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Jean Watts went on a group run
Group run

Litter bit of fitness

Mon 27 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

We had a last minute change of task today as our scheduled task owner had to sadly postpone for another date due to illness.

Our fall back whenever this happens is to do a litter pick, which soon will become challenging to do in the dark evenings however for today… it was the ‘right thing to do!’

Lights, camera, action

We started by doing the usual task brief followed by a few warm up games then a jog around the park from 4km post to 5km post.

This is where the action started! With agility and speed work ably captured on camera by myself! And just as the light started to fade we ran back to the 4km post to start our task.


Who says litter picking can’t be fun!

Pinching an idea from GoodGym Ealing we decided to see which team could cross off the most amount of items on the GoodGym litter pick card!

We had Team Doctor’s orders and Team Get up and run

I joined Team Doctor’s orders and I can tell you that there was a ‘duck and dive’ as they tried to find the winning items! Amazing what you can find when you ‘hit the floor’ and delve deep into the bushes… no ‘droopy drawers’ but plenty of booze!

Just the poo missing of this list (plus a newspaper, a coin and food peelings)… but we did find a toy car as our special item and a plank of MDF as put too big to bag item.?

Team Get up and run found the poo but we’re missing quite a few other items despite having ‘Queen Bee’ Jean in the team, they felt they had it harder as their area was just too clean! … ‘up to tricks’ me thinks but they did have a good ‘pick and mix’

And the winning tean was….Team Doctor’s order! Though we agreed we are all winners

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Jean Watts went on a group run
Group run

Writing on the wall

Mon 13 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

This evening we did round two of helping local Cllr Madhuri Bedi with the Grampian Way playground project.

It was great the see the murial wall all complete and looking amazing. It has a wonderful theme of birth to childhood to adolescence and adulthood.

Walking is the new running

Having had just completed the Brighton marathon, my little legs had no running left in them, so luckily Pam and Jean were happy to walk to the task today.

A lovely 2km walk and talk there where we met with Cllr Bedi and Sut and Claire.

Va va broom

Jean and Pam went straight to work sweeping up all the leaves whilst Madhuri gave me the background to the murial, where we even get a mention!

Sut and Claire cracked on with picking up the little piles that Pam and Jean had created.

I played a mainly supervisory role today and kept an eye on the timings.. as we didn't want to over sweep!

Within around 40 minutes we had swept the whole playground and were ready to make our way back to our meet up point.

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Jean Watts went on a group run
Group run

We love gardening big thyme

Mon 23 Aug
Report written by Manjit Birk

This evening's session was to finish off the garden cut back that we started a few weeks ago to give the New Langley Community Centre use of its lovely garden again. Last thyme we cut back all the fierce brambles that had literally overgrown over the whole back garden space. A team of 5 of us then spent one hour bashing and beating the brambles back.

Now it was thyme to give it a further cut back and trim. Thyme to crack on! (I'll stop using this pun now)

Lettuce talk about yesterday...

Before I tell you about the rest of the task, lettuce talk about what 5 of us did yesterday! Sandy, Ricky, Claire, Sut and I all ran the Vitality Big Half in London. It was a great race with lots of GoodGym support and runners, but I won't lie...the tunnel of doom (1.5miles in a tunnel) and the cobbled streets (for about another mile) were tough...and the hills? (you might call them slight elevations...I call them hills), I'd forgotten about all that. However, overall we had a great thyme (nope, I'm still using it)!

Rooting for you

Back to today and the session. Three of us met at Langley Memorial Park at 18.15 for our task brief and warm up, before heading out to Harrow Rd (the long way...2km).

On arrival we were met by task owner Angela, who gave us access to the garden and the tools to do the job.

Jean was straight on the strimmer. She literally buzzed away for 45 minutes whilst Claire and I snipped the thorny brambles back. Brambles are a thorn in my side, however, with my new gardening gloves (only taken me 3 years to get a decent pair), I didn't feel a thing as I picked up all the cut backs.

We worked systematically around the garden space getting into every nook and cranny until all the weeds, ivy and brambles were no more!

