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Sat 27 Feb
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Aaawwwwwoooooooo Wolfpack 100 Weekend

Sat 27 Feb
Report written by Harsha Burton

Wow what an amazing Wolfpack weekend. Our packs joined up with the Wolfpack and took on the 100K challenge in 48 hours. We had 3 teams GG Ealing and GG Slough and the Red Alphas looking to reach 100km as a team and 2 lone wolves Simon and James taking on the 100km solo challenge.

Day 1

The energy was rising, the clock strikes 12 and the challenge starts. James planned to get out early and complete his 100km with a target of sub 10 hours. Sutyee and Ricky from Red Alphas also decided to take on some mid-night kms and experience being night wolves and the magic of the full moon.

Ricky and Sut completed 15kms through the night. Ricky got a few hours in bed and then was up out running again with fellow Alpha Manjit. They carried on clocking up kilometers watching the sunrise and taking lots of photos. They decided to give a few GoodGym Slough members a wolfy wake up call in their fancy dress.

As we hit the early hours James was still continuing to meet his target doing loops about the streets and heading home to his aid station to refuel. 8am Lone Wolf Simon starts the 100km challenge. Simon created 4 laps to cover the distance and turned his living room into a make shift aid station and kept ticking off the kms as he ran around the city of London.

The Teams As the challenge continued GG Slough and GG Ealing team members started clocking up the kms and we saw a few wolves out on the streets - see the photos of them hiding in the trees (Meera, Nisha, Brendar) - would you be scared?

Jean wanted a challenge and completed a 10km which she hasn’t done for a long time, Muhammad had some fun with Strava Art and created the GG logo and Harvey covered 50km, including a 28km run to Statford from Ealing to the Olympic gold post boxes. Lots of motivation on the group chats encouraging each other and enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine we were blessed with.

Wow James and Simon completed their challenges on Saturday and Manjit went out for some night kms and completed 100km for Red Alphas. GG Slough and GG Ealing also completed 100km in their teams but we keen to get more in on Sunday. As day 1 closed, incredible achievements and efforts by everyone. Setting targets and smashing them. Truly inspirational.

Day 2

Day 2 saw the teams get out again to cover more kms to add to the overall team totals. GoodGym Ealing completed 217km, GoodGym Slough completed 257km in 48 hours. Red Alphas team of three Manjit, Ricky and Sut completed their 100km in 12 hours and 50 mins. And a massive congratulations to our Lone Wolves completing the 100km solo - unaided as a virtual race this is truly an achievement. James completed in 9 hours 40 mins and Simon completed in 11 hours 13 mins - Amazing. Hope you are both getting lots of rest this week.

Each registration for the official event donated 10 hot meals to vulnerable families through Fareshare. James was also raising money for Parkinsons UK with a family team and managed to hobble around the village as a power ranger for an extra 2km.

The sunshine, comradery and motivation from all the members of GoodGym was wonderful. We were all virtual but this weekend really helped us get connected and strengthen our team spirit.

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.**

We are all looking forward to being back together again but for now this virtual weekend was just what we needed and really connected us.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the photos. Harsha

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Training session

Going the extra mile....

Sun 31 Jan
Report written by Manjit Birk

To say the team smashed their KM's challenge is an understatement! With over 3000km (and still counting), we may not have come first in the Overall Group challenge but we certainly made it to the top of our group - Team Noel Thatcher.

At 18:50, the stats stand as this (anyone running/walking right now, deserves a medal). You ran/walked in the snow, in rain, with a baby, without a baby, with your kids, without your kids, with your partners, without your partners, with other GG members, solo and all with a smile (in the main!)....Bravo to us all!

So in no particular order, the finalist of the #JanuaryChallenge are:

And the award for the 'Best Efforts in Beating Everyone Else' goes to......Ricky. Well done Ricky!

You have all done so much this can now take February off (nah...just kidding, you now need to sign up to the Feb Core Challenge!) and The Wolfpack 100 Challenge

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Meera Patel completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Fri 29 Jan
Meera Patel completed a walk • Lunch Walk
Thu 28 Jan
Meera Patel completed a walk • Lunch Walk
Mon 25 Jan
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Training session

The Wolfpack 100

Sat 27 Feb 00:00 am
Salt Hill Activity Centre, Bath road, Slough, SL1 3SS
Motivation to get training in the cold

Lets create a team for the Wolfpack 100 challenge. The aim is to collectively cover 100km over 27th & 28th February. Walking and running counts and together we can hit the target. Sign up and add in the comments how many kms you are committing to complete.

This event is virtual so can be completed anywhere in your own time over the weekend.

There is also a medal and donation to Fareshare for 10 hot meals if you want to register to the event. (£14 sign up)

Select 100k relay individual entry and add team name - GoodGym Slough

Or more information on The Wolfpack 100 here.

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Meera Patel completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Thu 21 Jan
Meera Patel completed a walk • Lunch Walk
Thu 21 Jan
Meera Patel completed a ride • Lunch Ride
Sun 17 Jan
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