Training session

The PORTSMOUTH safari run

14 runners ran on a training session in Portsmouth.

  • Duncan Anderson
  • Lucy Booth
  • Katie Carew-Robinson
  • Rachel Cutler
  • Samantha Belfrage
  • Angela Chick
  • Maura Cole
  • Rosina Arnold
  • Laura Wells
  • Jo Cooke
  • Judy Knapp
  • Jen Stoneham
  • Katie London
  • Lynn Spencer
Wednesday, 1st of July 2020
Led by Jo Cooke

14 intrepid goodgymers-come-safari-rangers ventured out into the Pompey wilderness in search of the PORTSMOUTH big 10. They negotiated the savannah, grasslands and water-courses (as far as Hayling Island!). Due to their great stealth and agility they encountered some spectacular sights and species. Both Angela and Rosie circumnavigated the island in the spirit of the adventure!

Some distinct themes emerged on the ecotourism travels:

  • Nature: Lucy and Duncan spotted a beautiful wild orchid. Lynn featured many flora and fauna (penguins, otters, swans, owls and roses). Katie and Jen explored the undergrowth and went off-road. The coastal rocks, tide and sea were spotted by many and swans and cygnets were aplenty. Rosie found some thistles, a heron and herself. Judy charmed some horses and pigeons into posing for photos. Sam, Angela, Maura and Lynn achieved the impossible and all found the rarest of Unicorns!

  • Local landmarks: Spinnaker Tower, South Parade Pier, the (King's) Theatre, the Mary Rose, Square Tower and even the Redoubt made an appearance! The Historic Dockyard, Old Portsmouth and Millennium Promenade were also visited.

  • Adventure: Over, Under, rowing, pedals - our goodgymers were not deterred by the bush obstacles. Katie honed her action photo skills, and Laura got creative with her montage with a composite mixed-media Portsmouth sign.

  • Industry: Jen's pylon, Lynn's monument, Angela's railway line, Katie's sculpture, Lucy and Duncan's Mast, and Sam, Angela and Rosie's tyres.

Thanks all for sharing your amazing montages! It makes me remember how lucky we are to live in such an interesting coastal city.

Hakuna Matata

Report written by Jo Cooke

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