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Cassy Fiford
Cassy Fiford went on a group run

Wed 6th Dec 2023 at 6:00pm

Baby it’s cold outside

Oxford Report written by Anwen Greenaway

Now we're in December it was the perfect time for some Christmas decoration spotting, all got off to a festive start with "what's your favourite Christmas song?" as the ice-breaker question.

Of course, we weren't only getting Christmas decoration inspiration/envy, we were also delivering leaflets for The Porch day centre's winter fundraiser. The Porch Day Centre provide day-long support for homeless and vulnerably housed people wanting to move away from street-life. They focus on housing, health, wellbeing, education and employment, providing healthy food, practical help (such as laundry andhot showers), companionship, learning skills, work related skills and opportunities for development. Roger, who had asked is to help get the leaflets delivered, explained to us that they have to raise 85% of their operational costs through grants and individual gifts, and each leaflet delivered is worth around £2 to the centre.

Tonight we delivered over 700 leaflets, and hope that will translate to over £1000 for The Porch.

Congratulations on your 100th Good Deed Henry!

Well done on reaching the 10 Good Deeds milestone Andy:-)

Thank you for the homemade mince pies Matty - they were much appreciated.

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Anwen Greenaway
Cassy Fiford
Cassy Fiford signed up to a group run.

Wed 6th Dec 2023 at 6:00pm