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Pam Banga
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Mon 27th Mar at 6:30pm

Leaflet drop

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Manjit Birk
Pam Banga
Pam Banga went on a group run

Mon 20th Mar at 6:30pm

Thyme of our lives

Slough Report written by Manjit Birk

We were back for our week 4 of 4 at Ujala Foundation working alongside BBOWT on the #nextdoornature project.

We've achieved so much over the past 4 week but there is still a lot more to do so we have booked in 2 more dates in April (3rd and 24th).

Tonight we had a very special milestones to celebrate!

Sandy’s 200th Good Deed

What an amazing achievement. She first came along to a session in around Aug 2018 and aren't we glad she did.

Sandy as you can tell gets involved in nearly every Monday evening session. Ever since she came back from traveling all clover the world she’s been at our side as one of our biggest supporters. She comes rain or shine with beaming smile ready to fill us in with her weekend antics. Sandy is also an active task force member whose reports are always very punny! A real DJ who knows how to turnip the volume!

When asked which task was her favourite, Sandy replied

I enjoy every task as each week is different but what I love the most is seeing the same GoodGymers week on week.

Well done Sandy

Diggin' it

So the task was to carry on with the digging up of the beds which were now looking very sleepy with heavy weeds and grass keeping them all snug and warm. Our job was to unleash the covers and put a chill back into the bed! We did this just like a mother would wake up a sleeping teenager!

With another bed nearly done we reckon we would need another 4/5 visits to complete the rest of the site!

It was lovely to have Jenny join us again after a ‘we were on a break’ period!

Claire was back on her second good deed - well done! Hope to see you in a few weeks.

At the start of the session I led the running team out for a 2km run whilst Sut lead the team straight to the task.

Plenty of effort went into tonight’s task. Even the worms were impressed!

Next week we are doing a leaflet task around the streets of Salt Hill Park.

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Olivia Waller
Barbara Griffin

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Slough runner

Mon 20th Mar at 10:31pm

We look forward to returning

Slough runner

Mon 20th Mar at 10:31pm

Congratulations to Sandy for reaching 200 Deeds whoop

Sandy Dhaliwal

Mon 20th Mar at 11:17pm

Aw, thanks for the lovely shout out! Love coming to GG every week!

Pam Banga
Pam Banga signed up to a group run.

Mon 20th Mar at 6:30pm

BBOWT Nextdoor Nature/Ujala community space clearance

This will help creating a safe space for the local community to enjoy and relax in, and where people will be able to be in touch with nature

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Barbara Griffin
Pam Banga
Pam Banga went on a community mission

Fri 17th Mar at 10:30am

Spring cleaning the ‘can tree’

Slough Report written by Slough runner

Manjit, Nisha, Pam and Helen met on a mild, wet morning to litter pick around the pond and gardens in Baylis park. We collected three sacks of litter, mainly cans out of the 'can tree' and boozy bottles buried in the bushes along with clothing and plastic carrier bags from the pond. Strangely we also found shells on the banks of the pond - thought we had arrived in Slough on Sea. Further research has revealed them to be Swan/duck mussels found in freshwater ponds playing an important role in keeping the pond clean. Thank you everybody for making the environment just that little bit better for the wildlife and park users.

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Olivia Waller
Barbara GriffinManjit Birk

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Manjit Birk

Fri 17th Mar at 2:17pm

Well done Helen! Great task and report