Next week I am away so Super Sut is taking the realms on the group session - which is on a Wednesday not Monday for next week only! Here is the sign up link.

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Jean Watts went on a group run
Group run

GoodGympian Games

Mon 9 Aug
Report written by Manjit Birk

Opening Ceremony

Tonight was our Olympic special session. After seeing Team GB fly through the event in 4th place with 22 Gold, 21 Silver and 22 Bronze, we were highly motivated to discus the event in detail. So many champions, so many heros, so much flippin fun!

We met at 6.15pm outside the King Wexham on Shaggy Calf Lane and after the task brief and warm up (synchronised swimming game which Jean is a pro at!), we headed down the road for our relatively short 1km run.

So you might have noticed the torrential downpours this afternoon! Due to the worsening weather, I did give the team the option to run to the task or meet at the was a 50/50 split but in the end, we still had a die hard trio run to the task!

Just as we set off the rain started no speed work, we just ran down leisurely - the main aim was to make sure we didn't get any O-limp-ians by the time we arrived at the allotments.

The Main Event

With 8 of us in the team, we cracked on with our task in hand, which was the turn-over the plots and remove the weeds - which have a come-back faster than Usain Bolt! You really do need to keep on top of these to be in the winning game.

After 45 minutes the full-time whistle was blown, and we were getting ready for the GoodGympian Games


First up was our version of floor exercises using sticks as batons (though I forgot the sticks!) with Joe, Jean, Helen and Pam pulling the short straw for this event.

Each participant had 15 seconds to show off their best floor flips, splits and strength movements. The judges scored them on the complexity of moves, their aesthetics, their energy and techniques. The judges spent some time deliberating the results but they settled on:

  • Gold Medal - Joe

  • Silver Medal - Helen

  • Bronze Medal - Pam

Jump for Joy

Round two consisted of showing off our jumping skills with each participant having 3 tries at jumping the furthest distance. The finalist were Sandy, Manjit, Kam and Roisin.

The jumping techniques were ...questionable but the enthusiasm was immense! After 3 jumps each, the results were as follows:

  • Gold Medal - Sandy

  • Silver Medal - Manjit

  • Bronze Medal - Roisin

Relay Good Fun Run

All team members were in it to win it in this game. Joe had a handicap (or so we thought!) as he came directly to the task in his jeans and wellies and non GoodGym t-shirt! Other sports kit were also missing amongst the team, but the less said about that the better!

The teams had been divided into equal abilities and they were as follows:

  • Good Britain - Joe and Jean

  • Mission Malaysia - Kam and Roisin

  • Coach China- Manjit and Sandy

  • Task Tokyo - Helen and Pam

Each team member had a set distance of 100m to run - this was a timed event to see which team could run 200 metres collectively the fastest...and the results are in!

  • Gold Medal - Good Britain

  • Silver Medal - Coach Canada

  • Bronze Medal - Task Tokyo

Yep...Joe beat us all in his wellies!

Closing Ceremony

We had so much fun tonight. Thank you to everyone who came along to make our 'I am Team GB' event so memorable. We bid each other farewell until next week. Then off we ran back to our cars, only for me to realise I had lost my car fob, so Sandy and I ran all the way back to the allotments to try and find it. Luckily, it was still there!

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Jean Watts went on a group run
Group run

Cup of tea! We are three!

Mon 26 Jul
Report written by Manjit Birk

Tonight's task was a real community event. We were helping a local councillor (Madhuri Bedi) with a playground clean to help the local kiddies enjoy a safe, clean area to enjoy. As ever, one of our GoodGym members Mabu was instrumental in making this event happen for us...thank you Mabu.

Before we go on and tell you about the task, let's talk about turning three!

Ha-pea birthday to us

This week marks our 3rd year of starting GoodGym Slough. I simply cannot believe how quickly this time has gone, how much we have achieved and how many lives and community groups we have helped support.

We've spent one and half years in a 'normal' world and the other half in a pandemic world. The pandemic months have seen us stop doing what we loved the most - our Group Runs, yet seen us grow and expand in so many ways. For those of you who like stats, this sums it all up

  • 2018 - Good Deeds 314

  • 2019 - Good Deeds 836

Then came the pandemic...

