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Goodgym Coordinator for Oxford. Trail runner, often muddy.


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Anwen Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway went on a group run

Wed 7th Jun at 6:00pm

Oh Deer, the stakes are high!

Oxford Report written by Bethan Greenaway

Aston's Eyot is a delightful nature reserve tucked off the Iffley Road. It is owned by Christchurch College but the Friends of Aston's Eyot rent it for the princely sum of £1 per year and are tasked with its upkeep.

This evening we were greeted by Ruth and she explained our task. Some young hedgerow plants and wild flowers have been being nibbled by the deer who live in the reserve. We were to make the fencing around them a bit higher and sturdier, trimming and tidying as we went. Hopefully the deer won't be able to leap over the new, higher fence!

Armed with stakes, bamboo, cable ties and various tools we set to work and soon had built a handsome enclosure, hopefully ensuring a better outcome for the young plants.

There was also a bit of nettle scything to be done, because what is a visit here without scything?!?

The return run was glorious, along the river and across the lock. An excellent way to celebrate Global Running Day!

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