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THE BIG GREEN WEEK:River litter pick with Falcon Boat Club
🗓Today 9:30am

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Katie Fellows
Katie Fellows went on a group run

Wed 31st May at 6:00pm

There’s no AI in team

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

South Oxford Community Centre is a new task location for us. We're always happy to help Oxford's community centres, so when we received the call for help in their courtyard garden we accepted the task straight away.

We started our session with a topical ice-breaker question: "what do you wish AI would/could do for you?" Answers ranged from the altruistic (solve the global climate crisis) to inspired (call customer services lines for you). Then on to the task...

Despite the bulk bags of compost not arriving we had plenty to do - we did lots of weeding the edges of the courtyard, pots, planters, and the long border. We then topped up the compost from some smaller sacks, watered, and topped off with shredded bark. Meanwhile Ben and Trev built a compost bay, and a few of us moved the picnic benches so that they could be used more easily.

We were grateful for cold drinks and chocolate biscuits as refreshments, and had a lovely run along the river before and after.

We'll be back in a few weeks to finish the job once the elusive compost arrives!

Welcome Matthew and Oliver - good to meet you both.

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Katie Fellows
Katie Fellows signed up to a group run.

Wed 28th Jun at 6:00pm

Katie Fellows
Katie Fellows signed up to a community mission.

Sat 17th Jun at 9:45am

Oxford City Farm

Help out on the farm open morning

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Katie Fellows
Katie Fellows went on a training session

Mon 1st May at 5:45am

Ding Dong, it's May Morning!

Oxford Report written by Katie Fellows

Several Goodgymers joined 16,000 fellow revellers on Magdalen Bridge to welcome in May Morning/Spring. We were treated to some wonderful music from Magdalen Choir and then several jazzy bands marching down the High Street. It was wonderful to see and hear the city come together for such a unique event!

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Vicky ArnoldMatt BurtonAnwen Greenaway
Katie Fellows
Katie Fellows went on a community mission

Sat 29th Apr at 11:00am

Dressed to the Nines

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

A quick task for us today: it took about 40 minutes to move the rails and boxes of clothes from the storage area to the room the library session was happening in. We stayed to help unpack some of the clothing and set it out, and scooted off when the first library users arrived. The Maternity Clothes Library is a great idea - they charge £3 for each item borrowed, with no fixed return date. A really good idea to save people from spending loads of money on clothes throughout their pregnancy, and particularly useful in a city where people maybe don't have networks of friends and family to borrow and pass things on to.

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Vicky ArnoldKatie FellowsMatt BurtonAnwen Greenaway
Katie Fellows
Katie Fellows signed up to a group run.

Wed 31st May at 6:00pm