  • 2020 - Good Deeds 1115

  • 2021 (so far) - Good deeds 798

Suffice to say we will smash the 2020 good deeds tally by the end of 2021!

Let it slide...

GoodGym is more than a community of runners - it is now a community of walkers, cyclists and runners all who want to get fit and do something good back for our town. We could of taken a downwards slide during the start of lockdown 1, with us loosing our ability to meet up, run together and hang out, but we didn't. We put on our big girl/boy pants and started to help our community by making well-being calls to our vulnerable residents and shopping and prescription tasks to those shielding. And when the time was right, we were back out in the community with our Community Missions.

Swinging into the next phase

In July 2020, soon after our 2nd birthday, we started our Community Missions - capped sessions where we made our own way to the task. Boy were these popular! With so many charities and community groups needing our help, we were out in allotments, in church gardens, at recycling centres, charity shops doing something to help them re-open, re-start or just have a tidy up.

During this time we've had members reach 50 milestones to 100 milestones. Some have gone on to the 200's, 300's and even 400!

The GoodGym grit has always been there and we made sure our team had a focus and something to enjoy. We had endless virtual fitness sessions on the go as well as quizzes. Keeping in touch was important - hanging in zoom became a 'thing'.

Did you know?

We've covered over 27, 000 km's since we started in 2018!

That's the same distance as running to Darwin, Austrailia and back!

So once again, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU to each and every GoodGym member in Slough for helping us to achieve all these milestones!

50 Club As well as our birthday celebrations it was also Gauri's 50th Good Deed today - well done Gauri, welcome to the Club!


Back to the task in hand. With the freedom to meet anytime, any day, any place for our group sessions - tonight's meet up was at Kederminster Park where did our welcome brief, task brief and warm up before heading out the 2km distance to Grampian Way park.

So off we went down this road, up that road, left here, right there until we eventually reached the park to find the local community already hard at work! This is what you call a community task. Councillor Bedi had put a shout out to the residents to help and/or provide equipment like brooms and brushes and wipes! And low and behold, there it all was. Well done Foxborough for really getting into the community spirit.

Brushing up on our techniques

It's been a while since I've had to stand in front of a group of people to sell the GoodGym story, but Madhuri wanted us to go on facebook live to tell the followers who we were - and I never shy away from a camera!

Soon we were all in full flow of the actual task. We paired off and took a section of the park each.

  • Meera was on the biggest slide straight away! She had that piece of kit ship shape by the end

  • Gauri was below deck giving the poles a once over whilst Sut focused on the ropes and made sure they were safe

  • Sandy and Ruth were on the flat swing, the baby swing - or just any swing really - no monkeying around from these two

  • Jean was our sweeping beauty whilst Pam and Jen brushed up on their piling skills (think Jen was just practising last week with her piles in readiness for today!)

  • Mabu was in all corners of the play area - brushing here, sweeping there, with Kam was moss lady today, digging out all that green!

In 45 minutes we had helped to clear up 5 bags of debris, leaves, moss and litter off the play ground floor!

There was no hanging around tonight as we had birthday cake to enjoy, though we did enjoy a cold ice pop kindly given to us by a local resident before we set off.

A great task! And thank you for your hospitality Foxborough.

Child's Play

With a group of children at both parks as our captive audience (and there really was an audience as we warmed up in Kederminster park and then when we did the task in the Grampian Way park), so we took this opportunity to tell the families all about GoodGym for the adults and junior parkrun for the children! Some very keen kids eager to show us their running speed skills. Lets hope we get a few signups for both.

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

Winter Sort Out

Thu 15 Jul
Report written by Slough runner

Welcome to Shelley for her first session with us at Thames Hospice, plenty donations to sort through we managed around 15 bags of clothes into colours.

It was like Manjit had not been away she was on the sorting straight way,

Jean and Shelley were organising the colours and putting them into black bags ready for labelling.

Sutyeedid a bit here and there, taking photos.

May was very greatful for the help, we hope to return in a few weeks.

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

Never stopped me dreaming

Wed 7 Jul
Report written by Manjit Birk

Tonight was our first session back at Antz kids at St George’s Church after a little break from the weekly community missions.

