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Jean Watts went on a training session
Training session

There are pyramids in Slough?

Mon 12 Apr
Report written by Manjit Birk

I cant tell you how great it is to be back doing something so normal like group fitness sessions!

Tonight 9 of us met in Upton Court Park and got fit and had fun...

We started with introductions from our 'oldies' to our 'newbies'

Then onto the warm up!

Opposites don't attract

When you play this game it becomes more about the thinking then it does the fitness!

I squat .. you lunge You run slow... I run fast

Easy peasy?

Then onto a relay with high knees, heel kicks, lateral shuffles ... well done team Sandy for that win.

Layers you say?!

My fav fitness session at Upton is the pyramid! As pretty as Slough is we don't actually have The Pyramids but we do have a long walk which you can run 3 lengths then rest, run 2 lengths then rest, run 1 length at top effort!

Awesome efforts by everyone!

Check out Joe's flying high feet!

What do you mean its not over!!

Onto the next challenge!

Three teams, three different tasks

Team 1 - Emma, Joe and Chris had to find the boulders! located somewhere in the park

Team 2 - Helen, Sandy and Ruth had to take a selfie at every km signpost

Team 3 - Jean, Alison and Pam had to go do a lap of Lascelles Park

First team back was the winner!

Well done team 3

The sun shone for us today! Looking forward to the next one!

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Jean Watts went on a training session
Training session

Aaawwwwwoooooooo Wolfpack 100 Weekend

Sat 27 Feb
Report written by Harsha Burton

Wow what an amazing Wolfpack weekend. Our packs joined up with the Wolfpack and took on the 100K challenge in 48 hours. We had 3 teams GG Ealing and GG Slough and the Red Alphas looking to reach 100km as a team and 2 lone wolves Simon and James taking on the 100km solo challenge.

Day 1

The energy was rising, the clock strikes 12 and the challenge starts. James planned to get out early and complete his 100km with a target of sub 10 hours. Sutyee and Ricky from Red Alphas also decided to take on some mid-night kms and experience being night wolves and the magic of the full moon.

Ricky and Sut completed 15kms through the night. Ricky got a few hours in bed and then was up out running again with fellow Alpha Manjit. They carried on clocking up kilometers watching the sunrise and taking lots of photos. They decided to give a few GoodGym Slough members a wolfy wake up call in their fancy dress.

As we hit the early hours James was still continuing to meet his target doing loops about the streets and heading home to his aid station to refuel. 8am Lone Wolf Simon starts the 100km challenge. Simon created 4 laps to cover the distance and turned his living room into a make shift aid station and kept ticking off the kms as he ran around the city of London.

The Teams As the challenge continued GG Slough and GG Ealing team members started clocking up the kms and we saw a few wolves out on the streets - see the photos of them hiding in the trees (Meera, Nisha, Brendar) - would you be scared?

Jean wanted a challenge and completed a 10km which she hasn’t done for a long time, Muhammad had some fun with Strava Art and created the GG logo and Harvey covered 50km, including a 28km run to Statford from Ealing to the Olympic gold post boxes. Lots of motivation on the group chats encouraging each other and enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine we were blessed with.

Wow James and Simon completed their challenges on Saturday and Manjit went out for some night kms and completed 100km for Red Alphas. GG Slough and GG Ealing also completed 100km in their teams but we keen to get more in on Sunday. As day 1 closed, incredible achievements and efforts by everyone. Setting targets and smashing them. Truly inspirational.

Day 2

Day 2 saw the teams get out again to cover more kms to add to the overall team totals. GoodGym Ealing completed 217km, GoodGym Slough completed 257km in 48 hours. Red Alphas team of three Manjit, Ricky and Sut completed their 100km in 12 hours and 50 mins. And a massive congratulations to our Lone Wolves completing the 100km solo - unaided as a virtual race this is truly an achievement. James completed in 9 hours 40 mins and Simon completed in 11 hours 13 mins - Amazing. Hope you are both getting lots of rest this week.

Each registration for the official event donated 10 hot meals to vulnerable families through Fareshare. James was also raising money for Parkinsons UK with a family team and managed to hobble around the village as a power ranger for an extra 2km.

The sunshine, comradery and motivation from all the members of GoodGym was wonderful. We were all virtual but this weekend really helped us get connected and strengthen our team spirit.

