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Jenni H
Jenni H went on a group run

Wed 7th Jun at 6:45pm

Green heart attack

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Amy L (she/her)

We didn't end up sumo wrestling this evening in the end, but we did...

  • walk (and run - well done on your extra mileage Sol!) a beautiful sunny 2.5km loop along the Thames Path and through Coolley's Meadow

  • help superhero Claire from Wild Eton Wick prepare her exhibit and children's craft activity for the 'Our Changing Earth' festival at the Odney Club in Cookham this weekend (find out more about this fab, free event by clicking here)

  • learn about tesselation (different from Tesla nation!)

  • eat some heavenly home made brownies. Thank you Rachel for baking these for Jess, and thank you Jess for sharing!

  • prove that you can still do GoodGym with a broken hip, just minus the walking or running bit. Wishing you a speedy recovery Jess!

  • have a lovely sociable time and lots of laughs

  • complete a hilarious fitness circuit involving a balance beam, hula hoops and seated tennis

Well done everyone for another great Wednesday evening session!

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Jenni H
Jenni H signed up to a group run.

Wed 7th Jun at 6:45pm

Jenni H
Jenni H went on a group run

Wed 31st May at 5:30pm

On the grid and on the telly!

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Amy L (she/her)

Last night's group session was special for LOADS of reasons:

  • Mandy came for the first time and had so much fun we had to drag her off the premises at the end. Welcome Mandy!

  • Councillor Jack came to find out all about GoodGym and the awesome things we do and he worked his socks off too. Great to meet you Jack!

  • Jenni was wearing her gorgeous, brand new 500 GOOD DEEDS t-shirt. Just look at her halo shining in that photo!

  • Ric from climate action group Carbon Copy joined us and helped loads on the task. It is thanks to Ric that we are involved in the brilliant Running Out of Time relay from Ben Nevis to Big Ben, which starts on the 10th of June and aims to highlight the fact that we are running out of time to tackle climate change. Ric and I are carrying the baton on stage #333 from Dorney to Windsor on the 8th of July, and this is such big news that...

  • ...Meridian/ITV wanted to interview me and get some footage of GoodGymers in action. Thanks to everyone who came early (we even got Sheila pre-netball!) to this session so we could show reporter Juliet and cameraman Markian our lovely red t-shirts. You all did a great job of working hard (and quietly) while I posed in various locations and tried to explain in 30 seconds the million reasons why I love GoodGym and why we all need to work together to look after our planet. The plan is to get some more footage at the relay and fingers crossed we'll be on the telly in July. I'll keep you posted! Anyone can join the relay run and there are lots of stages to choose from. You can run with me and Ric or pick a different location. Click here to join the fun.

  • Also, with a bit of extra time on the task and many hands, we got masses done! Braywick Heath Nurseries General Manager Kit always has great tasks up his sleeves, and this was no exception. The team made rapid work of shifting some pallets from one side of the site to the other and then got stuck into the gritty business of sorting out the floor. This involved weeding and levelling areas, laying gravel-retaining grids and then using spades and barrows to shift gravel from a large outdoor area into the grids. It was heavy work, but the team did an amazing job. I can't take much credit as I was mostly chatting and cheerleading, but I'm still super proud!

  • The sun shone and you lot shone! You're all superstars.

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Jenni H
Jenni H went on a community mission

Wed 31st May at 4:00pm

Foodbank donations for May

Ealing Report written by Ealing runner

This month a bunch of lovely goodgymmers donated time and some goods from the much needed Foodbank Supply List for Ealing Foodbank.

From peanut butter to vegan and veggie meals to rice in all sizes. Milk, pink grapefruit and some coco pops! Check out the pics.

Please look out for this task again (we do one monthly) if you want to donate to the foodbank

Thanks everyone! take care

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