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Tuesday 6th December 2022

Report written by Manjit Birk

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So as we approach the end of the year it’s always great to get a festive task and we can always rely on The Artful Hub and Eva as we have such great chemis-tree!

With a couple of members running a bit late today I set Meera, Jean, Kam and Gauri off to find the unit we were working in. I thought

Yule be fine

But I was wrong…

A few phone calls later and we all had success! Sandy, Jen and I arrived just as Team A found the unit.

Eva gave us the task brief and like the little elves we are we got to work.

Lauren and Jen were feeling pine so they took on the Christmas tree challenge.

The rest of the team took to dressing the tables with ornaments… less is more sometimes (I can still see Meera’s disapproval as we pranced around with little trinkets!).

It’s good to treat yo’elf (I know they are getting worse aren’t they!) but wait there’s myrrh!

After doing a fabulous job even if we say so our-elves! We did a mini fitness session which I don’t think impressed anyone but me… ho ho well.

With enough time to rock around the Christmas tree and get a lovely treat from Eva we headed back to our meet up point.

Next week will be our last group run of 2022! So let’s make it a night to remember… wear your Santa hats and get ready to run 5km at Upton Court Park.

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