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Ricky Kloay signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Forest Garden Dig Up

Mon 21 Jun 18:30 pm
Langley Rd, Slough, SL3 7EF
Improve the environment

This community mission replaces the Group Run session that was listed for 21st June as all Groups Runs have been delayed for 4 weeks

This will be our first community mission at The Langley Academy Primary School on Langley Rd, and our task is to tackle to overgrown grass and weeds in their learning garden area. There is a lovely circular setting with benches but those pesky weeds have over taken the area so its currently not usable at all for the children.

Tools will be provided, however, please bring your gardening gloves - you will definitely need them for this task.

The task location is on Langley Rd, you can park on Langley Rd though I will check with the school if we can park inside (will update via email to those signed up).

If you wish to run, walk or cycle to the task location - please do so. Aiming to meet at the school at 18.30 to allow everyone time to get there.

See you then

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Ricky Kloay completed a training run • Goodgym training session
Mon 7 Jun
Ricky Kloay went on a training session
Training session

The unruly grass kept on growing- what a grass-cal!

Mon 7 Jun
Report written by Slough runner

13' runners joined us at Upton Court Park for a relaxing fitness session.

Jean and Nisha a massive Happy Birthday to you both.

Quick warm up to 2M and back followed by star jumps, spotty dogs, jump ups, arm circles, high knees and so on, followed by 2 groups. Group 1 started with squats whilst group 1 doing side steps along the over grown grass, alternating between the group. Swiftly moving onto our speedy hills, you are were all fantastic 5x hill sprints. Sut even managed 1x hill sprint. Lastly onto the rugby club 30 seconds on back and forth to the white lines.

Nice gentle job back to 2K marker with a nice cool down and sing a long.

We have our last fitness session next Monday with Ricky leading. https://www.goodgym.org/happenings/fitness-in-the-park-c4204bea-2726-40a3-bc01-bc4209e1cb9c.

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Ricky Kloay completed a training run • Lunch Walk
Sun 6 Jun
Ricky Kloay completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 6 Jun
Ricky Kloay completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Fri 4 Jun
Ricky Kloay completed a training run • Morning Run
Fri 4 Jun
Thu 3 Jun
Ricky Kloay signed up to a group run
Group run

Sprucing up the woodlands area

Mon 21 Jun 18:15 pm
Upton Court Park , Upton Court road , Slough, SL3 7LU

Please note that this group run has been cancelled.

Improve the environment

Absolutely delighted to announce the return of our Group Runs/Walk sessions.

This is the first one back in over a year. We will be helping The Langley Academy Primary (new task owner) with a garden based task of their woodland area. Please bring gardening gloves.

With more flexibility over where we can meet, we will meet at Upton Court Park where we will:

  • Do the brief (the bit where I talk a lot);
  • Do the warm up (the bit where you all squirm at me);
  • Do the run out / or walk (please specify below if you would like to walk to the task);
  • Get to the task;
  • Undertake a lovely therapeutic garden based task;
  • Run/walk back to Upton with a mini fitness session included (the bit where you might feel a few muscles working);
  • Debrief and then go home all happy.

Run/walk distance - shorter version

The distance to The Langley Academy Primary from Upton Court Park is 1.55miles (2.5km) one way. If you'd rather walk to the task you can do that with this distance. As those running start the warm up, you can walk the route below to the school.


We will go up Upton Court Rd, onto Trelawney Rd, then onto Cockett Rd, turning right at the top to Langley Rd and then onto the school.

Longer run distance

If some of you want a slightly longer run distance, then you have the option to run down Upton Court Park from 4km parkrun post to 5km, then follow the road up past the Hockey club and onto Upton Court Rd. You then cross over onto Trelawney Rd, turning left onto Cockett Rd and right onto Langley Rd, until you reach the school. This is 2.15 miles (3.5km) each way.

Please arrive at Upton Court Park for 6.15. We will be aiming to head out by 6.30/6.40 after the warm up

No toilet or bag drop areas - please come ready to run

Can't wait to be back out there getting fit and doing good!

Next week on Monday 28th June - we will be at new task owner's premises - Ace Pre School in Britwell helping them with their garden space.

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Ricky Kloay completed a training run • RRC Evening run
Tue 25 May
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