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Ashu went on a training session
Training session


Sun 28 Feb
Report written by Manjit Birk

Abs-olutely Coresome

This was a tough challenge! Well done to you if you managed to get through this. I wont lie, i've still got two days to catch up but I wont be a plank and miss them!

If you can, keep incorporating a few core exercises into your workouts...

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Ashu went on a training session
Training session

Aaawwwwwoooooooo Wolfpack 100 Weekend

Sat 27 Feb
Report written by Harsha Burton

Wow what an amazing Wolfpack weekend. Our packs joined up with the Wolfpack and took on the 100K challenge in 48 hours. We had 3 teams GG Ealing and GG Slough and the Red Alphas looking to reach 100km as a team and 2 lone wolves Simon and James taking on the 100km solo challenge.

Day 1

The energy was rising, the clock strikes 12 and the challenge starts. James planned to get out early and complete his 100km with a target of sub 10 hours. Sutyee and Ricky from Red Alphas also decided to take on some mid-night kms and experience being night wolves and the magic of the full moon.

Ricky and Sut completed 15kms through the night. Ricky got a few hours in bed and then was up out running again with fellow Alpha Manjit. They carried on clocking up kilometers watching the sunrise and taking lots of photos. They decided to give a few GoodGym Slough members a wolfy wake up call in their fancy dress.

As we hit the early hours James was still continuing to meet his target doing loops about the streets and heading home to his aid station to refuel. 8am Lone Wolf Simon starts the 100km challenge. Simon created 4 laps to cover the distance and turned his living room into a make shift aid station and kept ticking off the kms as he ran around the city of London.

The Teams As the challenge continued GG Slough and GG Ealing team members started clocking up the kms and we saw a few wolves out on the streets - see the photos of them hiding in the trees (Meera, Nisha, Brendar) - would you be scared?

Jean wanted a challenge and completed a 10km which she hasn’t done for a long time, Muhammad had some fun with Strava Art and created the GG logo and Harvey covered 50km, including a 28km run to Statford from Ealing to the Olympic gold post boxes. Lots of motivation on the group chats encouraging each other and enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine we were blessed with.

Wow James and Simon completed their challenges on Saturday and Manjit went out for some night kms and completed 100km for Red Alphas. GG Slough and GG Ealing also completed 100km in their teams but we keen to get more in on Sunday. As day 1 closed, incredible achievements and efforts by everyone. Setting targets and smashing them. Truly inspirational.

Day 2

Day 2 saw the teams get out again to cover more kms to add to the overall team totals. GoodGym Ealing completed 217km, GoodGym Slough completed 257km in 48 hours. Red Alphas team of three Manjit, Ricky and Sut completed their 100km in 12 hours and 50 mins. And a massive congratulations to our Lone Wolves completing the 100km solo - unaided as a virtual race this is truly an achievement. James completed in 9 hours 40 mins and Simon completed in 11 hours 13 mins - Amazing. Hope you are both getting lots of rest this week.

Each registration for the official event donated 10 hot meals to vulnerable families through Fareshare. James was also raising money for Parkinsons UK with a family team and managed to hobble around the village as a power ranger for an extra 2km.

The sunshine, comradery and motivation from all the members of GoodGym was wonderful. We were all virtual but this weekend really helped us get connected and strengthen our team spirit.

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.**

We are all looking forward to being back together again but for now this virtual weekend was just what we needed and really connected us.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the photos. Harsha

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Ashu went on a training session
Training session

You take my breath away

Sun 14 Feb
Report written by Manjit Birk

Wow! What an effort...well done to you all for all your km, miles, strava heart arts and heart photos! Sterling effort!

We even made it onto BBC Radio Berkshire with this Valentines Training Session.

So lets get down to business of the Lovely Dovey Awards

  • Best Family Affair

A few contenders here but the award has to go to Harsha for her daughter run, son run and hubby run - all in the name of love. She even found a heart shaped tree and drew a heart on the snow.

  • Topsey Turvey Heart

Well done Claire for turning Windsor on its head! Great effort in the Great Park!

  • Most Symmetrical Heart

This can only go to Danny and Kat from London! Loving the North London 14k route (miss living there!)

  • Smallest Heart

I think Sutyee and I battled for this award....we clearly need to find bigger green spaces for our Strava Hearts! But the award must go to Sut...mine heart was slightly larger!

  • Best Collage

No doubts here - Sutyee gets this one for her efforts in getting ALL her family across the UK to snapshot a heart fingers photo!

  • Best use of children

Nisha gets this one for the cute Neha and Arjun heart human body art shot!

  • Longest Heart

This most definately goes to Liv for her 14 mile long heart shaped route!

