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Maura Cole
Maura Cole went on a community mission

Wed 1st Nov at 6:00pm

Boxing clever!

Portsmouth Report written by Judy Knapp

Portsmouth GoodGymers love a donation task! Particularly one that enables them to have a clear out at home! And this task meant that the Portsmouth Helps Ukraine volunteers will have plenty of boxes to fill with gifts for the next lorry delivery to Ukraine.

A huge number of empty shoeboxes were discovered in GGers' cupboards, wardrobes and under beds.

GGers delivered their boxes to collection points and Judy delivered 2 car-loads to the very pleased staff at Southsea Library collection point.

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Val Cameron
Maura Cole
Maura Cole signed up to a community mission.

Wed 1st Nov at 6:00pm

Shoebox collection

Providing shoeboxes for Portsmouth Helps Ukraine

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Val Cameron
Maura Cole
Maura Cole went on a community mission

Mon 16th Oct at 9:15am

Whisking Water Where it is Wanted

Portsmouth Report written by Katie London

Goodgymers hate to see waste and luckily due to all our goodgyming we have good local connections. This allowed us to save a large amount of water from the crusher and deliver it to the Foodbank at Kings Church where it can be given to those in need. In true goodgym style this event was a relay with Maura, Laura, Abby and Caroline at one end and Richard and I at the other. Many hand make light water!

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