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Antonio (he/him) went on a group run

Tue 28th Nov at 6:45pm

Running advice on the doorstep from goodgym Barnet and CAB!

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

Twelve Runners looked to support the citizens advice barnet (CAB) by delivering leaflets to nearby streets in Hampstead Garden suburb and East Finchley. We warmed up and played truth or lie before hitting the streets. Do we really have a professional American football player, somebody born in Iran, somebody whose favourite colour is purple, a Portuguese terrorist and a fugitive from the Mexican authorities?

looks like some of us might be needing cab ourselves!

The Citizens Advice Barnet is a charity that provides free, independent, and impartial advice to millions of people every year in communities across England and Wales. Let’s hope some of our leafleting finds some generous supporters. Certainly, the security cars in the local Streets were interested in what we were doing- one even asked for a leaflet! We managed to deliver most of the leaflets before having to return back to the Phoenix Cinema for a little stretch.

thanks to the two runners from the citizens advice barnet Louise and Jack come again soon! Well done for your work in the community!

Great to see Ben, Francesco, Penny and Abby again! Give them a cheer!

To end some of us had hot chocolate at the Phoenix Cinema. Yummy!

Thanks to all for coming running and doing some good!

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Cherian LiCloudHarvey Gallagher

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Cloud (She/Her)

Wed 29th Nov at 8:59am

Great turn out yesterday!

Paul Salman

Wed 29th Nov at 4:17pm

Louise from Citizens Advice, Barnet has said, . Thank you so much, again, for last night - I think we gave out 325 leaflets!

Theodore Smith

Thu 30th Nov at 11:28am

[This comment has been deleted]

Theodore Smith

Thu 30th Nov at 11:28am

What a wild mix of lies and half-truths

Antonio (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Tue 28th Nov at 6:45pm

Antonio (he/him) signed up to a party.

Thu 9th Nov at 6:30pm

London GoodGym Monthly Drinks

Come and meet other GoodGymers and celebrate what we've achieved

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Antonio (he/him) went on a community mission

Sat 4th Nov at 11:00am

Everybody’s running to see this film!

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

Six GoodGym members came together to watch a film about running and to support the phoenix cinema.

Billy Runs Boston” is a film about a runner’s relationship with his sister and brother as he tries to qualify for Boston. The movie is directed by Tony Marra, a Toronto-based actor and runner.

Very generously, the director had given GoodGym Free tickets to see this film after coming along to one of our group runs.

This thought-provoking film delves into various issues facing the running community, including cheating, bullying of cheaters, over-training while injured, the pervasive impact of social media, and the deeply sensitive topic of suicide. Amidst these themes, it also celebrates the profound rewards and sheer joy of running. Complex family dynamics play a pivotal role in weaving the narrative of the film, adding depth and emotion to the story.

Harvey Gallagher, Good gym Runner said this about the film

Not just a film about running. But a thought provoking drama about adversity, making mistakes and keeping going.

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Paul SalmanHarvey Gallagher

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Antonio (he/him)

Sun 5th Nov at 9:00am

We really loved the film by Tony Marra and the Q&A at the end. Phoenix was a great welcoming venue for Billy Runs Boston, a film entirely shot on iPhones with the use of cinema lenses, using actors and non-actors to deliver incredible performances. A must see.


Mon 6th Nov at 11:38am

A truly heartfelt film. Brilliantly captivating. A must for all to see! Thank you GG Barnet and the Phoenix cinema.

Paul Salman

Tue 7th Nov at 12:40pm

Thanks! I’m so happy the Phoenix connected us. My time in London wouldn’t have been as rewarding without GoodGym! Email from Tony Marra

Tony Marra

Tue 28th Nov at 5:38pm

Hello GoodGym friends!The film is now streaming at

Tony Marra

Tue 28th Nov at 5:39pm

Hello GoodGym friends! People have been asking how to watch the film. It is now streaming at

Antonio (he/him) went on a group run

Tue 31st Oct at 6:45pm

GoodGym Barnet was reaping the rewards of a Halloween Hustle

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

GoodGym Barnet runners came together on Halloween to support the Phoenix Cinema, one of the oldest purpose-built cinemas in the UK by delivering leaflets to the nearby homes in East Finchley. The session was led by Antonio who made sure we had a spooktacular workout. We had some new faces and guests, including Abby Ben, and Cherian who have recently joined us to get stuck in helping the community and getting fit! We also had a guest runner from Canada, Tony Marra , who is premiering his film Run Boston this Saturday. He has generously offered GoodGym runners free tickets! Check out the link on the website for details.

We then started our run and delivery of leaflets behind Cherry Tree Woods. As is traditional, we made sure we delivered a leaflet to a very famous popstar living nearby. Unfortunately, he wasn’t home, probably out trick or treating like the rest of the population! To make sure we had a good workout, Antonio included some uphill sprints to make sure we had a good hit session before warming down back at the Phoenix Cinema . It was great to have a chat and drink after. Thanks to the Phoenix for giving us some free pumpkin cake! Yummy 🎃🍰 In terms of spooky the omni presence of the Grim Reaper was good, but the award goes jointly to Moya and Beattie for their subtle, scary costumes!

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Paul SalmanHarvey Gallagher

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Cloud (She/Her)

Thu 2nd Nov at 6:00pm

Great work goodgymers! Loving the pictures !!