Our task was to battle the bushes and give them a little makeover.

With a few hands on deck tonight we got the clippers ready to trim the bushes.

We knew there was an important event happening later so there was to be no added time tonight… at stoppage time I would be blowing the whistle!

Sandy Sterling had the front bush and the clippers until she realized that clippers vs bush was like nail cutter vs grass. So as soon as the trimmer was free she was a woman on a mission!

Gauri Linekar and Jean Kane had the very apt St George’s sign bush! They did an amazing job off cutting that back, even creating a little hide n seek area!

Joe England - our man of the match, having run down was given the biggest bush to trim down. He had the height advantage over some of us!

Pam and I started with the big side bush with Pam using the trimmer for the first half as I held the lead making Shaw no one Trippier over it, then at half time I took over.

By full time we were done! All clippings were collected and disposed off in the green bin where we found Gary’s friend Gareth Snailgate!

Great task and as always great hospitality by Eva and the team.

That leaves me with just one thing to say:

Creating One Match to Emotionally obsess

Over Now

Earn our Next Goal to Leave us with Another Night of Dreams

It's coming home;

It's coming home;

It's coming;

Football's coming home

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

Match point

Mon 5 Jul
Report written by Manjit Birk

We have missed the allotments. Having taken a few weeks off, the weeds were starting to peek through the two plots that Seb asked us to work on today.

Seb wasnt feeling great so I collected the keys from her earlier in the day and played umpire as our two teams of doubles battled to top spin the soil and win the battle.

They scored a few aces with the soil being very moist, the task in hand was well served and easy to pull out with no faults!

Plot 2 had the advantage with Gardeners Pam and Kam in their team however, Plot 1 team took their game up a level when Joe arrived and gave him the baseline to dig through.

Game, set, match! All done within 45 mins!

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Jean Watts went on a training session
Training session

Running the streets of Slough - Ace'd it!

Sun 27 Jun
Report written by Manjit Birk

Today was our second year of running the Slough Half Marathon in a relay fashion but this time we combined it with our celebrations for Pride month!

Pride not prejudice

Each year GoodGym Norwich have been setting the challenge for all the other areas to join in the month-long celebrations for Pride month. In any normal year there would have been street parties and celebrations but sadly Covid has prevented that, so we decided to join our Norwich team mates in running our own celebrations

Pride month is about teaching tolerance, education in pride history and continuing to move forward in equality.

Run our town

GoodGym Slough launched in July 2018 and in October 2018, the Council had arranged for the return of the Slough Half Marathon after a 20-year break! Even though we were fairly new we still had a red army of runners taking part. So this half marathon is one we will always remember for many many reasons - the weather not being one of them!

After completing our junior parkrun duties, those of us starting out of Salt Hill Park got ourselves ready to go..

S'miles all round

The zero heros got ready to start as some were keen to do to whole 13 miles whilst others were in it for just the mile: Ricky, Mabu, Tracey and I were all planning on going for gold! Whilst Sandy and Claire were completing the first mile.

It really did feel a race with so many of us running (safely!), out of the park and into town for the first leg and we really did look like 'unicorns' as one child at junior parkrun told me!

Start to mile 1 completed - we had one in the hole already!

Now Ninja Pam (Pam might regret ever telling us her nickname); had already walked her mile to the junior parkrun community mission so already we had one in the bag! She'd passed the baton from me to you for number 2 so we just powered on from 2 to 3.

Already left behind by the super keen lean team (Mabu and Tracey), I was very happy to see Chrissy for mile 2 to 3. Tri-ing so hard to run that Langley Road incline with smiles on our faces!...thank goodness that was our only incline - No wait! we still had Horlicks Bridge to come yet.

The next mile saw the same crew with no additional members picked up on route! This route will always be un-4-gettable for us. As we reached the top end of Langley High Street we picked up Nisha and Kam for the 4th s'mile!

Approaching the next mile was the party crew. Always a popular stretch of the course and a popular run route of many a run club, we picked up Sara, Meera, Jean, Roisin, Ruth and Agnie giving them a virtual high 5 for the 5th mile down Upton Court Rd. Knowing the running rules - we stuck to a pack of 6 as we merrily made our way down the road.