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.**

We are all looking forward to being back together again but for now this virtual weekend was just what we needed and really connected us.

For more information visit the Wolfpack 100 website

Thank you for reading, enjoy the photos. Harsha

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Jean Watts went on a party

And the winner of 2020 is.....

Wed 30 Dec
Report written by Manjit Birk

All of you

It been a heck of a year. We had a great start to 2020 with our epic Get Berkshire Active Award back in February (that was probably our last big night out for most of us!)

Despite everything that 2020 has thrown at us, we still managed an awesome 1108 Good Deeds (to put this into perspective in 2019 our total was 836!).

A huge thank you and well done to everyone in this ‘party’ as its been your ongoing contributions that has helped us achieve this. So here is the breakdown of our awesomeness:-

  • Group Runs – 11
  • Wellbeing calls – 205
  • Community Missions – 153
  • Coach calls – 49
  • Missions to older and vulnerable residents – 50
  • Quizzes – 6
  • Fitness training sessions – 17

Follow the leader

Everyone wants to be on the leaderboard right (except when it involves the C word! - which will not be mentioned in this report)

So, here are our top 5 Mission Team:

  • Sara with 21
  • Sut with 15
  • Chris with 9
  • Pam with 6
  • Jen with 2

Our highest Good Deeders Team:

  • Manjit with 189
  • Sut with 134
  • Emily with 104
  • Sara with 103
  • Jenny with 80

Finally Going the distance amongst us were:

  • Chris with 1627km
  • Ricky with 1469km
  • Manjit with 1267km
  • Joseph with 883 km and
  • Pam with 798 km

Reward with Awards

I can't buy you all a drink (maybe in 2021!), however I would like to say thank you in my own way to everyone who has attended a few sessions in 2020 (apologies to those not included – just means we need you back in 2021!)

In no particular order, the Awards for:

  • Best Terra-ble Pun goes to Jen for all her hard work in setting up this amazing task
  • Best Newcomer Male goes to Joseph (200km and counting for January?)
  • Best Newcomer Female goes to Jess - look forward to having you join us in more tasks in 2021
  • Best Run-Away Award goes to Ricky – now your first marathon is over we expect you back to do good!
  • Best ‘Dressed’ Award goes to Sutyee for all her efforts with Thames Hospice and for just being a superstar with your good deeds
  • Best Buggy Runner Award goes to Chrissy – hope to see you more in 2021?
  • Best Cat Woman Award goes to Emily – well done on your epic number of good deeds and for always supporting Slough despite living in Ealing
  • Best Shovel It Just a Little Bit Award goes to Gauri – you were such a good seed at the allotment tasks
  • Best ‘Not all Superhero’s wear Cape’s Award’ goes to Harsha for all her amazing efforts in saving the planet, for keeping us in check on our fitness sessions and for giving us burpees!
  • Best Garden Lapper Award can only go to our Jean for her epic efforts during lockdown 1
  • Best Picker Award goes to Jenny on keeping our town clean with the awesome number of solo litter picks she's done
  • Best Raking It In Award goes to Kam – again, Kam was just the thicket we needed to plough through those beds and getting them ready
  • Best Talkin’ Allot Award goes to Keira for always keeping us entertained
  • Best Boatyard Award goes to Roisin for getting Jamie's yard into ship shape
  • Best Barrel of Laughs Award goes to Meera for just being Meera!
  • Best Teaching is Antz Award goes to Naomi for being a core member of the Wednesday team helping Antz Kids
  • Best Happy Monday Award goes to Nisha for the sheer volume of wellbeing calls she has made every Monday
  • Best Walker Award goes to Pam - I have high expectations for January Pam!
  • Best Reporter Award can only go to Sandy for the brilliant reports and puns she’s written
  • Best Run-Mummy-Run Award goes to Ruth whose return to running has been like a pro
  • Best Mission Possible Award has to go to Sara for the sheer number of missions she’s done!
  • Best Trollied Award goes to Chris who always managed to find the tesco trolley!

Cheers to 2020 and lets look to the future and what 2021 brings (can't be any worse than 2020!).

We hope to return to Group Runs at some point, however, to keep the January spirit alive we have our January Challenge (you all know I like to win, so don’t be shy…sign up…every KM count

Thank you once again for all you have done for #TeamGGSlough in 2020.

