Training session

How did post box cross the road?

13 runners ran on a training session in York.

  • Paul Widdowfield
  • Michal Czekajlo
  • Barbara Griffin
  • Nicola Gover
  • Jeanette Douglas
  • Lucy Knight
  • Mitchell Scott
  • Debs Sharpe
  • Vicky
  • Amy Tew
  • Andy Richardson
  • Michael Leadbetter
  • York runner
Friday, 15th of January 2021
Led by Michal Czekajlo

Today's challange was to go for a walk, run, or a bike ride and try to find as many Royal Mail post boxes as possible within 1 hour.

On her early morning walk Lucy came across 3 post boxes, plus a kingfisher and a nuthatch.

Paul took his little man for a morning walk around Hob Moor and Tadcaster Road to find 6 post boxes.

Nicola completed her hunt just before noon with no less than 13 findings.

Barbara went for a stroll around Poppleton to discover 6 post boxes.

Shortly after Andy reported 17, yes he has found 17 within 1 hour. They must be all the letter boxes in Northallerton. Andy also found time to note the royal cypher each of his findings was bearing, namely 3x George V, 2x Edward VII, 2 George VI and 10 EIIR.

Meanwhile Paul shared that the post box on Poppleton Road crossed the road!?

It just takes about a hundred years - Paul K

Just after 4pm Amy sent us some snowy selfies from her afternoon run in Leeds. She found 7 post boxes on her way.

Jeanette snapped 12 post box selfies in 58 minutes. She ran a route in Leicester which incorporated some of the locations that she knew of, but most were new discoveries.

I took longer route home from work to discover 8 post boxes, however the 8th box was found past the 1h time limit.

Shortly after amazing news of 18 findings came through from Michael.

On his way to and from a community mission Mitchell found 4, or maybe 5 post boxes?

The night shift post box hunters Debs and Louise went on their hunt late into the night. On her midnight 5k walk Debs came across 8 post boxes and Louise found no less than 19 during her 2 hours walk around the centre of Reading.

The challenge winners are:

  • Run category - Michael for finding 18 post boxes within 1 hour.
  • Walk category - Debs and Michal - each of them found 7 post boxes within 1 hour.
  • Cycling category - no participants
  • A special award for 19, that is the highest number of post boxes found goes to Louise

Give them all a big cheer!

Apart from good fun and a chance to make some more KM's towards the January Challenge we learnt that taking photos of post boxes can be faffy - having to get the phone out every time, take gloves off, unlock the phone , pose, take a photo and put the phone back to your pocket is time consuming and awkward.

Report written by Michal Czekajlo

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