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Claire went on a community mission
Community mission

The A-Stream

Fri 17 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

We were back again at the Wexham Allotments helping to remove the dried up vegatation on top of removing more out of the stream.

We initially did this task a few months ago and the difference in the flow of the stream is amazing to see. You can actually see where it flows and Mabueven spotted a fish!

With years of overgrowth, this was no mean feat of a task. Luckily Claire had just come out of her Welly-Boot Camp so was all warmed up and raring to get into the stream.

Pam had just finished a round or two or three of badminton and was ready to racket through the thorny spikes and clear the bank.

Sutyee and I had just finished a heavy brekkie in a local cafe! But that didn't stop us from giving it some welly...

Mabu had already done so much leg work on this task by clearing as mulch of it as he could from the stream to the bankside....all we had to do was move it to the side plot. I say 'all' but it was tough going...lots of thorns and stinging nettles.

So after one hour of hurling and pulling and pushing big piles of dead brambles - we were done! A diet coke break was required. To be fair, we had actually completed the task in that time, so a quick sunflower photo shoot and we were ready to home and wash off the smell of a stream (not pleasant)...but a great task, especially on a sunny Friday morning.

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Fri 17 Sep
Claire completed a walk • Evening Walk
Thu 16 Sep
Claire completed a training run • Evening Run
Thu 16 Sep
Claire signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Garden mossing around

Thu 30 Sep 11:00 am
Slough Refugee Centre, 28 Bath Rd, Slough, SL1 3SS
Improve the environment

Slough Refugee Centre have asked if we could help them make their outdoor space usable again.

The garden, which houses their meeting portacabin is full of moss and over grown vegetation. Its a relatively simple task but just needs helping hands to tidy it all up.

Slough Refugee Centre are based on 28 Bath Rd (they are in the old gatekeepers house within Salt hill park). This is on the corner of Bath Rd and Stoke Poges Lane...if you've ever helped up on junior parkrun, its right near marshal position 6!

We can park in the park itself (just as you pull in, park in the new section on the right).

Please do bring your own gardening gloves

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Claire completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Wed 15 Sep
Claire completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 15 Sep
Claire completed a training run • Run with some awesome peeps 😊
Tue 14 Sep
Claire completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Tue 14 Sep
Claire went on a group run
Group run

Writing on the wall

Mon 13 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

This evening we did round two of helping local Cllr Madhuri Bedi with the Grampian Way playground project.

It was great the see the murial wall all complete and looking amazing. It has a wonderful theme of birth to childhood to adolescence and adulthood.

Walking is the new running

Having had just completed the Brighton marathon, my little legs had no running left in them, so luckily Pam and Jean were happy to walk to the task today.

A lovely 2km walk and talk there where we met with Cllr Bedi and Sut and Claire.

Va va broom

Jean and Pam went straight to work sweeping up all the leaves whilst Madhuri gave me the background to the murial, where we even get a mention!

Sut and Claire cracked on with picking up the little piles that Pam and Jean had created.

I played a mainly supervisory role today and kept an eye on the timings.. as we didn't want to over sweep!

Within around 40 minutes we had swept the whole playground and were ready to make our way back to our meet up point.

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