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Kam Atwal
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Mon 18th Sep at 6:30pm

Swede time tonight

Slough Report written by Manjit Birk

We descended on the allotments tonight knowing that the daylight hours were fading fast and that we would have to be a bit speedy on tonight's task.

With a team of 9 helpers even an overgrown plot was no battle for us! With tools in hand, we got to work - we were all beetrooting for each other! The weeds were very high again, but given the recent wet, dry, sunny, wet weather it's no wonder...we could all loose the plot when faced with these conditions.

Hamid worked very hard tonight and beavered away at all the spickey roots, Mehdi took charge of the wheelbarrow duties, whilst Kam, Jean, Sandy, Devajani, Maya and Pam worked on their little patches until all the weeds had been removed.

By 7.30pm it was getting too dark to do much more, although the plot looked miles better than it did at the beginning.

Great job all round!

Next week we are meeting at Salt Hill Activity Centre for 6.30pm and making our way to Northampton Ave to help Parvaaz Project with their garden space.

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Pam BangaManjit Birk
Kam Atwal
Kam Atwal signed up to a group run.

Mon 18th Sep at 6:30pm

Allotment tidy up

Improve the environment

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Kam Atwal
Kam Atwal went on a community mission

Fri 15th Sep at 5:00pm

Step in time

Slough Report written by Dr Savi Arora

Goodgym Slough were in Maidenhead last night supporting a 24 hour epic step (hit step) for Thames Hospice

The team went down to support & encourage steppers to step in time & keep the core group going !

It was great to see a community coming together with food, refreshments & a bbq in what ended up a warm summer night in September!

Stepping against a backdrop of flood & candle (battery powered) lights & funky music was great.

Well done to all that came down to

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Pam BangaOlivia Waller
Kam Atwal
Kam Atwal went on a group run

Mon 4th Sep at 6:30pm

Litter-ally a lot!

Slough Report written by Manjit Birk

Tonight's task was to help Wexham Park Hospital with a litter pick task. We've now been helping Mike and the team at Wexham since we first starting operating in Slough and it's been a nice little give back each time to the NHS.

With my legs feeling a little sore from The Big Half race yesterday, I had already decided I could not run today. I think everyone was secretly pleased with that announcement, so we made our 2.5km route up to the hospital from our meet up point at Masaani on Shaggy Calf Lane.

En route we bumped into a lovely man from Japan who expressed an interest in joining us in the future - we hope he does!

On arrival, we could see the levels of litter had increased so we quickly got to work on collecting as much as we could. It was the usual finds - cans, crisp packets, masks, parking tickets, items of clothing!

Working in pairs or small teams we systematically made our way around the front of the hospital collecting 4 bags of rubbish.

Thank you everyone for all your help today.

Next week we will be helping St Mary's primary school in Farnham Common for a fence painting task.

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Olivia WallerPam Banga
Kam Atwal
Kam Atwal signed up to a group run.

Mon 4th Sep at 6:30pm

Wexham Park Hospital Litter Pick

Improve your health and the environment

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Pam BangaManjit Birk
Kam Atwal
Kam Atwal went on a group run

Mon 14th Aug at 6:30pm


Slough Report written by Slough runner

Evening Goodgymers

Thank you for everyone help this evening, its amazing what we can achieve with only 1 hour, Hamid and Mehdi worked super speedy it sure was Two Fast Two Furious in Sutyee/ Jen eyes. Devajani and Maya did an amazing job in weeding the soil looked like branch new. Kam joined forces with Mehdi and Hamid to clear the whole entire section.

Jen and SutYee were at loose end just like the spring onions, they both decided best to plum-it on rather than standing around like scare crows.

Special Announcement : Congratulations Jen for passing your driving test.

See you soon

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Olivia WallerManjit BirkPam Banga

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Slough runner

Mon 14th Aug at 10:55pm

Lol great report Sut and now Ive passed my wheelbarrow driving test I feel I can progress to tractors next time 🤣

Manjit Birk

Tue 15th Aug at 6:28am

Great report Sut

Kam Atwal
Kam Atwal signed up to a group run.

Mon 14th Aug at 6:30pm

Allotment tidy up

Improve the environment

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Kam Atwal
Kam Atwal went on a group run

Mon 7th Aug at 6:30pm

Whose bin in the bin?

Slough Report written by Manjit Birk

It's bin a while since we last visited our friends at Slough Refugee Support but as always, it was lovely to see Keriann.

Our task this evening was to give the entrance area a big tidy up by removing moss, cutting back hedges, pruning rose bushes, pulling out weeds and planting pansies.

We met at Salt hill activity centre at 6.30pm and took a nice 1 km walk around the park to the task venue where Keriann was ready and waiting for us. With a quick task overview we were ready to get going.

It was great to have Hamid back on his second task with us. Hamid is so speedy with the shears that we likened him to a hamster.....beavering away at the hedge, we literally couldn't clear the ground quick enough.

Jean was all over the rose bushes and even found the one we donated a while back for the memory garden. Mehdi helped Jean cut back our rose bush to it could grow and then cut back the hedge that was a thorn in the side of the rose bush as it was stopping the light from getting to the plants. They definitely rose to the occasion

Peter was on a number of duties today as he always is. Pruning the other rose bush, turning over the soil, sweeping, collecting and disposing the debris. Peter even very kindly agreed to give the children's garden picnic bench a makeover. We look forward to seeing the end result soon.

Jen and Kam didn't moss around as they systematically scrapped the floor and disposed of it.

Pam and Abdulaziz concentrated on the main entrance walkway, clearing the weeds and mainly tidying up after Hamid.

Agnija arrived in time to clear the remaining patch in the memory garden.

Following all health and safety protocols we even had a few trashy moments..


All in all, with a lot of members tonight, we cleared the area in a really good time.

Keriann advised us of the AGM for Slough Refugee Support and invited us all to come along. I did a presentation last year at this AGM and really enjoyed meeting all those involved in such a valuable service in Slough. The AGM will be on Friday 25th August 10am - 12pm at 29 Church Street (Slough CVS meeting room). Everyone is welcome.

Mehdi, who I first met at Slough Refugee Support English class said at the end

SRS is like my family. They have supported me since I arrived here 7 months ago.

And tonight, Mehdi helped his SRS family with his GoodGym family.

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Manjit Birk

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Kam Atwal

Mon 7th Aug at 10:44pm

Fab report Manjit