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Goodgym Coordinator for Oxford. Trail runner, often muddy.


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Florence Park/Temple Cowley area Litter Pick
🗓Wednesday 6:00pm

📍Richard Benson Hall OX4 1UR

Litter flash mob

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Anwen Greenaway
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Wed 1st Feb at 6:00pm

Can we pick it? Yes we can

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Our litter pick around Gipsy Lane/Cheney Lane area was just the 1st of February pick-me-up we all needed. Armed with gloves, bags and litter pickers we were on a mission to clean up the mean streets of Headington.

We divided into 2 groups to clean up both sides of Gipsy Lane and then parted ways as one group went down Cheney Lane and the other swung around through some of the residential streets. With both Oxford Brookes University Campus and Cheney School nearby this is a high footfall area, and sadly attracts large amounts of litter.

This week's magical mystery litter pick turned up car parts, food containers, crisp packets, sweetie wrappers, bottles galore, many coffee cups, a teddy bear, items of clothing, a set of keys, a condom wrapper, and a stash of out of date food cans.

GoodGym: Always bring the Can-Do attitude.

Congratulations on your 10th Good Deed Ellie!

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Anwen Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway signed up to a community mission.

Wed 15th Feb at 6:00pm

Anwen Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway signed up to a group run.

Wed 8th Feb at 6:00pm

Anwen Greenaway
Anwen Greenaway signed up to a community mission.

Sun 12th Mar at 10:30am

OxClean Spring Clean @ Kassam Stadium

Remove litter and discarded waste to help clean up the local environment

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