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

Litter bit of Friday fun

Fri 4 Dec
Report written by Manjit Birk

The Friday freeze was definately on today, however, that didnt stop 6 Goodgymers from some Friday fitness drills and litter picking the bushes in Upton Court Park.

We started the day with a warm up at Upton Court Park, then a short run into Lascelles Park for the drills!

I'm no Sargent Major so these guys were lucky I decided two round of hops was enough (think I got carried away when I said 4 rounds!). From hops we went to skaters followed by hop together hop wide. We were hopping mad by the end! But that wasnt the end...nope, here come the strides!

Joseph was lucky as he joined us just in time to finish the drills and join the striding.

Six sets of 15 second strides in the basket ball courts was enough to finish us off, so off we jogged back to Upton to start the litter pick.

I can help

Said, newcomer Alex. I know Alex from school, so I wasnt going to turn down her hard working hands! with Lola in hand, we paired up and collected 3 bag fuls of rubbish. Sadly, there is still so much more that we could not access.

Great having you along Alex and well done team for coming out on a drizzly Friday!

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Jean Watts has done 50 good deeds and got their black t-shirt Mon 14 Sep 2020

The next time you see Jean, they might be wearing black instead of red. They've completed 50 good deeds with GoodGym and have earnt their black t-shirt. Give them a nod when you next see them.

Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

Litter Mix in the Park

Mon 14 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

It really was a litter bit of this and a litter bit of that type of session tonight.

With the new guidelines in place tonight’s session had to have some split vibes... we had The Manic Street Sweepers with me and the Binanarama’s with Sut.

A bit of nostalgia hit in as we met outside our pre Covid Monday night haunt. But alas, the Centre is still closed to the public so our meeting point was on the green.

Our community mission was a litter pick of Salthill park as part of our #GBSeptemberClean and then onto a mini fitness session and then 2km run of the junior parkrun route... told you it was a litter mix of everything tonight.

So who exactly do we have in our girl band The Manic Street Sweepers ?

  • Sweep dogg Sandy aka Baggy Smalls
  • Tidey Tempah Pam
  • Pick Astley Kam
  • Kylie Naomi Binogue
  • Dusty Jean Springclean and
  • Clean Bandit Manjit

We gave ourselves 30 minutes in true Annika style and got to work.

Surprisingly and very pleasingly there were relatively low levels of rubbish bar the infamous alley way... that was litter-alley full of cans.

Job done, we put the pickers away and got ready to show our agile moves.

As agile as a...cheetah

Tonight’s fitness session was based on agility. A pyramid style of 3 exercises for 60 seconds, 45 seconds then 30 seconds. We had in in out outs... star jump toe touches and shuttle runs. Eight minutes later The Manics still looked very sprightly and were raring to go for their junior parkrun.

It’s only two kilometers

With the current course record at 7:15 we had our work cut out. Maybe just maybe Anthony from Binanarama had a chance of coming in close...The Manics were just aiming for the average time of 13:45! And I think we achieved our goal.

50 cent is in the house

Our legend Jean just did her 50th good deed! And in true GG Slough stylee... here is her rap (yes! She might be 86 but she gets the RAP!)

  • Yo yo Jean is in the house
  • Yeah Jean is in the house

  • It’s been a while due to lockdown

  • And our Jean has had her showdown

  • She’s sick of staying indoors

  • But hold up.. she done her laps

  • And made her garden a track

  • So now it’s time for our Jean

  • To get back out and be keen

  • Say hold up .. wait a minute..whose that girl?

  • It’s Jean

  • Yeah yeah its Jean

  • It’s Jean

  • Yeah yeah it’s Jean

  • Yo yo Jean is in the house

  • Yeah Jean is in the house

  • Fifty goods deeds done and dusted

  • She’s not shy from getting busted

  • Give her a task and she’ll be there

  • With a smile and a laugh and a ‘Ive been there’

  • Say hold up ... wait a minute... whose that girl?

  • It’s Jean

  • Yeah yeah it’s Jean

  • It’s Jean

  • Yeah yeah it’s Jean

(And just like I won’t give up the day job to become a poet... I definitely won’t be signing a record deal either!)

