up the great work GGers!!!

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Paul SalmanAntonioCloud

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Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore (She/her )

Sun 4th Jun at 4:58pm

I was actually ten seconds slower than my PB on this course! Set in 2017...

John Shirley

Sun 4th Jun at 5:03pm

Lively report Claud

Cloud (She/Her)

Sun 4th Jun at 5:24pm

@Sarah no one knew that :) :) 10 seconds up/down still great!

Antonio (he/him)

Sun 4th Jun at 5:27pm

Brilliant report Claud!

Paul Salman

Sun 4th Jun at 5:52pm

Well done all!


Sun 4th Jun at 9:26pm

Love that there's always GGymers from both sides, competing and united in true sportship.

Antonio (he/him)

Sun 4th Jun at 10:28pm

News just in!! Breaking news! And N2 have won the neighbourhood cup (56.03), just beating N10 (56.48)!!!

Cloud (She/Her)

Sun 4th Jun at 10:38pm

Oooh well!! It will only be yours for one year 😜

Jack Da Silva

Mon 5th Jun at 9:49am

congrats all!