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Jacqui went on a group run
Group run

Wood if I could do Citizens science.

Tue 3 May
Report written by Paul Salman

A few goodgym members came together to help at the Tiny Forest near Henley‘s Corner. The Tiny Forest Barnet is a newly planted green space for recreation, education, and engagement through citizen science. With the aim of developing an appreciation of what a unadulterated planting of trees and bushes does for the local environment. As usual we gathered at phoenix cinema numbered up and suggested a favourite restaurant to enjoy. (Please add in the comments) mine was Dishroom in King’s Cross. What was yours? We warmed up with a gentle jog down the High Street doing side steps through the tube and into the quiet streets of East Finchley. Upon reaching Littleton playing Fields we did some power skipping through the grass. It’s amazing how exhausting 200 m of skipping can be! Well done all! Particularly John who had recently fallen off his bicycle and suffered some rib injuries which caused him a little discomfort. We then took a little detour through the big and little wood to see the bluebells magnificent for sight and smell! We soon reached the Tiny Forest and set about our task which was to number up the slabs and carry out a survey of the ground insects under each of the six slabs. This data was then entered into the Earth watch portal for collation at head office. Interesting to say the first colonisers were ants! Hopefully overtime more varied insects will be seen. (See photo) The injured Cloud had joined us so we walked back to the little & big wood to view the bluebells again. I’m getting addicted! We then ran back to the Phoenix with the option of a short sprint. Thanks for coming and doing some citizen science!

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Jacqui signed up to a group run
Group run

Tiny Forest Barnet Tree Keeper role including Citizen science Environmental measurements.

Tue 3 May 18:45 pm
Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Road, London , N2 9PJ
Improve green space and provide Environmental data..

This is the newly planted Tiny Forest. We will be checking the site for rubbish. Hopefully doing some citizen science measurements and entering them into the Earthwatch portal for the science department.

Just over 2.5 km run plus the same back. If you have time we can do a group exercise.

Barnet‘s newest green space ‘The Tiny Forest’ Barnet, near Henlys Corner (A406). Sitting on the edge of the North Circular it’s a symbol of pure nature against the ravages of the busiest of London’s roads.

This little piece of woodland no bigger than a tennis court is to be a natural habitat for trees, shrubs, and all the life it can potentially hold. It will be unique for its method of planting and for keeping humans outside its borders.

If you want to meet at the site we should arrive about 7.25 - 7.30pm Address

Tiny Forest Barnet Henlys corner near Mutton Brook (https://what3words.com/went.give.torn)

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Jacqui went on a race

Parkrun On Tour: Hilly Fields

Sat 30 Apr
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Our "Parkrun on Tour" continued with our fourth different parkrun in South London. This time, we were back to face the hills again after testing the waters at Brockwell parkrun in February. We had finally arrived at Hilly Fields! Famously notorious for...hills (would you believe?!). A 3-lap course that had not one but two hills to tackle each lap!

It seems to be a regular theme with these "Parkruns on Tour" that we bring the sunshine. With great conditions, 10 GoodGymers from GG Barnet, Ealing, Greenwich, Hammersmith & Fulham, Lambeth, Lewisham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets were ready to get going!

We all lined up for the start and then off we went! Setting our own pace, here were the results:

  1. Harvey - 19th (21:14)
  2. Sam - 35th (22:41)
  3. Matt - 76th (25:29)
  4. Jacqui - 98th (27:07)
  5. Gaivile - 114th (27:55)
  6. Laura - 124th (28:18)
  7. Maria - 140th (29:18)
  8. Kim - 145th (29:48)
  9. Dave - 158th (30:44)
  10. Aine - 193rd (34:58)

After the parkrun and a group photo, we made our way to the Hilly Fields Cafe for a hot beverage and some had breakfast too!

Well done everyone and looking forward to seeing you on another "Parkrun on Tour". The next one we'll be heading to Tooting on Saturday 28th of May. A crossover for the GG Lambeth and Wandsworth crew! Check the details and sign up here!

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Jacqui signed up to a race

Parkrun On Tour (South London Edition): Hilly Fields

Sat 30 Apr 08:45 am
Hilly Fields , Brockley, London, SE4 1LB
A 5k run & to experience a different Parkrun each month with other GoodGymers

Every last Saturday of the month, let's meet-up/takeover a different parkrun in South London, this is the schedule I propose throughout the year:

  • January 29th - Burgess Park
  • February 26th – Brockwell
  • March 26th – Southwark
  • April 30th - Hilly Fields
  • May 28th – Tooting
  • June 25th - Crystal Palace
  • July 30th - Peckham Rye
  • August 27th – Beckenham
  • September 24th – Dulwich
  • October 29th – Clapham
  • November 26th – Catford
  • December 17th - Bushy

Meet at the start line 10-15 minutes before, run the Parkrun at your own pace and those who finish first can cheer on the rest! After everyone has completed their 5k run and we get that all important group photo, for those who want to stay on, we'll get a hot beverage (whatever is your poison).

What are parkruns?

Parkruns are free, weekly, community events all around the world. Saturday morning events are 5k and take place in parks and open spaces. You can run, walk or volunteer at parkruns. You can even take your dog (if you have one) along! If you have never run a parkrun before, they are a great way to get into running in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Remember, it's FREE, but you can register here to keep a profile (number of parkruns you do, times, etc.).