Thank you Sandy for all the music puns

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

A litter training session makes you feel runderful

Mon 17 Aug
Report written by Manjit Birk
  • It’s Monday - check
  • It’s 6:30 - check
  • We have runners - check
  • We have a task - check

What are we waiting for... let’s get ready to run-ble!

Hedging our bets

Our task tonight was to #keepbritaintidy with a litter pick mission.

So we litter picked the hedges and within the bushes.

Generally these areas get missed so our warm up to the warm up was to poke, pick and prod until we dislodged the rubbish.

Mission complete we got ready for the next round.

I’m just warming up

Warm up games are not the same when you can’t run into someone, push them over in a game of tag or slap their knees in a body slam match... but hey ho... single file running using different running ranges it was then.

Weight for it..

Who needs fancy kit when you have your own body weight to work with?

Tonight we did my favorite stability, strength and balance workout with a little twist

  • Hip hip hooray for the hip stability work,
  • Footloose with the foot strengthing work
  • A balanced approach for the core balance work
  • And jumping jacks in all directions to finish off.

Run? I thought you said Rum!

The rum will be well deserved tonight! After all this fitness we then headed out (or should I say in) the park for some good old fashioned Fartlek speed work.

Half a mile of killing ourselves! What better way to start the week and end your Monday!

So good to be out again with the crew on a Monday night... Doing Good and Getting Fit

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Jean Watts went on a training session
Training session

Somewhere over the rainbow Goodgym fly....

Sun 26 Jul
Report written by Harsha Burton

Super Sunday

Sunday is a day of rest but not for Goodgym Slough with 21 runners taking on our 100km team challenge to celebrate Pride and our 2nd Birthday. With the success of our Slough Half Marathon Relay we wanted to get out as a team, follow the social distancing measures and arrange something for all abilities. Manjit mentioned the idea of a team challenge with distances from 2.5Km, 5km and 10km and everyone put up their virtual hand. We understand the importance of exercise for physical and mental health and taking part as a community is at the heart and soul of Goodgym Slough. So in true Goodgym Slough and Pride style we got our colours on and celebrated the rainbow.

Stride with Pride

The rainbow colors reflect both the immense diversity and the unity of the LGBTQ community. With pride events cancelled due to Covid 19 we wanted to show our support and celebrate. And the team didn’t let us down with rainbow socks from Sut and Nisha and rainbow sweatbands from Rosin and Keira. And ohhh the tutut’s well done Sut, Milly, Ruth, Manjit for bringing some cheers. However I have to mention my favourite outfits were Sara rainbow wig (it really did suit her), Suts rainbow bowtie, Sandy’s amazing cloud and rainbow leggings and her spinning hat and the wonderful Jean who outdid us all and had sown homemade bunting to the bottom of her Goodgym t-shirt.

He's coming home, he's coming, Ricky's coming home

Manjit and myself got to Upton Court Park bright and early to set up the event and got a few kms in to get the ball rolling. Ricky joined us and was encouraged to add some rainbow face painting to his completely black outfit. Ricky has been training for London Marathon and is unsure if the event will go ahead. However he has been doing longer runs in the weekend so wanted get in 21km’s and help towards our 100km goal.

Do we relay have to do a warm up?

We split out the runners into groups based on distance and to ensure we had enough space and kept socially distanced from each other. Everyone was given a briefing and before we started Manjit had a warm up for us. We thought it would be a bit of a light stretch however she had something else in mind and set us off in 3 teams with a relay including, heel kicks, side steps and sprints….. we are a competitive bunch and everyone went out in full force…. It was great cheering each other on and getting our hearts pumping.

We had a running plan

Ricky took out the first team with Ciaran, Jenni, Pete and Nit running 10km so off they go! Meera and Nisha also set off for one lap of the park. All our other runners were keen to complete 5km so they were put into 2 teams with Sut’s team running clockwise and my team running anti-clockwise. This ensured there was sufficient social distancing and runners could cheer each other on as they passed them. It was great to see the community together and a lot of our runners actually said they did more km’s than they would have if they had been on a solo run.

S'miles all round

The atmosphere was electric and the air was filled with positive vibes. Some members have found it difficult to stay motivated during lockdown with races and events cancelled and having the community behind you keeps you going with our team target of 100km everyone kept pushing on. We totalled a 128.5km’s and everyone did really well, it was great to be part of something together and what a great birthday celebration.

