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Manjit Birk completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Fri 5 Aug
Manjit Birk completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Thu 4 Aug
Manjit Birk completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 1 Aug
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Group run

I’m gonna make you ROAR….

Mon 1 Aug
Report written by Manjit Birk

Tonight’s task was to remove the weeds in plot 2 and plot 5, however, with a smaller (yet fierce) team on we thought weed see how we went … weed rather eliminate one plot fully than go to a draw on two of them.

So off to the allotments we ran. Sandy was on fighting form tonight as she ran all the way to the allotments till she saw the ‘end’ sign!

We only had one goal…. To win!

When we saw plot 2 it looked like a jungle and we thought we might even find some lionesses in there! The weeds were as tall as us and the ground was bone dry… this was going to be a tough challenge and we knew it was going to get Messi!

But we got stuck in with our forks and spades and hammered down the weeds!

It was a Ella a job but Jen managed to pull out 2 really deep rooted prickly weeds…. 2 to Jen 1 to the ground!

There must of been 56 different types of weeds in there but we’ve done this before and no way we’re we coming home without a win! Sarah (our task owner) knows that we are keepers so we weren’t going to let her down… and boy did it feel Sarina afterwards when weed cleared the whole area!

Even in this prickly heat we got the job done! 2:1 to us

Next week I’m away so out task in on Saturday 13th instead at Wexham allotments helping Mabu with a stream tidy up.

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Manjit Birk signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Pleas for trees

Wed 31 Aug 16:00 pm
A garden near you, Any GoodGym region, Anywhere
Improve the environment

We have a watering plea from Slough Borough Council to help water young newly planted trees that are drying out. Please see the content of their request below and get involved if you can during your run/walk/cycle around Slough - all you need is a bottle of water

Please send me any pics you take - this community mission is for anytime in August!

Message from the council

"Help us, Help us! Please give us some of your water!"

These are the 'pleas from the trees' who are getting a bit parched during this period of rather hot weather.

We have hundreds of recently planted trees across the borough - and though we have been watering them, we were expecting the usual British summer rain to help us along - not this extreme hot and dry spell!

So we are putting out a call to anyone who appreciates a bit of greenery in Slough to help us protect our young trees.

If you see a young tree, held upright with a wooden stake whether in a planter, park or grass verge, show it some love by pouring a bottle, watering can or bucket of water carefully onto the bottom of the tree.

Or if it has a watering tube (like in the photo) please use that as it means water goes directly to the roots.

We don't want our trees to go all brown and crispy so please help us help the trees. Answer the pleas from the trees!

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Manjit Birk went on a community mission
Community mission

Water tree-tment time

Sun 31 Jul
Report written by Manjit Birk

It's been hot recently hasn't it! So hot that newly planted trees are drying out through lack of rain water. Slough Council has put a plea out to its residents to help with this situation! And who else wood only be too happy to help? The GoodGym team of course!

So on our walks, strolls and runs we have been topping up the supply of water with our own water. I've seen milk containers, water bottles, fizzy drinks bottles and large water containers all filled with fresh drinking water for the trees.

So well done to everyone who did their bit ! Great to see other GoodGym members from local areas branching out and getting involved.

Did you know?

  • You can tell the temperature by counting a cricket’s chirps!;

  • A heatwave can make train tracks bend!;

  • A 2003 heatwave turned grapes to raisins before they were picked from the vine!;

  • Lightning often follows a volcanic eruption;

  • Raindrops can be the size of a housefly and fall at more than 30kmph.

This same community mission is being relisted for August! So pleas sign up and help the trees!

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Manjit Birk completed a training run • Morning Run
Fri 29 Jul
Manjit Birk went on a mission

Wellbeing call

Thu 28 Jul
Report written by Manjit Birk

Called Mrs H. She was a bit poorly but ok for a quick chat

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Manjit Birk completed a coach visit
Thu 28 Jul
Manjit Birk completed a training run • Morning Run
Wed 27 Jul
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