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Love being by the sea, running, cycling and travelling!


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Laura Wells
Laura Wells went on a group run

Wed 7th Feb at 6:00pm

Bleach For The Stars 🌟

Portsmouth Report written by Jen Stoneham

This evening we were at the new location for the Fratton Community Pantry, helping dismantle some of the old office furniture and give the area a healthy dose of bleach and cleaning.

The team made light work of dismantling desks and removing old computer screens, with Dave hitting the highest step count carrying various flat pack parts down the stairs ready for removal.

Samantha channeled her inner Kim and Aggie and got the long forgotten loo sparkling clean, whilst Sinéad managed to scrub an incredibly stubborn tea stain off the white walls.

Hopefully we'll be back at the Pantry soon to help with decorating and assembling shop fittings - it looks like a great community project in the making.

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FinnualaDave Moore

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Katie Carew-Robinson

Wed 7th Feb at 8:37pm

Impressive toilet scrubbing Sammy!?

Katie Carew-Robinson

Wed 7th Feb at 8:38pm

(ignore the random "?")

Laura Wells
Laura Wells went on a community mission

Sat 3rd Feb at 10:00am

Buried treasure

Portsmouth Report written by Judy Knapp

Laura, Jack and I joined the Portsmouth City of Sanctuary group at their 3-monthly beach clean - this time at the beach adjacent to Port Solent.

What a lot of small pieces of coloured plastic trapped in the seaweed! And so many huge pieces of tubing, metal & broken pieces of boat half-buried in the sand!

Jack imagined digging for pirate treasure and did really well in finding so many buried items.

Certainly a place to revisit for another beach clean.

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Laura Wells
Laura Wells went on a community mission

Wed 31st Jan at 6:00pm

Quick picks all over the City

Portsmouth Report written by Judy Knapp

Portsmouth GoodGymers were out from early morning until the dark of the evening, each doing 30 minutes of litter-picking.

They chose alleyways, parks, streets and garage areas. And discovered that half an hour can make a world of difference to the way a place looks and feels.

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FinnualaYvonne HawleyJaneWilsonDave Moore
Laura Wells
Laura Wells went on a group run

Wed 31st Jan at 6:00pm

Office-ally Awesome!!

Portsmouth Report written by Jen Stoneham

What an end to the January Challenge! Dave finished a whopping month of good deeds, hitting his 200 deed milestone this evening. Very poor show from me, forgetting the cape on such a prestigious occasion, but he will get to celebrate in style next week, I'm sure!

Father Hugo put us all to good work moving furniture around the parish offices. Many hands made light work and we were able to get extra tasks done, such as folding and organising church linens - Sammy was certainly living her best life stashing things neatly on the cupboards.

Val never did find out who had a fear of pancakes, but the acoustics in the church certainly made out fits of giggles sound very impressive.

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Yvonne HawleyWilsonDave Moore
Laura Wells
Laura Wells signed up to a group run.

Wed 31st Jan at 6:00pm

St Michael's Shuffle and Strip Back

Help keep the church spick and span.

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Yvonne Hawley