  • Two Hearts

I award myself this one! for finding two heart shaped routes on my 14 mile run, plus finding two appropriately named roads - Love Lane and Love Green Lane!

  • Best Love - Heart

Goes to Ricky for his LOVE art!

Well done to you all though on making this a fun packed challenge.

I can heartly wait to see you all again!

Manjit xxx

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Ashu signed up to a training session
Training session

Valentines Run/Walk

Sun 14 Feb 16:00 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
Get fit

With love in the air but restrictions still in place, we’ve come up romantic way to burn some calories 😳

Your training session is to run/walk either 14 miles or 14 km on Sunday 14th Feb!

Now you have some options

  • You can do the distance in one go on the 14th or
  • You can cover 14 miles/kilometers in the week leading up to Sunday 14th Feb

You can make it spicy by walking/running some of this distance with your loved ones or just go out solo

Maybe you could call a loved on whilst out on your route?

Whatever you do please adhere to the local restrictions in place.

If you like Strava Art you can plan your route to draw something romantic ..

Please send your photos for the report to me on 07718905286.

Have fun!

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Ashu signed up to a training session
Training session

Core-some month of daily core exercises

Sun 28 Feb 09:30 am
Your Home, Wherever , H0M 3
Feeling Core-some

Goodgym Slough Core-some Month of February

Still in lockdown so lets work on our beach bodies earlier this year with this core-some daily fitness session to get you feeling Ab-Solutely amazing.

Please remember to get a snap in for the report - email it to me at!

If you'd like this in email format, just drop me a line and I will ping it over to you

Week One - 2 sets

  • Day 1 10 Crunches; 10 Russian Twists; 10 Leg Raises;

  • Day 2 15 Sit Ups; 15 Bicycle Crunches; 15 Sec Plank;

  • Day 3 10 V-Ups; 10 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 4 15 Crunches; 15 Russian Twists; 15 Leg Raises;

  • Day 5 20 Sit Ups; 20 Bicycle Crunches; 20 Sec Plank;

  • Day 6 10 V-Ups; 10 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 7 REST DAY;

Week Two - 2 sets

  • Day 8 20 Crunches; 20 Russian Twists; 20 Leg Raises;

  • Day 9 25 Sit Ups; 25 Bicycle Crunches; 25 Sec Plank;

  • Day 10 20 V-Ups; 20 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 11 25 Crunches; 25 Russian Twists; 25 Leg Raises;

  • Day 12 30 Sit Ups; 30 Bicycle Crunches; 30 Sec Plank;

  • Day 13 20 V-Ups; 20 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 14 REST DAY;

Week Three - 3 sets

  • Day 15 30 Crunches; 30 Russian Twists; 30 Leg Raises;

  • Day 16 35 Sit Ups; 35 Bicycle Crunches; 35 Sec Plank;

  • Day 17 20 V-Ups; 20 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 18 35 Crunches; 35 Russian Twists; 35 Leg Raises;

  • Day 19 40 Sit Ups; 40 Bicycle Crunches; 40 Sec Plank;

  • Day 20 20 V-Ups; 20 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 21 REST DAY;

Week Four - 3 sets;

  • Day 22 40 Crunches; 40 Russian Twists; 40 Leg Raises;

  • Day 23 45 Sit Ups; 45 Bicycle Crunches; 45 Sec Plank;

  • Day 24 25 V-Ups; 25 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 25 45 Crunches; 45 Russian Twists; 45 Leg Raises;

  • Day 26 50 Sit Ups; 50 Bicycle Crunches; 50 Sec Plank;

  • Day 27 25 V-Ups; 25 Reverse Crunches;

  • Day 28 REST DAY

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Ashu signed up to a training session
Training session

The Wolfpack 100

Sat 27 Feb 00:00 am
Salt Hill Activity Centre, Bath road, Slough, SL1 3SS
Motivation to get training in the cold

Lets create a team for the Wolfpack 100 challenge. The aim is to collectively cover 100km over 27th & 28th February. Walking and running counts and together we can hit the target. Sign up and add in the comments how many kms you are committing to complete.

This event is virtual so can be completed anywhere in your own time over the weekend.

There is also a medal and donation to Fareshare for 10 hot meals if you want to register to the event. (£14 sign up)

Select 100k relay individual entry and add team name - GoodGym Slough

Or more information on The Wolfpack 100 here.

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Ashu has cheered by other people 25 times. Sun 26 Jul 2020

Ashu is part of a crowd that's making a huge noise. Ashu has been cheered by 25 people - that's a round of applause just on their own. We hope they keep it up.

Ashu went on a training session
Training session

Somewhere over the rainbow Goodgym fly....

