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Sarah Hornsey completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 7 Aug
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Sat 6 Aug
Sarah Hornsey completed a training run • GoodGym Greenwich
Wed 3 Aug
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Group run

Shedding a Shear for Christchurch School Community Garden

Wed 3 Aug
Report written by Steve Murtough

A definition of nostalgia is a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning to return to some past period.

And I admit, looking into my own eyes in the shimmering pond at the Christchurch School Community Garden, my thoughts drifted upwards into the blue, and through the clouds, and they wafted, blown by the wind of nostalgia, to Wednesday evenings of the past… digging up dirt and moving it to the back of the garden… watering plants and shovelling dirt… digging a hole for a pond, and getting mucky with dirt… oh my, with all that dirt, my heart doth hurt…

But it shan’t, because tonight we were back. For the first time since the pandemic.

We, 15 of us, met in Greenwich’s Naval Colleges, which moved with a buzz of summer activity – there was sunshine, warmth, runners and walkers, and people just out and smiling, enjoying the vibe. We nattered until the bells cried out for 7pm, and our run leader (and twinny), Alex, started off with a welcome to Greenwich newcomers, Rawan and Tom (welcome both, hope you had a good evening!), and an important question - what’s your favourite cake? Well, us Greenwich bunch have a varied palate, and we surely encompass all possible variations of the proverbial tastebud. We had:

Chocolate Cake Birthday Cake (whose?) Apple Pie Millionaire’s Shortbread Colin the Caterpillar (I hear there’s also a Clyde, a Curly, Cecil, Morris, Cuthbert…) Cheesecake (with real cheese)

This chat got us itching to move in the direction of cake, but Alex skilfully herded us onto one of the ‘greens’ for a political warm up. Basically, like Parliament, we had to run around, and then – we U-turned, we climbed the ladder, we headed to the other side - and we had an awesome time doing so too; it was great to see so many of us laughing together.

All warmed up, cake out of our immediate thoughts, we headed to Christchurch School Community Garden. There, we were met by a familiar friendly face, Fiona, who’s one of the team that curates this awesome green space for the local community in East Greenwich.

After some moments moving around the community garden’s multiple vegetable plots and heady flowers, we were given our task. The hedging, in all this sunshine, had grown through the railings and was overhanging the adjacent footpath. So, shears-abundant, we headed onto the pavement outside, and we just started clipping. And pruning. And lopping and cropping and snipping and thinning. In minutes, the change was impressive, and some of us got out brooms and swept up the foliage, and others wheelbarrowed them to disposal. By the end of the task, I think it’s fair to say we made a lovely difference; just 16 happy helpers in 30 or so minutes.

And with an artistic tunnel-like photo (see evidence above), that was a wrap. It was awesome to be back at Christchurch School Community Garden, and if you’re looking for sanctuary, it’s open every Friday from 10:30am. Go check it out, go fuel your own nostalgia.

Thanks all :)

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Sarah Hornsey signed up to a group run
Group run

GROUP RUN - gardening at the Christchurch School Community Garden

Wed 3 Aug 18:45 pm
Queen Anne Building, Old Royal Naval College, 30 Park Row, LONDON, SE10 9LS
Get fit and do good in Greenwich

Hi everyone and welcome to GoodGym Greenwich!

We're a friendly and social group who combine running with volunteering in the local community. We meet every Wednesday to get active and do a physical task for charities and community organisations in the area.

The Task

This week we'll be helping at the Blackwall Lane Community Garden, working on the path outside, litter picking and pruning back their hedge on Blackwall Lane. There’ll be lots of back and forth with wheelbarrows too!

The Run

Our run this week will be just under 1km each way. Everyone is welcome at any pace - we never leave anyone behind!

Where & When

We meet at 6.45pm for a 7 o'clock start at the Royal Naval College between the Queen Mary and Queen Anne buildings. There is space to store bags in the Trafalgar Tavern if you'd like to. The session will be about 90 minutes in total so we should be all wrapped up by 8.30pm.

What To Bring

Please bring some gloves, otherwise it's just yourself!

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Sarah Hornsey has done a 12 month mission streak. Sat 30 Jul 2022

Wow, Sarah has completed a 12 month mission streak. That means they've cleared gardens, moved furniture and changed light bulbs in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Show your support and give them a massive cheer!

Sarah Hornsey went on a community mission
Community mission

De-brambling and a berry lovely spread!

Sat 30 Jul
Report written by Rachel Henry

Another summer's Saturday found us haivng another session cutting, digging and wheelbarrowing brambles at the Garrison Church. I've not been for a while and noticed the huge progress over the last couple of months- we're much further down the hill than we were when we started 4 months ago. It's all downhill from here folks!

After over an hour of work (which I cannot pretend to have done much in) we gathered for an actual feast in the garden with yummy treats made by our skillful crew. We did battle with the wasps over the cheescake and strawberries....If you haven't seen Michael McIntyre's skit on wasps, here it is - enjoy. (I am most definitely a wafter with great capacity to upgrade :)

Thank you for a lovely morning everyone!

Keep an eye out for the events at Garrison - they show monthly films and have various other events that we can enjoy and potentially provide some stewarding support for.

Sign up for our next social for a fresh walk in Kent here!

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Sarah Hornsey signed up to a community mission
Community mission

De-brambling at St George's Garrison Church

Sat 30 Jul 10:45 am
St George's Garrison Church, 5 Mill Lane, London, SE18 6BW
Get fit and do good in Greenwich

The St George's Garrison Church was designed by Thomas H Wyatt and built between 1862-63 to serve the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. Today it is run by a local group, the Woolwich Garrison Church Trust who are committed to making it available for all to visit and enjoy.

They are planning to build a Commonwealth & Gurkha Garden on the land beside the Church and need lots of brambles cut back to prepare the space.

Bring some gardening gloves (if you have heavy duty ones these will come in very handy!), come and get stuck in and we'll enjoy a cuppa afterwards :)

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Sarah Hornsey signed up to a party

Picnic at St George's Garrison Church

Sat 30 Jul 12:00 pm
St George's Garrison Church, 5 Mill Lane, London, SE18 6BW
Bring your favourite foods to share at the GGG summer picnic

Our next GoodGym Greenwich social will take place on the 30th July 12pm - 3pm in the grounds of the lovely historic St George's Garrison Church, Woolwich.

We will have a picnic after our de-brambling community mission there. Although you don't have to do the task to attend the picnic! All are welcome. Family, friends, dogs, cats, welcome too!!

The plan will be for everyone to bring something for the sharesy table and a drink. I'll provide paper plates, napkins and cups.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and it will be a chance to sit around, chat, relax and shoot some summer breeze! If you want to come along just sign up and turn up!

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