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Jenni H
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Wed 8th May at 6:45pm

How many GoodGymers does it take to fill a raised bed?

Windsor and Maidenhead Report written by Jenni H

Tonight's task was a takeover by me, Jenni! 👋 I've been doing my GoodGym fitness leader training, and Amy kindly let me lead tonight's task for my assessment - thank you!

A group of us met at the Community Centre, and I delivered the briefing - where we were going, how we'd get there and most importantly to make sure we were doing it safely!

The walking duo of Diya and Kanika set off, while the runners did a self-led warm up, including Adam's choice of squats and Samrita feeding the chickens! Once our muscles were ready, we set off up the hill and off to the task...

...where the rest of the team met us!

After a chat with our taskowner for the night, Carl, it was clear it wouldnt take us very long, so Amy sprang into action to find us some more bits to do!

The answer to how many GoodGymers it takes to fill a raised bed?

Not very many at all!!

With an efficient team filling wheelbarrows with soil on one side of the building, others navigating round to the beds and a team of levellers, we were done filling the bed in record time! While team soil were working away, teams bike shed and weeders got to work.

Diya and Sophie were having loads of fun scaring everyone cleaning up inside the bike shed with their water throwing and Roberta and Gillian made easy work of the weeds around the building!

With our task, and some bonus bits complete, Amy and Sophie devised a fitness session, making use of the school's play equipment. With standing push ups, tricep dips, balancing and running across the playground, everyone had a good workout!

All that was left to do was to say goodbye to Carl, check who was coming back to base to do our stretches, so we set off into the sunset!

Thanks everyone for a fab evening for me to do my fitness leader assessment! Great road crossings and no spade mishaps 😂 I hope to lead a session for you again soon... and everyone will be welcome when Reading GoodGym is up and running!

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Amy LStephDucat

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Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Thu 9th May at 8:33am

Such a fun session yesterday evening! Great job leading it, Jenni! It's a 10 from me! 🤩👌👏

Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Thu 9th May at 8:33am

Well done on leading this group run Jenni! It was another fun night in the brilliant weather ☀☀

Diya Singh
Diya Singh (she/her)

Thu 9th May at 12:12pm

Flawless leading, Jenni! Great action shots of the water-throwing 😂💦

Amy L
Amy L (she/her)

Thu 9th May at 2:56pm

Great work Jenni and well done to everyone who came along. Jenni loads of luck with your plans for Reading - I have every faith in you!

Mandy Driver

Fri 10th May at 12:11am

Well done Jenni ♥️


Fri 10th May at 9:07pm

Well done on becoming a fitness leader Jenni! Windsor and Maidenhead are lucky to have you. Fingers crossed for GG Reading coming soon!

Jenni H
Jenni H signed up to a group run.

Wed 8th May at 6:45pm

Emily Oldfield
Sian Dobson HughesStephDucat