Somewhere over the rainbow Goodgym fly, they fly over the rainbow... Why then oh why can't I.

You can! Come and join us... Sign up with Goodgym Slough

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

Happy Birthday TWO you....

Sun 26 Jul
Report written by Manjit Birk

We turned TWO (well officially its on Wednesday)… but we decided to celebrate it with a training session supporting #runwithpride and a community mission - all good things come in two’s! and a few days early…

Read our superstar runner Harsha’s report here on our epic run today : -

Two-riffic Two

The absolute best thing about being the Area Activator for Slough is having the team that we have. There’s an age old saying that there is no I in TEAM and that’s especially true when you get involved in Goodgym. The comradery, the friendships formed, the company of different people on tasks and the feel good factor of knowing you have done something good for someone else is what keeps bringing us all back.

There are two things that stick in my mind about our second year. The first one was our epic win at the Get Berkshire Active Awards and the second is COVID-19!

2020 is going to be known as the year pre-lockdown and post-lockdown type of year…Lets look at the pre first!

Nineteen going on Twenty

In the pre world we did 30 Group runs…taking on new task owners such as the Air Cadets and Wexham Parish Hall, we hit milestones (more about that later), attracted new runners and lost a few to other areas (Rachel and Michelle…we still miss you!)

  • Jean wrote a beautiful poem
  • Sandy delivered her epic speech at the 10 Year Goodgym Birthday celebrations
  • We beat the boat
  • Had that Ealing Feeling
  • Reached 1000 Good Deeds
  • Did a Spartan Sprint - Aroo
  • Had three Goodgym babies (they just kept popping out)
  • A few too many merry nights out
  • Did 137 good deeds in January alone
  • Won an award! Did I mention that?

Goodgym Bag an Award (GBA Awards)

Life is not all about winning, but sometimes you know you deserve it and boy did we deserve this win!. Getting all glammed up and going to a posh(ish) Hotel with a kinda free bar…for most that would have been enough, but we were there for the win and I think we make an impression! No way we were going to ‘pipe down’!

And the award for Physical Activity for Health goes to…..

Roar, cheer, clap….. what did he say? Goodgym Slough? Best go on stage and get that award then..

20/20 Covid and out

If Coronavirus was a race it would be an Ultra Marathon that you :-

  • Didn’t sign up for
  • Didn’t train for
  • Didn’t want to do
  • Didn’t have enough food for
  • Didn’t have enough loo roll for
  • One where you hit a brick wall every few km’s
  • No supporters en route
  • Water stations with no water
  • And definitely no goody bag or finishers medal

What kind of race is this!

When that initial email came out in mid March from the central team saying we had to suspend all running activities, we thought our days were numbered. No more running, no more group activities, no more face to face coach runs…ziltch, nada, zero, diddly-squat, iota. You can keep your corona….I’m like Jack more!

Mission (im)possible

The lockdown period could be seen as a make or break type of situation…and for us it made us stronger. Prior to C-19 we had hardly any older person missions. The referrals just weren’t coming in. We then went from just 4 in our first year of operating to 33 just in the lockdown period alone!

Sut, Sara, Jen, Ifhaz, Anthony and Chris must take the credit for these. Beds moved, gardens cleared, endless shopping and prescription tasks…even cat food was on the menu…purrrfect!

It good two talk

Harsha, Nisha, Chrissy, Jen, Sut, Naomi, Jenny and I have been making weekly calls to shielding residents now since March. These are very much like our coach calls expect not all are older persons.

With each one of these calls one thing we can safely say is that they put life into perspective.

Stories of homelessness, domestic abuse, loneliness, dementia, chronic illnesses, cancer to name just a few!

The one that sticks out though is the extra effort Jenny went to on VE Day, when she called her gentleman back and had a long chat with him all about this life as a soldier. He was upset at not being able to out on the parade like he had in previous years. No doubt that call from Jenny would have made his day.

Abs-tract training

Exercising went viral! Zoom, You-Tube, Insta Live was the way to go. In total we did 13 training sessions where we:

  • Danced with Tanya, Sahib, Moby and Pharell – Cos we got the moves..
  • Did alphabet challenges – as easy as A B C
  • Decked up for the cards challenge – got trumped
  • Flipped coins - easy peasy
  • Elimin8ed ourselves – bloody hard!
  • Core-some effot in the month of May
  • Chased delivery vans, police cars, ambulances in our key worker challenge
  • S’miled all round our Slough Half Marathon (race that wasn’t a race)
  • 128k in the bag with our Pride Birthday Run

And to top it off we won TWO of the June training challenges!