As we waved goodbye to the famous 5, Agnie stayed with us for mile 6. The Chalvey leg of the race with a hill! Another one...who knew Slough had so many?

The route takes you back to the starting area - it's so tempting just to stop right now and dip back into the park and just pretend I'd done the rest of the miles - I mean...who would actually know? Other than all my Strava followers?? But after a quick 7-Up, I was raring to complete mile 7 and not be late for mile ate! And oh look, another hill! Horlick's bridge!

Here we had Team B (Alison and Sut) ready and waiting to complete the rest of the course from miles 8-13 with us. We'd waved goodbye to Agnie so it was back to Team A again.

This end of any race is where is starts to get tough. You are past halfway yet not close enough to the finish to know that you've nearly done it. We were on cloud 9 to finish 8 up in Manor Park heading into Britwell. The next few miles saw us take on the trading estate and it's maze of roads (I always get lost driving around the trading estate - running it is no easier!).

Always glad to see legs 11, we knew it wasn't far off now. The Farnham Rd area with all its eateries were enough motivation to delve deep for mile 12 and another flippin' hill! The railway line this time. Seriously, I thought Slough was meant to be flat!

Oh the joys of Salthill park - think we were more excited than those getting their vaccines done there! Finally, we had made it.

Well done to all of our runners and walkers who completed one mile, two miles or the whole 13! and to our team member Jen who was doing her mile slot later on, Harsha who did her's in Portsmouth and Keira who did her mile yesterday

Once again, great spirit, vibes and energy from everyone! We certainly had PRIDE in Slough today.

Special thank you

So I'm sure I told you all of my night time problem last night! No, not what you think! I had been up since 2am with tummy troubles so I really wasn't thinking straight this morning. I was literally going to take it a mile at a time and just see how far I could go! But you're energy kept me motivated as I completed all 13 miles! So Thank You from me.

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

Always a class act

Mon 21 Jun
Report written by Manjit Birk

This was our first task at The Langley Academy Primary and our mission was to help revive the outdoor forestry learning garden!

With child height weeds we did have our hands full, but we are naturals at digging up weeds so this was child’s play for us!

No punning in the hall

With a few of us running to the task, we were already warmed up and ready to do our good weed of the day.

The cutest little shovels and forks as our tools, we sectioned off the area so we could safely tackle the bushes!

Never a dill moment

On the left side we had:-

  • Ruth Corocus
  • Sandy Daisy
  • Agnija Caranation

They did a cracking job of unearthing the … earth really ! Ruth was on a mission and knew just the thicket to get the job done!

In the middle were:-

  • Nisha Bellflower
  • Sutyee Poppy
  • Sara Gillyflower
  • Harsha Bergonia
  • Assisted by Ricky Kaffir Lilly

Their section was quite hard with lots of brambles but they got a twiggle on and pulled out some thorny stalks!

On the right we had:-

  • Pam Blossom and
  • Jean Wallflower

Our expert gardeners who kept their heads down and did a blooming great job!

We worked hard tonight! I think someone saved the sweet pea bush as requested by school! 10 out of 10 for you!

An hour in and we were all done just in time for bud time. Plenty left for a follow up visit and a quick school photo of the good kids and the naughty ones!

Great task and superb efforts by everyone.

Throw her to the wolves and she will return leading the pack

But that’s not where we end the report! Tonight was Supergirl Harsha’s 100th good deed!

Here are some things about her that you may or may not know!

  1. She’s never hits the wall - she just climbs over it.

  2. She likes to get dirty.

  3. We don’t like you either - said the burpee to everyone except Harsha.

  4. Her scars are a sign of her survival.

  5. She is courageous.

  6. She’s on fire! (In some photos she really is!).

  7. She’s strong!

  8. She smashes all her goals.

  9. She’s in a Wolfpack!

  10. She’s just an awesome person all round!

Well done Harsha! Awesome milestone to reach (and before Rickyyyyy) 😂

We have plenty of other tasks booked on the system - hope to see you there!

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