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Goodgym Coordinator for Oxford. Trail runner, often muddy.


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Rose Hill Litter Pick!
🗓Wednesday 6:00pm

📍Richard Benson Hall OX4 1UR

Cleaning up the Oval and surrounding streets

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Wed 7th Dec at 12:30pm

Anwen Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway went on a community mission

Sun 27th Nov at 10:00am

Through the wardrobe

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

The C S Lewis Nature Reserve is one of Oxford's many pockets of nature. Managed by BBOWT and some dedicated local residents, it is a lovely patch of woodland with a large pond surrounded by the residential streets of Risinghurst.

One of the big challenges in the Nature Reserve recently has been people walking and biking off the footpaths, causing erosion and destroying areas of wildflowers. In some areas it is so bad that there is concern that the soil erosion is undercutting the tree roots and will cause those trees to topple one day - hopefully not on top of an unsuspecting visitor! To try and stop further damage our task was to help use some logs and branches to create natural barriers along the edges of the footpaths so that it is more obvious to people which are the rights of way. Quite a few trees have had to come down recently due to Ash die back, so although sad that gave us a lot of materials to work with.

2 hours of hard work, and we had created barriers in 3 of the most critical areas of the Nature reserve - at the top and bottom of the 'cliff' and also along a long section of the footpath up through the woods.

Good to meet you Jamie and Steve.

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Anwen Greenaway
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Sat 26th Nov at 7:00am

Oh Deer!

Oxford Report written by Bethan Greenaway

A gaggle of Goodgymers traveled to Richmond this morning for a classic combination of parkrun tourism and snacks. We took part in Old Deer Park parkrun.

Three official parkruns clocked up and one 2/3, due to parking dramas and wee stops.......

It was so lively to be cheered round the course by our pals at Goodgym Richmond and to be serenaded by a chap doing his saxophone practice in the park!

Now to plot and plan our next trip!

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Anwen Greenaway
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Wed 21st Dec at 7:30pm

Turf Tavern

Mulled wine and festive cheer

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Anwen Greenaway
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Wed 21st Dec at 6:00pm

Back on Track!

running at the Roger Bannister track or head out for an evening walk

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Anwen Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway signed up to a party.

Sat 17th Dec at 7:30pm

Anwen Greenaway
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Wed 14th Dec at 6:00pm

Anwen Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway went on a group run

Wed 23rd Nov at 6:00pm

Pile ‘em high

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

On this month's GoodGym Food bank flash mob we:

  • Shifted all the crates of fresh vegetables in the kitchen to sweep and mop the floor
  • Cleaned all the fridges
  • Took out the food waste for collection tomorrow
  • Did an inventory of the medicines
  • Portioned up tea bags and nappies (needless to say not into the same parcels!)
  • Cleaned mucky food crates
  • Moved a large area of shelving, tables and stacked up food stock to thoroughly clean the area - probably for the first time since we did it last winter!

These maintenance and cleaning tasks are very difficult to find time for in the usual day-to-day running of the Oxford Mutual Aid food bank, and so our regular evening blitz of cleaning is very much appreciated by the food bank team. They've already expressed their appreciation for our efforts.

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