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Jacqui signed up to a party

Cinema event at the U.K.’s oldest purpose-built cinema

Mon 30 May 18:45 pm
Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Road, London , N2 9PJ
Discounted group booking

The manager at the Phoenix Cinema has offered us a group discount to go and see a film of our choice. The Phoenix Cinema is held in trust and is the oldest purpose-built cinema in the UK. It provides a venue for Goodgym Barnet and is an incredible asset to the community. The cinema has also offered a 10% discount on individual members who buy food and drink when visiting the cinema. ( you just need to show your GoodGym profile on your phone) Group social Date and film to be decided. Maybe sometime in May? How about Monday evening the 30th?

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Jacqui went on a group run
Group run

Goodgym Barnet Getting Hench by scrubbing bench

Tue 26 Apr
Report written by Paul Salman

A few GoodGym members came together to help a community Garden in Hampstead Garden suburb. Most of us gathered at the phoenix cinema for a chat and a warmup. A quick film club review during the warmup resulted in an eclectic mix of recommended films ranging from Bloodsimple to finding Nemo. ( please list your favourite films in the comments ) We then headed off through the back streets of East Finchley downhill to join mutton Brook and Littleton playing Fields. En route we stopped to do some squat kicks and some presses in the luscious grass. At Northway Gardens we met up with Kirsten, Cloud and Brian our Host. We set to work - this included scrubbing down the benches and deadheading the daffodils. This apparently improves the bloom next year. ( gardening TIP!) We then did a gentle breathing exercise with the injured Cloud ( wishing you a speedy recovery) before starting our run back to the Phoenix. We warmed down and some of us went for some refreshments in the cinema CAFE. ( now with a discount for a Good Gym members!) Please give a shout out to Kirsten on her 50th good deed.

thanks for coming, running, and doing good!

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Jacqui signed up to a group run
Group run

Gardening at community Gardens (Northway)

Tue 26 Apr 18:45 pm
Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Road, London , N2 9PJ
Maintaining this beautiful open space for the local community

Helping out a community Garden for the benefit of local residence and our environment. Local contact Brian.

This a nice run with a mix of quiet streets and footpaths along a brook. Only 2 km there with stops. See option below to meet at venue.

Northway Gardens is a linear park comprising three areas of gardens through which the Mutton Brook runs in a channel, lined in parts by weeping willows. The community gardens are insect friendly with an interesting array of wild and cultivated plants All is organic and no weedkillers are used.

In the long term it is designed to be sustainable, low maintainence and low cost. An asset to the Suburb which will give pleasure for many years. It involves over 130 local residents who have contributed money, time, plants, labour and TLC.

Option to meet at the venue. Here is a precise what3words address, made of 3 random words. Every 3 metre square in the world has its own unique what3words address.

///eating.chip.pits https://w3w.co/eating.chip.pits

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Jacqui went on a group run
Group run

Coldfall bathing with goodgym barnet.

Tue 19 Apr
Report written by Paul Salman

A few GoodGym members came together at the Phoenix Cinema to support the friends of Coldfall Woods. Phew what didnt we do last night!.. 😅 here is the list!

short read..

Book Club, a run, paired squats , forest fencing ( that’s not a martial art), social chats, Forest bathing, yoga breathing, another run, warm down stretches and a drink in the Cafe! ( 3 also cycled home)

longer read...

We gathered for a chat , warmup and all recommended a favourite read. ( could you send your suggestions in the comments below?) We ran the 1 km to Coldfall and stopped to do some paired squats before meeting others at the entrance to the Wood. We met our host Vicci who explained we were going to repair the forest fences to encourage new growth within the wood. We also removed some unsightly items for disposal. The wood was magical with new green growth and an eerie twilight glow. To finish we gathered to do some forest bathing by just standing still and listening to the wood. ( it’s big in Japan)

please click on the red...

Big welcome and cheer for Rachel on her first group run! ( please click on her name to register your support or give her a cheer)

well done for doing something with your energy making yourself stronger and supporting your local community.

you did good!

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Jacqui signed up to a group run
Group run

Help clear up a local woodland and recreational space Coldfall

Tue 19 Apr 18:45 pm
Phoenix Cinema, 52 High Road, London , N2 9PJ
Improve the Environment in this area

Coldfall Wood is a fascinating area of ancient woodland covering 14 hectares. We will support the friends of the wood and recreational ground in keeping the area beautiful.

Its a short run ( Walk or Bike) from the Phoenix Cinema.

Possible activities include Helping to install fencing around wildflower meadow. Creating forest fences to protect new growth. Tree base clearing.

Get better connected with your local environment, get fitter and meet some greta people.

Session taken by UK athletics trainer run leader and will include group exercises.(optional)

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Jacqui went on a training session
Training session

Easter Speedsters

Sun 17 Apr
Report written by Simon Fitzmaurice

The Goodgym crew returned to Victoria Park track again today for an Easter Sunday special edition of our monthly Track Attack Time Trial.

We had 6 runners running the 5km distance (12.5 laps total) this time, and 4 runners running the 1 mile time trial (with Emily and Matthew running both of these distances!). Congratulations to Gilda for jumping in at the deep end and giving the 5km a go!

After some recovery time from our hard efforts on a gloriously warm and sunny Bank Holiday Sunday, we made our way to The Hub café in the middle of Victoria Park for drinks, refreshments, brunch and a bit of Easter chocolate and biscuits provided by Emily and Jacqui.

Awesome running everyone! Our next Track Attack will be on Sunday 15th May (the day after the Night of the 10,000m PBs if you fancy some inspiration!).

Sign up here to get involved:


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