Zoom Zoom lets shake the room!

We did fortnightly quizzes which started off with the old-fashioned way…one quiz master, 20 questions and pen/paper. This slowly evolved to sharing screen, presentations, 40 questions, catch 22, KAHOOT and even an epic scavenger hunt.

Jen seemed to be on top leader board for most of the quizzes, followed by Sara, Keira and Ciaran.

Sut and I were happy at the bottom….its much closer to the ground down here..though I was on top form for the GG rounds…its just 1980 I struggled with.

Running laps around us

Early on in lockdown, Jean told me that she wanted to keep up with the running but as she’s our national treasure, she wasn’t taking the risk of going out so she would do all her runs in her back garden.

Each day she increased the number of laps she was doing by 1 and because Jean is Jean she wanted to still give back to those in need, so we set up a fundraising page supporting Thames Hospice.

By the time lockdown restrictions eased, Jean had ran 3570 laps raising a whopping £1323!

It’s a numbers game

A year of milestones!

  • Ricky, Darren, Sandy, Milly, Kam, Pam, Meera and Sara all joined the 50 Club
  • Nisha and Jen hit 50 during lockdown
  • Sut reached 100 in July
  • Emily hit 100 last week with her almost daily missions in Ealing during lockdown
  • And I hit 200 on Wednesday

Special mention time: Sara, Sut and Emily have done so much to help their local communities with almost daily mission tasks – Our Hero’s!

To put it into perspective…Sara achieved her 50th Good Deed milestone on 9th March 2020 (that’s around 20 months since launch) yet in lockdown alone she’s racked up a massive additional 39 good deeds! Amaze-balls! 100 is coming to get ya!

Mascot competition

It was a no brainer really wasn’t it….One of our three babies had to win the mascot competition. Sut-Min came a close 4th, but the single googly eye was too much from the cornea of my eye to handle.

Happy Birthday Two You

As part of this Super Sunday Birthday Celebrations we did a community litter pick. Whilst the first wave of runners were out for their Boris’ Den….the man alive teams were out getting plenty in their 20 minutes of picking! Each team picked and plogged their way around the park, doubling up as Cheerleaders with pickers as pom poms!

Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

Sum-azing Stats!

I like statistics and clearly bingo so here are our stats for Year 2 – see if you can work them out (if you read the report…there are some clues in there)

  • Missions (one off tasks for older persons) – Dirty knee
  • Missions (well being calls) – Turn on the screw
  • Community Missions – (Hit me baby) One more time
  • Coach visits/calls – PC
  • Training sessions – Unlucky for some
  • Group Runs – Dirty Gertie
  • Awards ceremony – Kelly’s Eye
  • Quizzes – Garden Gate

In total we’ve done over 1700 Good Deeds….There is no Bingo number for that but in Goodgym terms….Stop the press, Look away, Bazinga, Put your phone away, Feel it and BOOM! Its an EPIC number of Goodness!

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers who have made #TeamGGSlough the success that it is.

Looking forward to seeing what our third year brings for us..

Manjit x

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Jean Watts went on a community mission
Community mission

I'll tell you want to wear what to really really wear

Fri 13 Mar
Report written by Slough runner

When you're feelin' sad and low.

Thames Hospice is where you gotta go.

Smilin', sorting', volunteering is free.

All you need is some positivity.

Every coloured garment of the world.

To spice up your life.

People of the world.

Spice up your life.


Sort them to the lef. t Sort them to the right.

shake them up a bit ahhhh they look fineeee.

Girl band in red here we come.

Would like to personally introduce you to our newest girl band “Reds Cafe Spices”. We have in no particular order. Big tall baby spice Nisha Blkhu. Too Scary spice Jean. Not so ginger spice Jenny looking fiery in your red top. Coconut Posh Spice Manjit Birk. Sporty Spice SutYee. Please Please no autographs just yet!!!!!! Haha.

Thank you to our 5 runners joining May at Thames Hospice to sort out their summer collection, as always we are swift at sorting.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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