Sun 26 Jul
Report written by Harsha Burton

Super Sunday

Sunday is a day of rest but not for Goodgym Slough with 21 runners taking on our 100km team challenge to celebrate Pride and our 2nd Birthday. With the success of our Slough Half Marathon Relay we wanted to get out as a team, follow the social distancing measures and arrange something for all abilities. Manjit mentioned the idea of a team challenge with distances from 2.5Km, 5km and 10km and everyone put up their virtual hand. We understand the importance of exercise for physical and mental health and taking part as a community is at the heart and soul of Goodgym Slough. So in true Goodgym Slough and Pride style we got our colours on and celebrated the rainbow.

Stride with Pride

The rainbow colors reflect both the immense diversity and the unity of the LGBTQ community. With pride events cancelled due to Covid 19 we wanted to show our support and celebrate. And the team didn’t let us down with rainbow socks from Sut and Nisha and rainbow sweatbands from Rosin and Keira. And ohhh the tutut’s well done Sut, Milly, Ruth, Manjit for bringing some cheers. However I have to mention my favourite outfits were Sara rainbow wig (it really did suit her), Suts rainbow bowtie, Sandy’s amazing cloud and rainbow leggings and her spinning hat and the wonderful Jean who outdid us all and had sown homemade bunting to the bottom of her Goodgym t-shirt.

He's coming home, he's coming, Ricky's coming home

Manjit and myself got to Upton Court Park bright and early to set up the event and got a few kms in to get the ball rolling. Ricky joined us and was encouraged to add some rainbow face painting to his completely black outfit. Ricky has been training for London Marathon and is unsure if the event will go ahead. However he has been doing longer runs in the weekend so wanted get in 21km’s and help towards our 100km goal.

Do we relay have to do a warm up?

We split out the runners into groups based on distance and to ensure we had enough space and kept socially distanced from each other. Everyone was given a briefing and before we started Manjit had a warm up for us. We thought it would be a bit of a light stretch however she had something else in mind and set us off in 3 teams with a relay including, heel kicks, side steps and sprints….. we are a competitive bunch and everyone went out in full force…. It was great cheering each other on and getting our hearts pumping.

We had a running plan

Ricky took out the first team with Ciaran, Jenni, Pete and Nit running 10km so off they go! Meera and Nisha also set off for one lap of the park. All our other runners were keen to complete 5km so they were put into 2 teams with Sut’s team running clockwise and my team running anti-clockwise. This ensured there was sufficient social distancing and runners could cheer each other on as they passed them. It was great to see the community together and a lot of our runners actually said they did more km’s than they would have if they had been on a solo run.

S'miles all round

The atmosphere was electric and the air was filled with positive vibes. Some members have found it difficult to stay motivated during lockdown with races and events cancelled and having the community behind you keeps you going with our team target of 100km everyone kept pushing on. We totalled a 128.5km’s and everyone did really well, it was great to be part of something together and what a great birthday celebration.

Somewhere over the rainbow Goodgym fly, they fly over the rainbow... Why then oh why can't I.

You can! Come and join us... Sign up with Goodgym Slough

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Ashu signed up to a training session
Training session

Birthday Pride Run

Sun 26 Jul 09:30 am
Upton Court Park , Upton Court road , Slough, SL3 7LU
Get fit and have fun

Can you believe that we are almost 2 years old! We've had a superb first couple of years thanks to all of you, our wonderful GG members.

So to celebrate. meet up (within Government guidelines), have fun, eat cake and do something good for our community we have a few things planned:

As plans could be subject to Big B's guidelines, our disclaimer is that 'last minutes changes may be required, however we will advise you of them.

So...lets start by signing up to the big Race!

To support #RunWithPride we are aiming to raise some money for this great charity:

If you wish to, you can register for a medal and make a small donation to Pride.

As with anything we do, of course you don't have to donate, you can just sign up to this training session and turn up.

What's the plan?:-

  • As a group of runners, we will aim to cover off 100km on this date.

  • We will arrive at Upton Court Park for 09:30 and #teamH&M (Harsha and Manjit) will put you into small groups.

  • You tell us if you want to run one lap (2.5km); 2 laps (5km); 4 laps (10km), or if you are totally mad and wish to run more than 4 laps !

  • Collectively, we want to run 100km on this one session.

  • You can take a 'break' between your laps.

  • There will be a litter picking community mission for those 'waiting/on a break’:-

Sign up here for that here:-

After all the fun and games, we will somehow ensure a cake is cut, cake is eaten and belly's are full before heading off home.

See you then.

Team H&M

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Ashu has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Fri 18 Jan 2019

Ashu completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Ashu was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

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